Faria Chapter

Episode 108

1. A New Threat The scene shifts to a blue star visible in the sky of Re-Earth. In the middle of the conversation, Lapis broke the ice. Kaguya had just finished telling Faria and Lapis the story of Re-Earth before its rebirth. The story she told was about the attack on Ragnarok, the Magic Stone War, the past of Attoractia, and the hidden birth of Regalia.

Although Lapis had also appeared in the story of Attoractia, the Lapis of today was not the same Lapis of the past. With the return of Re-Earth and the reorganization, he became the child of Reiya and took over the guardianship of this world. So what Kaguya said about the original Attoractia is unknown to the Lapis of today.

However, for Lapis, Magna and Lenneth were names that he had heard before. There must be blacksmiths in the current Attoractia who are called masters. That was the two of them, Machina and Lenneth.

"What's wrong?" Faria asks Lapis. She, too, was from Attoractia, and they were former enemies.

Although their positions are different now, they are in the same position of watching over Re-Earth. "It seems that someone is interfering with Re-Earth. I sense an alien force, most likely from outside this world." "Kaguya, do you understand?"

"Well, I'm kind of a thoughtform here, so I don't have much power. But if there is a possibility that it can enter this world without being noticed, then it might be of equal rank to me" “I know because I've put special barrier on Re-Earth now. Faria, you should listen to the rest of the story, because Kaguya seems to have something she wants to ask you."

It was at that moment that the awakened Pricia suddenly arrived. “Wait, wait, wait! I'm coming with you! Lapis, I don't trust you! Or rather, I still don't trust you! Therefore, I'm going to watch you! No, you're going to let me monitor you! Lapis boy!"

Pricia speaks while changing her endings and character in vain, but what it means, no one knows.

"Pricia…" Faria starts to interrupt "Faria, you can't stop me! I've made up my mind and I'm not going to change it!" "No, you can go. I just need a favor from you." "What? What? I'm busy monitoring Lapis, Faria!" "It is something only Pricia can do" "Something only I can do. Mmm-hmm. Well, in that case, ask me anything you want!"

"Mmm-hmm. Well, that's great. That's what I expected of Pricia. Actually, ......." Faria whispered something in Pricia’s ear. "Well then, I guess we'll need to do a little preparation. Lapis, wait a minute!" Pricia exclaimed and then ran off quickly to get ready "A busy girl", Lapis thought. "I'm sorry, do you understand what I'm having her do Lapis?

"She’s your good luck charm." "Hmmm, that's great, thanks for the help. Pricia will be able to help you identify the people you need in the battles that will occur in the future. She looks childish, but her sense of smell to detect strength is second to none. The downside is that she tends to get out of control." Pricia came running from the other side.

She seemed to have just packed a small bag with some food to prepare. When Lapis saw this, he took off towards Re-Earth. “Don't leave me! Wait, wait, wait! See you soon, Kaguya, Faria, Charlotte!" Pricia followed Lapis, becoming two streaks of light that disappeared into the Re-Earth. "Kaguya, do you actually have any idea who the attackers are? 

You didn't even tell me why you were here in the first place." "Faria, I told you that the gods of the new Valhalla are now divided into two forces and are in a state of stalemate, right?" "Does that mean that the ones who are coming to this world now are the ones who are against you?" “If Lapis is right and wanderers are coming, then the situation is imminent. 

Before I get to the main point, let me tell you the purpose.  I want you to go to Satan's world, the demon world, and seal the source of its power." 2. Demon world "Demon world." Faria looked up at the sky, the demon world must be far beyond this world.

"The demon world is one of the worlds created by the gods. There are now ten gods in Valhalla, and each of them has a different world as their foundation. For example, this world is the world of Zeus, whose power has now been passed on to Alice, but this world of diversity represents the nature of Zeus: omnipotence. That's why there are so many different stars and races. 

