Dark Alice's Revenge

Episode 105

The only reason I live is to "kill" him. "The plan is going well" Valentina whispers. Until very recently, a bewitching woman, called Vala, headed for Vell-Savaria and returned with Regalia in her hand. She was the only one who was able to return safely from the adventure that five people went together. But since her party and the woman named Vala has disappeared, she is the only one who knows it.

"So, did you find Lapis?" Dark Alice questions Valentina "Hehe, not yet." "So you think it’s going well? I like to make jokes, but I hate it when people toy with me. Do you want to be killed?" "Oh, I’m still scared to death of you my dear, but it's enough for me to get regalia this time. Besides, even if you find the Lapis, you still can't win. 

The first thing you need to do is to accumulate power, right? So please do something about that angry cat. " "Hiss" Schrodinger was angry. Schrodinger changes its attitude greatly depending on the mental state of Dark Alice. If Dark Alice had the feeling that she would kill him, Schrodinger would do the same.

"Did you at least get some information about Lapis? " "Well, that monster and a man named Alisaris seemed to have something to do with that Lapis. 

The monster was not of this world, it felt like some kind of demon. Well, then again, so do you.” "Hiss" "I'm kidding now, don't be serious." "I told you, I hate being toyed with." Dark Alice is a chaser. She is an incarnation of negative emotions born of a girl named Alice. 

Lapis was the one who destroyed her hometown, and Alice couldn't accept the feelings to kill him and gave birth to her . “ Alice doesn't accept me, even though we should kill him. That Alice will eventually appear here, and I'll definitely eat her and make her part of my power." "Well, then there is one reason why you and I should keep working together. It is a match of interest. 

I want power to take control of this world, and you want power to defeat him, right" "Yes, that's fine. So what do you plan to do?" "For that, I want to expand my territory. In order to unify the nations of this world, the powerful kings in each region are an obstacle. So please help me kill them. Then I can get the territory. Not a bad deal, wouldn’t you agree?"

"Deal? I'm asking how I can get power, do you want to die?" "Hehe, it's not my job to think of ways for you to get power. I will be the king of Shangri-La with this regalia and will summon those with power. You just need to think about how to take that power then.” Dark Alice thought to herself, and Schrodinger also posed as if it was thinking. 

“I need some kind of catalyst to absorb the power of this world. How about letting Schrodinger eat the presence? It is certainly possible, but I need to feed it from a slightly weaker force to test it out. Now, if it absorbs a lot of power, Schrodinger will collapse, so don't be impatient Me! If Schrodinger gets used to this world, then I think it can become a regalia that absorbs power.”

At that time, Dark Alice felt power. The same power of revenge and remorse that she possessed. The crystal flew to Dark Alice from a distance and landed in her hands. Maybe it was just looking for the power to take revenge. It was the last crystal of power left by Shakti.

Dark Alice touched it and heard the crystal speak to her. "My only hope is to defeat the lord of black demon, can you do that? 

If you can, use this power.” The memory of that battle in the crystal flowed into Dark Alice, and she saw her prey. "No doubt about it, that’s Gil Lapis. Yeah, ok, I need your power, I'll kill him. " The crystal turned into white and black crystals to represent the heart of Dark Alice, becoming Regalia named Unknown Mother Goose. 

It was more than enough to embody the power of Dark Alice's fairy tales and more than enough power to fight in the future.

"My purpose is to absorb all beings and use them as shadows. The stronger the absorption power, the stronger the shadow. 

Valentina, get ready, get ready to seize this world. ” "Well then, let's get started with step one, taking over Shangri-La. Hehe, I think it will take a little longer, so just be patient. " The duo of revenge and ambition was just beginning.