At Re-Earth, Preface: Missing History

Episode 107

1, Guide girl Lunya This is Attoractia, a tourist city in Re-Earth. A girl, Lunya, speaks loudly in the hustle and bustle of the city. "Come now, listen to me and the rumors that the legendary treasure hunter Selesta left a huge treasure hidden in the world!! it’s finally been found! So If you believe in the words she left behind, 

"Hiding the treasures I've earned for a lifetime in a certain place and putting everything there," then hire me!  The value is more than enough to buy all the sweets in the city!! What? Are you interested? If so, hire me, Lunya, as a guide!” However, despite Lunya's enthusiastic speech, the people on the road do not look at Lunya.

Certainly, it was a well known fact that there was a treasure hunter named Selesta. However, the peculiar atmosphere of her made her suspicious and made her claims unreliable.  However, one man seemed to be interested in Lunya. The man looked young, but gave off a veteran atmosphere as if he had lived for thousands of years just as Lunya was born with a shady atmosphere.

"Hey there, I want to hear a little more" "Ah, are you talking to me? You have a good eye for people" "Are there any other people who are familiar with the geography of this area that I can ask for directions? The man introduced himself to Lunya as Brad

"Where did you come here from Brad? Light Palace? Panda's country? Dragonoid's country?"

Brad told her the name of his hometown, but Lunya had never heard of it before. “It might not be there anymore,” Brad explained. "Oh.. Well anyway, if this is your first time in this land, you'll need a guide here! If so, leave it to me, and then the treasure hunt will be negotiable."

“Sounds good Lunya, let me first ask then, because i’m new to this Era…” “Era?” Lunya Interrupted, ignoring his attempt at a question, “You are a strange one Brad, but don’t worry, just leave it to me! Welcome to Attoractia, a tourist city that flourishes under Yggdrasil!"

2, Brad, Immortal Sage Lunya led the way through Attoractia with a brisk pace. In her hand, she held a guidebook with the words "The Complete Guide to Attoractia" The guidebook says the land of Attoractia is a place where, through a mysterious fate, the unique and talented gather. Yggdrasil is the center of the land, and it is divided into seven sections, each with its own unique characteristics.

"First of all, that big tree, that's Yggdrasil. I don't know how long it's been growing there, but it's said to have originated 10,000 years ago. It's also known as the World Tree, and this place has become a kind of sanctuary. A place of pilgrimage, and a tourist city, with seven sections centered around that Yggdrasil! So far, do you have any questions!" "Hmm, please continue."

"The seven sections are divided into Gloria, Certo, Shangri-La, Niflheim, Armalla, Sissei, and Leginus, each of which has its own culture." She flipped through the pages of a tourist guide. “Gloria is also the guardian of Attoractia, and a knight called Lars is the head of that section. It's not an independent country, but this section is special, and the head of the organization that protects safety is called the king. 

Certo is famous for its gladiators, Melgis and Shakti, a place famous for its arena and other battle-themed spectacles. Shangri-la has theaters, which are famous for their cultural shows, especially the Valentina Theater, which is so popular that people stand in line to see the signature actress, Shion. 

Niflheim is a city of entertainment and medicine, and has a huge haunted house that is very popular with those who want to see something scary.” Lunya paused then, after shaking off a shiver, continued “I won't go there. Armalla seems to have a healing facility with angels. 

Sissei seems to have a zoo that utilizes nature, And Leginus is a section where toys and mechanical artifacts are sold as souvenirs, and because of this, rare items from all over the world are collected there.” "Something unusual…" Brad mused "Oh, Mr. Brad, are you interested in rare things?" "Do you know what an OOPArt is, Lunya?" 

"OOPArt?"  The moment she tilted her head, Lunya looked as if she had a flash of inspiration and said with confidence “I don't know!" "What was that look?" Brad asked, confused by her behavior "I was following the family tradition of pretending to understand when I don't." She replied confidently. "It's better not to follow that family tradition." "Yeah, I've heard that a lot."

