Epilogue The Memory of Lenneth -The Beginning of 7 lands

Episode 106

Meteors are still flowing in this world. After Lenneth came to Vell-Savaria she eventually regained her memory. She was the only daughter born in a poor home on the outskirts of Gloria. The king's reign and safety were not perfect there, and their family struggled to find enough food to eat. 

Her father and mother were kind though and always prepared a meal for Lenneth, even if it meant they couldn’t eat. Perhaps that was the cause then, that her father and mother died, leaving Lenneth alone. God does not save anything. Lenneth was overwhelmed by despair, and she lost her will to live Lenneth stood on a cliff on the coast and thought about returning to the sky. 

Forgetting everything and returning to the sky with his father and mother, and then she might be able to live happily this time. It was at that moment that a meteor flew into the sky and as she looked up at, she fell to the bottom of the cliff. The fire of her life was supposed to go out there. However, the light of the meteor carried Valhalla's soul and flowed into the body of Lenneth. 

It was looking for the soul which could be a vessel in this world. Penetrated by the light, she lost her memory and stayed alive. Then she wandered around to a village and met Caduceus, the magic tool. After that, Lenneth headed for Vell-Savaria, drawn to something. When she reached her destination and met Magna, she began to remember her soul's memory, as her sealed door opened. 

It was as if meeting Magna was the trigger. Once upon a time, Valhalla's soul in Lenneth was Magna's daughter. She worked for Magna during the battle of the gods, stopped the giant's assault with her life, and she died. She was praying for Magna's safety until her death. And she thought, if she could be reborn somewhere again, she would like to be born again to her father.

When Lenneth met Magna, she remembered all the memories of this world, the memories of Valhalla, which entered into her soul, and as they blended with memories of her family, which she couldn't protect in this world a new desire came over her. She decided she would protect Magna in the future. She didn't tell Magna about it. She wanted to avoid her own existence becoming a burden to him. 

She thought it would be enough for her to protect Vell Savaria alone. But Gill Lapis' invasion was stronger and quicker than she had expected. The resistance of Lenneth and the Twelve Protective Deities was overcome before Magna’s return due to the cunning preparation of the invaders, Alisaris, and the surprise attack of Sylvia and Blazer. 

So the collapse of Vell Savaria Began When Magna finally returned, he restored Lenneth, once manipulated by the power of Lapis, using his regalia, Genesis.. "Magna. Thank you. And I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I……"

As Lenneth disappeared into the sky, Magna glanced at the sky as if to accept his destiny, and faced Lapis. 

As he moved to face him Magna thought "If I lose, Valhalla’s power cannot fall into his hands.” Even in exchange for this life, the power of Valhalla must be returned to where it belonged Lapis rushed towards Magna yelling "I will take all that power for myself old man!” “Bring it on you insolent brat,” 

Magna responds The final battle between Magna and Lapis went on for some time, but then suddenly, it ended, with no traces left to be found by those who happened to wander into the area. Neither Lapis and his Armies or Magna appeared to still be in the world of Attoractia. It has been several years since the fight ended, and Lars has still not returned from his mission.

In the past, the Regalia were able to draw out the power of Valhalla, but it lost that power after Magna and Lapis vanished. It may have been related to the fact that the meteors had stopped falling as well. Regardless, holding a Regalia still served as proof of being a king, and they still possessed the power to summon heroes from the memory of the wielder.

Faria inherited Lars' aspirations and became King of Gloria. She was no longer weak. Her brother didn't come back, but the memories left in her memories gave her courage. And she had received Excalibur from the lake. Charlotte was still sick, and Faria held onto her hope that there was a way to cure her, and that her brother would find it and return.

In this world, seven lands and seven kings are now fighting for their territory.

And Gloria, ruled by Faria, was being invaded by Certo. The king of that country has changed recently. 

It is said that a warrior called Melgis became king by a duel. Then he hadn't moved for years, but with Laevateinn in his hand, he began to expand his territory "Sir, the army of Certo is gathering along the border." a knight reported to Faria, surveying her kingdom from a balcony of the castle. "Well, is Melgis with them?”She asked the knight "It seems that he is leading the way."

"Then I guess it’s my turn. He is too dangerous. Tell the other troops to stand back, I will handle this myself.” "Yes, sir" Faria headed to the border to fight Melgis. "Is there anything else to report? Before we arrive Captain?” Faria asked her companion as they rode to meet the invaders "There is a report that some saw a mysterious girl wandering near the battlefield, Sir”

"A mysterious girl? …… No way.. It couldn’t be... ” Faria found herself lost in thought, remembering that fateful encounter in her past, but confused about why the girl would return now. 

Then she recentered and steeled herself, whatever she would come to expect, she knew she had to face Melgis to protect her home. Little did she know, the future encounter would change her destiny, and the fate of the entire world. To be continued The Seven Kings of the Lands