Gill Lapis’s invasion

Episode 104

"Sir, what should we do?" Alisaris, who was infiltrating Vell-Savaria, contacted his master. "If all the power sleeping in Attoractia can become mine, I may be comparable to my father, Alhama'at. The time is limited until my father reappears, and by then we must build up our strength." Even so, looking at this flow of power, Lapis knew that it had been the correct answer to visit this world. 

Even now, great powers from another world were flowing into Attoractia, ripe for the taking.. "If you don't have that mage, let's suppress Vell-Savaria." "Magna seems to be heading to Yggdrasil and looking for a way to balance the power." "Equilibrium is meaningless. Power has meaning only when it is used by a qualified person. "

"Then, I will continue to Vell-Savaria. I met with some disturbing vermin on the road, but I dealt with them before they could reach the city. I let one go, but she's impure, I’m sure she will be available for you someday" "Well, I will take a detour before I join you there then.” "A detour?” "The monster I released was killed by those vermin you mentioned. And there seems to be a survivor. 

The monster is a souvenir of Mikage that I remodeled, but I can't leave a survivor if they were strong enough to take down that beast, so I need to find them and eliminate them” Lapis explained "I understand master. I will prepare and meet you at the city" Lapis teleported by using a black sphere and headed for the corpse of the monster. 

With its powerful self-renewal power, could not have been defeated by just any normal human. Five extraordinary attacks may have been carried out with a high degree of coordination. "I've been waiting for you, are you the mastermind?" Lapis heard a voice call out "... Did you know that I was coming?"

"The monster had such a great power that does not originally exist in this world. If it's something someone created, though, that would make sense. And If I waited, someone with that power would come here. " "What happened to the others who fought this monster?” "Only I remained here. I'm not pursuing power, my purpose is to eliminate undue power from this world. "

"That is, you stayed here to get rid of me." "That's it" "There is no reason why the one who made that monster is weaker than the monster, isn't it?" "That's probably right" Shakti spoke calmly as she rose to her feet. "If you want to beat me, then I guess we don't need to talk anymore. Let's get this over with.”

"I agree, I grow tired of words.” Lapis creates a black sword in the air, and when he picks it up, he swings it down at a terrifying speed. It was as fast as a meteor, and its trajectory became a black lone moon that cut through the opponent. However, even before the slash, Shakti has vanished out of the way. Avoiding his attack with ease, her eyes locked on Lapis.

"So that's it. Even in that monster battle, it seemed you weren't doing your best." Lapis scoffed, holding tense with his sword clashed against Shakti’s "I have no grudge against you, but you will die, Lord of the Black Demon." Shakti's sword flips Lapis' sword and quickly launches a series of attacks. 

Shakti's strikes come from above, below, left and right with the beauty of blooming roses, but are as sharp as deadly thorns. Lapis knew if he couldn't avoid it, they would certainly be lethal.

Lapis was focused on identifying the attack and dodging each one with ease.

From an outsiders point of view, Shakti would seem to have an advantage, as if Lapis was on the defensive side. However, at that time, Shakti had the opposite impression, feeling as if her attacks could never catch him. "I see, it's a wonderful power you possess. I had wanted to defeat you without having to exhaust my power, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

As he spoke, his power concentrated in his hand, and the black sword was transformed into a huge sword. "Is this a Regalia ...? No, it's too powerful for that. It is a much more concentrated power than that Laevateinn.” "Yes, this is the original regalia," World Ender ", which resonates with the power of this world when I channel it through my power of Darkness”

"Regalia and your power ... I will destroy those..."Shakti growled as her eyes shone bright red.

The two clashed over and over again. Lapis's attack has not been able to penetrate Shakti, but Shakti has also not defeated Lapis' 

inexhaustible magical power. A blow that would normally be fatal was only a scratch for Lapis. As the battle progressed, Shakti's body began to scream due to the use of undue power. It was clear that the long-term battle was nearing its end. "If continuing to use this power will kill me then...I have no choice but to bet on the final blow."

Shakti concentrated all her power. Then, she could see and predict all of Lapis’ movements. She thought to herself “If i take his strike here when it won’t kill me, then I can pierce his heart with my counter attack…. UGH!” "Was that your aim?" A new voice whispered in her ear Shakti's sword stopped before she reached Lapis. Instead, her body was pierced by sharp claws.

Shakti looked down, confused at the pain coursing through her body "My Lord, I'm sorry I was late." "Sylvia. Thank you"

What was reflected in Shakti's red eyes was ... the end of the game. Despite the pain, Shakti smiled...

"It must have been a mistake to break up with everyone. I've always made the wrong choices. I didn't destroy Laevateinn because I easily believed that my father would master it in my heart. But it killed my mother and indirectly my father. And this time, I didn't believe my party and was overconfident in my power. I thought that I would be able to defeat you by myself.“

"It's over. It's a power that deserves respect, but I can't keep you alive. At least your power can become mine.” Lapis raises the world ender to strike her down "After all this time, it seems that it was too much power for me. But I won't give you this power. " Shakti squeezed the remaining power and released it to herself.”

"Father, Mother, I'm sorry. And Melgis, I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise. " These were her last words as her life and power vanished from the world, all except for a crystal that went flying to some far corner of the world.