"Well, and OOPARt, or An out-of-place artifact, is an unknown item that has been discovered in this world. They are items that are beyond the common knowledge of our world. Among them, the one I am looking for is called the Hidden History, which is a book of historical prophecies. This was written about 10,000 years ago, and the author is unknown. 

It describes various events that are said to have occurred in this world." "So, if it's a prophecy book, does that mean that the future is predicted in it? Mmm, so you said it's written.... and it was, does that mean you have it, Mr. Brad?" "Yes, the Hidden History is said to exist in several books in this world, and I have one of them. It was written about 6,000 years ago." 

"I see, so you think it's strange and mysterious that there is an accurate history written there, even though it was written 10,000 years ago?" "No, it's not mysterious." "What do you mean?" Brad took out a book. It was written in a language she didn't know, but with the help of a special magic power, she was able to read the title even though she didn't know the language. It was called "The Lore of the Divine Dragon".

"The Lore of the Divine Dragon?" "Can you read it?"" "I don't know why, but I can." Brad's eyebrows furrowed as he heard this. "What is written in this book did not happen in the history of this world. But as a historical fact, it is very credible." Lunya tilted her head. "What do you mean by that?" 

"It means that this book contains a history of what happened in this world, but it didn't happen in the history of this Re-earth today." "I see." Lunya continued with a look of total realization on her face. Despite this, she exclaimed "I don't understand!" Brad handed the "Lore of the Divine Dragon" to Lunya, who had her head in her hands.

3, Hidden History: "Lore of the Divine Dragon"....... "Lore of the Divine Dragon" ......  Twins, a boy and a girl, were born in a country called Amadeus in the demon world.  The country's name was taken from the ruler, a fallen angel. And in this demon world, there were seven fallen angels with great power, including Amadeus.

The name of the god who created the demon world and the seven fallen angels was Satan. Satan is one of the ten gods of Valhalla, and when Valhalla collapsed, he created this world and let his power rest there. He shared his power with seven fallen angels to prepare them for the coming resurrection.  

After that, it is not clear why Amadeus questioned their creator, but their country was inhabited by humans. Humans in the demon world existed to offer their souls to Satan. The twins born there were also destined to be a sacrifice for Satan's resurrection. Amadeus sealed their own Satanic powers into the twin girl and then let her escape to another world. 

The name of that other world was Re-Earth, and her name was Reiya. When Reiya landed in Re-Earth, she had completely lost her memories of the original world. Amadeus had sealed her knowledge of the demon world with her memories so that she would not recognize. Then, in Re-Earth she was picked up by an astrologer called Oborozuki.

However, there was a pursuer in the demon world.

It was Ragnarok, the soulless demon dragon with great power. Astema, Satan's most loyal subordinate, took control of Amadeus and sent Ragnarok to Re-Earth with a curse of jealousy on Ragnarok and Reiya's twin, Tsuiya.

This was the beginning of the battle against Ragnarok, which was feared as a divine dragon in Re-Earth because of its power.

…………………………. Lunya read the introduction of "Lore of the Divine Dragon," but it was too far-fetched. "It's a bit of a long story, so let me tell you.” Brad explained. “Ragnarok attacked Re-Earth from the demon world. In response, the five people joined forces to fight it: Oborozuki, Lilias, Selesta, Welser, and Mikage. ......" "Selesta, that Selesta?"

"Yes, she is the legendary treasure hunter, dragon slayer, and holder of one of the five shared powers of Ragnarok." "Really? How fantastic. ......" "That's what it says in the book.” “I don’t get it” "Of course, in the original history of this world, Selesta was only described as a legendary treasure hunter.

She has explored all sorts of unexplored places, but there is no mention of her having fought a dragon summoned from the demon world and gaining some of its power." Lunya looked as if she didn't understand. "Well, I don't think you'll get an answer now, and I don't have a clear answer yet either, so let's continue. The genius mage Welser took the lead against Ragnarok, and the five of them worked together to confront it. 

