The Last Night

Episode 10

Because of the Ancients’ return, this star fell into a new crisis after millennia. Thanks to the black moon, those monsters began to invade the planet and march arrogantly. Among them there was a figure we know very well… the one that pretended to be Little Red and accompanied Grimm in his trip, but that at the end revealed her true nature and fought with true Little Red on the flying castle.

The one that lied all the time, until her lies have become real. Her name was Nyarlathotep and now she was guiding the horde. In that moment, Kaguya came from the pale moon with a big army and started the ritual to give to the Ancients a mortal body and, in the same time, to put an end to her immortality.

But the power of those creatures was bigger than she expected.

In effect, meanwhile Al Hazred was plotting his evil plans and the false Little Red was generating the black moon, the Ancients were recovering their old powers. When all seemed to be lost, Pandora appeared to solve the tragic situation. “Kaguya, leave it to me!” Pandora released the incarnation of the hope of Grimm and Lumia:

Grimmia, and immediately stopped the power of the Cthulhu. In the same moment, Kaguya concentrated all her power together with the one of the moon, of the six sages and of the true magic stones, and then released the ritual of millennia. An intense light surrounded her and its energy, collected through millennia, covered even the moon.

The light cancelled the darkness and the immortals had to surrender to it.

Kaguya herself, that lived for millennia, start to feel all her centuries comes back and then feel her consciousness vanish. The light made all the moons disappear: the black moon lost its power and the blue one, once done its duty, became transparent. The Cthulhu lost their immortality when they became human. 

Someone was reincarnated into people, others simply got lost into the oblivion. The world overcame this terrible threat once again. Then, some days after… People in the Light Palace made a big ceremony in honor of Grimm and Lumia. The light of Kaguya showed the enormous power of Scheherazade once again, that brought Grimm and Lumia to a new life and allowed them to come back to the world.

Next to Grimm there was Pandora. She was really happy for the first time in her life and finally the earth returned to flourish.

Finally, in the center of the light, something was born. Into the shining bamboo a baby was crying and into her tears there was happiness. Two mages saw the scene… “It’s decided. I’ll bring this baby up” “Wait a minute Fieth. I’m worried about this. You’re too much irresponsible” “Look who’s talking! Don’t worry, she will be my disciple and everything will be alright.

I promise” “You have never kept a promise…uff, well, it means that I’ll help you” “Hmmm, I don't get along with mysterious people…Wind, carry me…eh? These black chains…when they tied my legs?” “You won’t be able to fool me twice” “Don’t take the words right out of my mouth…” And from here, the history of the world restarted again.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, the story that saved the world ended, and it was the one of Kaguya, the Princess of the Moon. Anyway, this story has different points of view.

Somewhere there is someone else that will continue to tell it, because this tale isn’t unique, it is the story of a single star. New stories born every day on every planet of the universe.