Vala's betrayal

Episode 103

The mage Vala, later said to be one of the five heroes, was really named Valentina. It was convenient for Valentina that Shakti left once after defeating the monster. The power behind her eyes was too strong to claim, even for Valentina "If I stayed with her as it was, my existence might have been found out. 

My ambition is my driving force, and it is starting to get a little painful to keep hiding. " She muttered to herself under her breath. The city was visible far ahead of the party. A city hidden in the depths of the unexplored region. It was a place where ordinary humans could neither live nor reach. Is that Vell-Savaria? " "We're finally here"

Accel returned to Pier and he stated, “it looks to be about another day and a half to reach the gates.” At that time, they saw a male mage with a hood standing in their way. Next to them, there were three goddesses. If that was the messenger of Vell-Savaria, there is no doubt that Vell-Savaria has the power of God. Valentina was thrilled as her expectations and her ambitions grew.

"Welcome to Vell-Savaria" The mage said. Valentina's intuition whispers. "He doesn't look credible. He doesn't even show his face so that we can trust him. He sees our hostility and wants to know who will be on his side. Funny, I'm not on anyone's side from the beginning, I'm always on the side of the winner. Use whatever is available for that, that's my style."

Valentina traveled with them only because of the united interests of coming here. She was only loyal to her own ambitions, and didn’t care what might happen to the rest of the party. "Did you come here in search of power? My name is Alisaris. I will invite you to the source that brings power ”

Something about the man’s words seemed off to Valentina, but she thought she could use this to her advantage with the others.

"We have a reason to bring back the power but can you prepare it? " Valentina asks Alisaris "Do you mean through the use of the Regalia? Vell-Savaria is flooded with memories of various different worlds, which are influencing this world. Regalia exists in the outlying temple of Vell-Savaria. Let us  guide you there, and hopefully they contain the power you seek.

"Hmmm.. this feels like a trap Lars,” Valentina tries to scare Lars with her hint of a trap, but she knew what his answer would be "I have no choice but to go. Time is limited.” Valentina knew that he wanted to save the life of his sister, his determination is firm, for different reasons, and Pier and Faurecia's determination is the same.

"I understand. Not to worry then, I can help warn us of any traps, because illusions are my specialty.” Valentina blends lies with truth. The party was guided by Alisaris and headed for the Temple of Time. "Here, come, take what you want." There were a number of magic tools inside. Among them, Valentine was fascinated by the regalia called Lovers Lock. 

This was exactly the regalia of domination she wanted. On the contrary, Pier and Faurecia looked around, but they didn't seem to find what they were looking for. Faurecia also seemed a little depressed to come up empty on find a way to undo her curse. But Lars found a regalia. The hourglass-shaped magic tool seemed to have the power to control time. Lars thought perhaps this could cure Charlotte's illness.

"You have good eyes, that's my favorite regalia." Alisaris told Lars "Can this turn back time? Then my sister ... ” "To be precise, you can seal people's memory, pull it out, and embody it at any time. However, there is one drawback, this regalia is good at trapping memories and someone, but it would not be able to heal your sister as you wish. ” The goddess around Alisaris smiles eerily.

"Because this is the prison of time and the regalia that seals the calamity, its name is Ifrit Glass!" The moment he says the name, the temple goes dark. The flames erupting from Ifrit glass spread like a barrier, and the illusion of disaster wrapped around them "After all, your power can interfere with my Lord's plan. This is the end of your journey. "

The temple was filled with hallucinations called calamity, and the barrier around the heroes seemed impenetrable "Vala, can you solve the illusion?" Upon hearing Lars voice, Valentina laughed in her heart. It's the laughter of the ruler.

"So far, it works just like I wanted" spoke boldly to herself for Valentina had set up her own barrier with Lovers Lock, avoiding the effects of that hallucination. "The illusion can certainly be solved, but I did not say I would help you." "Hehe, I knew Alisaris was an enemy. He also knew I was an enemy but did nothing to me. 

That led us to now. If he tries to catch me, I will release you all, so he has to let me go unharmed. Hehe, it's a match up of best interest. Thank you for being a good bargaining material. Goodbye everyone, I enjoyed the trip so far. " "Vala! Why!" "For me, a party is just a relationship with a common interest. So now that interest is gone right? 

Hehe, but I don't want to watch you all die, so I will be going now, hope you can all escape!. " With a laugh Valentina vanished, leaving the other 3 to perish in Alisaris’ trap "I didn't like her from the beginning, but I can't help thinking about it. What are we going to do? This barrier is too strong, it’s hopeless” Pier lamented Faurecia, who had rarely spoken until now, finally spoke..

"One of us can get out of here. My abominable vampire power can thwart that regalia magical power and could temporarily break the barrier. So Pier, you go. You should seek Regalia for your friend. "Don't be silly, if anyone is going to get out, we should all get out together. Faurecia, didn’t you have a purpose for becoming human again? Lars, what about you finding a cure for your sister?”

"I'm fine. I was convinced that there was no way for vampires to return to humans when we first arrived here. I was made a vampire by a visitor from another world called Mikage. That monster we fought the other day? That also smelled of Mikage. I found out by fighting the monster that this curse wouldn't be fixed. So now I'm looking for a place to die, to cut off this abominable blood. "

"I also think that the way to cure my sister is sleeping in that Ifrit glass. So I can't get out here. Pier, you can fulfill your purpose. " "You guys ..." "I'll start. Don't worry, I just want to die like a human. Lars, you need to win if you have a person you want to save“ "Of course!" Faurecia bets her life and breaks the barrier, and Pier escapes from it. 

Lars then fought Alisaris to buy Pier time to get away, and at the end of the deadly battle, his soul was sealed in the Ifrit Glass.. Pier escaped, but suffered great damage to his body. On his return to Vell-Savaria, Magna met Pier, listened to his aspirations, and bestowed the Artemis, the God's Bow. Pier tried to deliver the regalia with the last of his strength, but had to entrust the regalia to Accel to finish the mission. 

Accel delivered the regalia to Arla, but when he returned to Pier, his life had already faded away.

This is the sad, unknown truth of what befell the five heroes.