However, Ragnarok's power is strong, and in addition, Reiya is cursed by Tsuiya. Oborozuki, realizing that her human body was powerless against the curse, borrowed the help of the vampire Mikage Seijuro, became a vampire herself, and released the forbidden power sealed in the Starlit Canopy. However, after defeating Ragnarok and Tsuiya, the power spiraled out of control, threatening to consume the entire world. 

In the end, Oborozuki let Reiya pierce her own body and erase her existence from this realm."

With a snap, Brad closes the book. "And peace returned to the world. That's what it says. I'm trying to find out what this history means and who wrote it."

"How did you find this, Mr. Brad?" "This was entrusted to me by the masters. The masters told me that there were other hidden histories and that they were connected to the secrets of this world.The history in this book has too many real people in it for it to be just a story.  The masters said that it could be the past that should have been. 

If this place is the new world, then the events described in this book are the old world, written by the same people, and that's what happened." "Hmmm. It's a little difficult to keep straight." "And I'm also exploring the meaning of this book's existence, because this book is screening people. 

The book is written in an unknown language, but there are those who see it and immediately know what it means. The author of the Hidden History has pre-selected even those who can read." "Oh, really?" "Oh, so that means me too?" 

Lunya shouted in surprise. 4, Mariabella and Violet “Hmmm, well, a mystery is a mystery, and the reason you are looking for Selesta's treasures is that there may be a Hidden History there, and surely she could be collecting them. Leave it to me!” Lunya cheered with confidence. “I'm here, so you'll be fine! My intuition whispers that Selesta's treasures lie far away in the Sea of Shaela.  

First, we must go to Machina's workshop in Leginus to prepare for it!" Lunya starts walking, and continues rambling with Brad following behind. “In fact, the first person who became my friend when I arrived here is Mariabella, who works at Machina's workshop. She could see that no one was talking to me, so she talked to me. She’s like an angel to me…”

Leginus, one of the sections built under the Great Tree, Yggdrasil, is a place where many crafts and souvenir shops are located, and as a result, rare and found items from various places are traded and sometimes even auctioned. In Machina's workshop, Machina, an eccentric researcher, and his assistant, Mariabella were selling gimmicks and other items. 

In general, the cute things that Mariabella made were selling well, while the things that Machina made didn't seem to be selling well at all. As soon as Lunya and Brad entered Machina's workshop, a woman who was not Mariabella spoke to them. She said, "Welcome. Sir, if there is anything you are looking for, please let us know."

There stood a female shopkeeper with an intimidating aura. She had red hair and a slender mechanical body. Then, from the back, a girl popped out.

"Oh, Luyna! How are you? Oh, you found a customer for your guide job! I was so worried that you would never find a job and starve to death."

"No, no, no, I won't starve to death! That's right! If there is a God who abandons you, there is a God who picks you up. So I came here to prepare. Did you hire this red shopkeeper?" "Well, I hired her, or rather I made her. Violet, say hello!" "Yes, my name is Violet. I see you're a friend of my Master. It's nice to meet you."

I told you to stop calling me Master. Machina gets angry at me again. Violet is a mechanical doll with a heart made by Machina. She has been modified with various materials, and as a result, she has extraordinary powers, but she has a sweet heart."

"I see. I'm sure I've told Mariabella this before, but I'm thinking of going to look for Selesta's treasure, which is rumored to be in the Shaela sea. So I want to go to the Shaela sea, and I was hoping to find some items that would help me do that. I'm aiming to get rich!" When Mariabella heard this, she made a face of concern.

Violet noticed her face and pondered aloud “Shaela sea ...... analysis match. Mariabelle, isn't the Shaela sea where we went on my trial run? Do you remember that we had a lot of trouble with a mermaid named Olivia?" "Shh, shut up, Violet." "What?" Lunya burst out as she eyed mariabella suspiciously.

