Valhalla's envoy Magna

Episode 100

Magna was looking for a reason why he woken up in this world. How many years have passed since Valhalla collapsed? He couldn’t remember, but he know that the world of miniature garden was left there. And if the prophecy of his god is correct, 10 different worlds have been created by the power of 10 gods. This was probably one of them.

Why was I awake and alive here? It may be because this different world was created by my god Zeus. Was this part of his plan? Does he wants me to manage the power of this world? Anyway, now he knew he needed to get to work on his situation. First, he created a city called Vell-Savaria in an unexplored region. 

He made a barrier and created this land to hide and heal his body, but some strange things happened here. Spirits and ghosts that are not from this world began to appear.

At the same time, part of Valhalla's power began to flow into this world, borrowing the appearance of a meteor. 

It is thought that Valhalla's existence, through Magna, served as a landmark and a catalyst, flowing through the dimensions to pull the power. But Magna also believed there was a high possibility that something else was attracting it to this world as well. At that time, a woman visited Vell-Savaria with a wand decorated by asnake. She gave off a mysterious aura and introduced herself as Lenneth. 

She explained that she had lost her memory other than her name, came here in search of her memory. Only those with special powers could reach Vell-Savaria, and Magna quickly realized that she had inherited a part of God's power from Valhalla and arrived here. When she gained that power, she lost all her memory. Instead, she was chosen by the power of Valhalla.

"Is there anything I can do to help you?” Lenneth asked Magna thought that It may be God's mischief that she came to Vell-Savaria, but he felt something drawing him to her, so he accepted her as his assistant. Magna decided to ask her to help manage the memory of Valhalla that flows into this world.

“Persons with special power will come to this Vell-Savaria” Magna pondered. “Whatever the nature of it, in order to balance the power of this world, I must check whether it is good or bad.” The power gathering in this world seemed so powerful to Magna, and he worried about what it could mean.

Of course, the power of God, the power of Valhalla, is not completely controllable, but somehow Lenneth found some ways to manage it. The key was in her wand. There are magical tools in this world that are influenced by the power of God. It also seals and controls part of Valhalla's memory. Magna realized that if this was true, he could control the power of Valhalla through force himself.

"Please leave it to me. I will protect here even if it costs my life " Magna decided to journey away and left  Vell-Savaria to Lenneth. He went to investigate the huge tree in the center of the world, which he believed was the other reason so many memories and powers from Valhalla flowed to this world.

Magna reached the tree and noticed a little girl. "Sir, what are you doing here?" said the girl playing with the beast of the forest. "Can you tell me the name of this tree?"

"Well, it's Yggdrasil! And this forest is Sissei! And I'm Pricia. This wolf is my friend ..."

With this, Magna learned the name Yggdrasil, and about the forest, from the girl who would talk endlessly about things he didn’t ask. Despite her innocence, Magna could also feel she was guided by a great destiny. Magna pondered all that he learned, and upon meeting yet another person connected to a great destiny, realized that strong force must be used only for those who can control it. 

He also realized he could help establish balance in the world faster if he dispersed the power contained in Yggdrasil, rather than let it build in one place. With the goal of balance in mind, he set out to make more tools, and he called them Regalia, meaning proof of the king.