Shakti, the Red Eyes Swords Master

Episode 101

On the night when the meteor shower covered the sky, a baby was born in the volcanic country, Certo. The baby, who was born with red eyes, was feared to be ominous by her mother, but was a great sign in the eyes of her father. Her father thought that heresy was the auspicious sign in Certo nation where strength is most important. 

Her father's name was Volga, the King of Certo, and his scarlet-eyed daughter was named Shakti. When Shakti had grown up to childhood, she was taken by her father to an arena and saw a one-on-one battle. While watching, she muttered who would win before it was settled, and every time she made a prediction, she would be proved correct. 

Volga realized that she had a gift from God, unlike the kind of things people could teach and learn. People can teach swordsmanship, but talent is inherent. Her red eyes had a rare talent to see through the essence of the battle. Then her father taught Shakti all kinds of fighting skills. Shakti grew up and she became an unparalleled swordsman. Volga expected that she could eventually become the king of this world.

But Shakti has been wondering why she was given special power. Was it really to become the king of this country? 

The stronger the power, the more correct the reason for dealing with it must be. Eventually, Shakti began to seal her abilities. Power needs heart to become true strength, and power without heart is just violence, so she wanted to know why she had this power. Then came the incident that confirmed her feelings.

It was when Shakti headed for an investigation into the undeveloped land behind the volcano of Certo. There she found a majestic sword, as if she had been drawn to it. The sword resonated with Shakti and gave off a fiery brilliance, but others couldn't even touch it. To be precise, those who touch it lose their sanity and suffer from madness. It's as if the sword chose it’s owner.

When Shakti grabbed his sword, there was a voice in her head "The sword is Laevateinn. This is the regalia, the memory of the power of God that has poured into this world. "” "Who are you ...? 』 "My name is Lenneth. You also seem to inherit a part of God's power." "What are you talking about?"

"You don't need to know now, one thing you can say is that you are the rightful owner of that sword.” "Yes, but I don't need this kind of power. Undue power is nothing more than a source of conflict. I have seen the fight many times. Those who want power will surely be drowned in power, and those who are drowned in power will surely lose. " "That's why you don't even use the power of your scarlet eyes then?"

"... I see, is this the power of God? After all, it's a power that is too much for humans to possess. " "If you want to know the secret of that power, you should come to Vell-Savaria, a land far away. It will be a rough journey, should you come alone.” "I will remember, both your name, and your words” And so Shakti decided to leave Laevateinn, but she would later regret that decision.

Undue power can be a source of contention without use. Laevateinn had the power to attract people by itself. And it didn't take long for her father to become the wielder of Laevateinn. Volga was strong and ruthless in battle, but a thoughtful king to his vassals. However, when he picked up Laevateinn, he became even more obsessed with power.

And when her mother fell ill and died, his obsession became more prominent. Volga was devoted to fighting in the arena, killing the warriors of the country, and the country was filled with horror.

Shakti was ashamed to see what her father had become. In her mind, Laevateinn was a force that should not exist in the first place. She wishes she had destroyed it when she first found it.

Her father didn't even hear the words of his daughter as she begged him to destroy the sword. Then Shakti decided to go to Vell-Savaria, which the Lord of the voice said, and cut off all sources of God’s power in this world. "Shakti, where are you going?" As she was preparing to leave, a brave warrior talks to Shakti. 

He had a familiar face. His name was Melgis, who trained with her in the sword from an early age. "Melgis, I'm going on a trip" "Are you running away?" "From who? Melgis, you've never beaten me." "Hey, I'll beat you someday. But there will be something to do before that. " "Is it my father?" "This country will perish as it is. So I'll kill your father and become king. "

"Ah" "Are you going to try to stop me? "No, I can't do it. I’ve got something else I need to do.” "Okay, but next is you." "I'm looking forward to it, Melgis. But be careful to not become too fascinated by power, lest you become like my father. I will be back someday, be safe" With that said, Shakti set out on a journey to Vell-Savaria to destroy all the source of the power of Laeveteinn.