Mariabella, with an awkward look on her face, moved quickly and draped a cloth over one of the products to hide it. ".....By the way, the number of products in this workshop seems to be increasing.  ...... Aaaaah!" Mariabella screamed as Lunya pounced on her and ripped the cloth off what Mariabella was hiding.

"I'm starving to death trying to find this treasure… and you have it? You are a Demon ----!" Lunya growled at Mariabella "No, no, no. I had to bring it because I had to pay for Machina's research! I had no choice!" Brad rests his eyes on the treasure, not paying attention to the screaming Lunya. Then, without asking permission, he takes a book from it. 

It was one of the Hidden Histories books in the same binding as the one Brad was holding. It was written as follows. The Magic Stone War and the Six Sages.

5, Missing History: The Magic Stone War and the Six Sages ...... "The Magic Stone War and the Six Sages" ...... The Magic Stone War. It is the second invasion from the demon world, targeting the power of this world. It started when some magic stones were excavated from the ground and spread throughout the world.  

This was because Oborozuki had sealed the power of Satan, who had been sleeping inside Reiya during the previous battle with Ragnarok, into the magic stones. Astema knew that Ragnarok's attack had failed, but she couldn't leave the demon world. 

So, she decided to summon a spirit and send it there. The spirit was called Cthulhu. The one who led Cthulhu was a demon called Wolfgang. To be precise, he was one of the descendants of the former royal family of Amadeus.

With their overwhelming power, they invaded Re-Earth and almost took over the world. 

However, what stood in their way were the heirs to Welser's will, the sorcerers known as the Six Sages. The Six Sages were excellent sorcerers who studied at the Magic Academy founded by Welser. Welser, who had become an old mage, risked his life to seal Wolfgang in a dark treasure sphere, but this caused Cthulhu to go on a rampage. 

The Six Sages also made a plan to seal Cthulhu in exchange for sealing themselves in magic stones. However, this was still not enough to seal Cthulhu, but Kaguyahime made up for it. Kaguya had been summoned by Scheherazade, a storyteller with a will of her own. Kaguya replaced Welser as the leader of the Six Sages, and succeeded in sealing Cthulhu for a thousand years.

This was the battle that would later be known as "The Magic Stone War". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad seemed to be thinking after finishing reading the new hidden History. “Mr. Brad, did you find out anything? Then how about a guide to the other treasures! I, of course, can provide you with other information. 

Actually, there are other treasures to be found, such as the golden mummy that lies beneath Yggdrasil. ......" "No, this treasure is fine." "Bummer…” Lunya said, dejected "Mariabella, can you read this book?” "Yes, it's a strange script, but somehow. Violet seemed to be able to read it too." "I see.." He muttered, and Brad was lost in thought again.

"Lunya. You're from the Light Palace, aren't you?" Brad asked "Huh, yes, I am." "Can you give me a tour, not a treasure hunt, but more like a people hunt?" "Well, yes, I'd be happy to! I can be anything from a guide to a baggage handler to a cook! However, I'm not good at fighting, so I'll run away if something happens ......" “No problem about that. 

Don't worry, I can’t die." "Wow, you have an amazing constitution." At the mention of the Light Palace, Mariabella clapped her hands together and made a reminiscent gesture. "Come to think of it, there's a bit of a ruckus in the Light Palace right now, Violet, you know what I mean?” "Light Palace ...... analysis complete. 

A while ago, I heard that the Light Palace was revived along with the Black Castle by a dark vampire who raised something like a treasure sphere. Lumia, the younger sister of Prince Grimm, organized a team to defeat it." “Where is it?” Brad asked "The castle is Alvarez. It's near the Light Palace, an abandoned castle where no one normally lives. 

I'm told the vampire's name is Dracula." Violet answers. "The treasure sphere... Lunya, let's go to the Light Palace." Brad exclaimed "What, already?" "The mages never waste time." "I know, but we're in too much of a hurry....Whoa!” Lunya screamed as Brad started to drag her towards the light palace.