On the contrary, the demon world is a world created by Satan, it has the nature of "corruption", and in order to efficiently gather all the power to Satan, there is only one huge star in the world. It is ruled by fallen angels at the top, and other races exist only to be dedicated to Satan." "So the demon world is messing with us"

"Yes, it's probably trying to recover its own power in this world and destroy it to take away Alice's power base. In this way, he is trying to take advantage of the stalemated battle in Valhalla. But ......" "But?" "I don't know what Loki is thinking. ...... If this were just Satan, it probably wouldn't be a problem, but when Loki is involved, it can be tricky."

"I don't know the details, but you have Alice on your side, right? I'm sure she'll take care of it." "Yes, she will." “I want to make the current situation clear, OK?” "Yeah, ask me whatever you need." Faria asked Kaguya a few questions and got a general understanding of the current situation.

There were a number of important points, but Faria understood the situation thusly: The two events in Re-Earth before the rebirth. Both the Ragnarok's attack and the battle with Cthulhu were interference from the demon world. In other words, it seemed to be relatively easy to interfere with our world from the demon world. It can be said that the demon world has a strong power to interfere with other worlds.

This direct connection to Re-Earth is due to the fact that one of Satan's seven powers, which were split up and held in the demon world, spilled over here. It is said that it was once enclosed within Reiya. However, if it was not lost during the rebirth of Re-Earth, it must still exist in this world.

This is probably the reason why the demon world has once again interfered in this world. Satan wants to perfect his power in order to break the current stalemate in Valhalla. Alice and Kaguya's bodies are currently stuck in Valhalla, and they are using their minions to come to this world. The only way to stop it completely is to strike the demon world itself. 

If we don't do that, the demon world will continue to interfere with our world. The boundary between this world and the demon world has been blurred by all of the connections throughout history. However, if this invasion is due to the interference of the demon world, then this is an opportunity. 

The fact that the demon world is interfering with us means that it is easier for us to cross over to the demon world. But if that's the case, then the question is who should go to the demon world. Including myself, I want at least five people. It would be best if one of them is familiar with the demon world... "As for the selection of people to go to the demon world, I've actually already taken care of that. 

Or rather, she did, ten thousand years ago." "She has been doing it? Who did?" Kaguya said the name with respect and awe. "Mikage Reiya.” It was the name of the savior who saved this planet. Meanwhile, at the same time, Pricia was following Lapis. "Hey, hey!" Pricia called out, but Lapis didn't answer. 

He wasn’t ignoring her, he simply believed there wasn’t much of a point in answering her questions. "Just answer me! Weren’t you taught that it’s polite to respond to people?” "What?" Lapis finally responded. "Where are we going? I thought you said something was invading. We have to get rid of it first!"

"There's something I need to check first. We are almost there, so can you please shut up for a minute?" "Yes!" Ahead of Lapis, a huge plateau that seemed to reach the sky, Starlit Canopy, came into view. Lapis and Pricia landed on top of the plateau, where Lapis chanted a spell and descended from the magic circle into the plateau with Pricia. 

This place was protected and could not be entered except by Lapis' spell. However, there was something missing that should have been there.. It was the dark sphere that Lapis had kept hidden and safe. “I see, someone took it, which is to be expected. I have a few things to do in the back. Pricia, wait here for a moment.” "What!"

Lapis left Pricia and headed further in. There, the barriers were even more tightly sealed. There was no evidence that the barrier here had been broken. The purpose must have been to steal the dark sphere. There was a vampire asleep in a magical crystal where time had stopped. "It's been a long time, Mother. You were right, it looks like the demon world is on the move."

It was Mikage Reiya, who had exhausted her powers and had been asleep for thousands of years. "In a few moments, the battle against the gods will begin. I'll definitely protect this world." Lapis returned to Pricia and immediately announced his intention to leave. "We're done here. Let's go." "I'm tired of waiting, where to next?"

"It is the place where the interference from the demon world occurred, Alvarez Castle."