Hero of the Holy Soul, Lars

Episode 102

Vell-Savaria has a holy city that could cure his sister's illness. Born into the Gloria royal family, Lars was looking at the night sky with his sister Charlotte in the courtyard of the castle. Lars had two younger sisters. The eldest, Faria, is now a crybaby, but her heart is straight and she has the strength to never break. The youngest sister, Charlotte, is kind to everyone and has an innocent heart. 

He was proud of his sisters. "Look, Lars! It's a meteor! " A meteor shower flowed in the night sky. The meteor became an arrow of light and flowed through the sky, and the arrow of light stretched long and long as if it pierced the ground. When the light went out, Lars felt the power flowing into him. Lars thought that the meteor might have carried the power to enter the city.

But Lars wasn't the only one affected by this meteor. "Lars……" Charlotte, with a pale face, was sweating a lot next to him. Charlotte was originally sick and tended to stay in the room. She had seemed to be in good condition today, so Lars took her out for a change. .. "Charlotte!" "I'm okay ... if I take a break."

"Charlotte, let's get back to the room right away." "I'm sorry, I thought I can see the stars with you." "You can always see it with me, Charlotte, come on, Hold on to my shoulder." "Sorry" Then Charlotte fell asleep for a long time. There was no doubt that the power of the meteor was overburdening her body.

However, when she would wake up, Charlotte would only express concern for her family. She cried and apologized for the inconvenience she caused because she was ill, but she smiled, as long as her father, mother, brother and sister were fine. Lars was looking for a way to cure Charlotte's illness. 

There was no doubt that some power was out of control in her, and he thought that if she could control it in some way, she could overcome the illness. And he heard a rumor that the source of great power is hidden in a distant place. It was a rumor about the magical tool Laevateinn found in neighboring Certo.

"A magical tool called regalia has been found, their power comes from the unknown city of Vell-Savaria. If you can get there, you can get the power you want,” an advisor had claimed when reporting on the rumor. Lars was skeptical of the rumor, but had no choice.

He couldn’t tell his father and mother because the journey would be a dangerous one, but he has to tell Faria, because if he didn’t return then she would have to protect their country. He believed Faria should be able to accept it.. When Lars told of his departure to Faria, he secretly shared some of the power that had flowed into him into Faria. 

He gave it to her so that she would overcome future ordeals as king and to help prepare her for the power she would come to possess. Faria cried and tried to stop Lars, but he loved all of his family too much so he couldn’t abandon Charlotte to her illness On the way to Vell-Savaria, Lars met with many mysterious travelers. 

They were all heading to Vell-Savaria for different purposes, and they were also drawn to the rumors they heard. There may be mighty enemies in the unexplored land, so they decided to fight together.

Their team was made up of the mage Vala who joined to pursue the knowledge of the world, the human Pier seeking regalia for friend and his partner hawk Accel, and the vampire Faurecia seeking the power to return to being human.

The last person to join the party was Shakti, the sword master of Certo. She had already gone ahead, but she said she had turned back. "You guys are going to Vell-Savaria?" "Oh, yes, how about you?" "I am the same. However, there is a formidable monster ahead. I could beat it alone, but I can't do my best because of some personal reasons, can you help me a little? "

"Of course. We are also heading to Vell-Savaria. As long as the destination is the same, it will be an enemy that must be defeated. Is everyone okay?" "It's okay" "Yes" Vala agrees and Pier nods. Faurecia also showed no resistance to working together The battle with this mighty monster lasted three days and three nights. 

Then, when the mighty monsters that soared high in the sky fell to the ground together with its giant body, a story was born in which the bards who saw them from the mountains of Certo in the distance called them five heroes. It was a story of heroes who defeated a great monster, which would be handed down in every bar across attoractia However, none of them have been seen since that day.