Olivia Chapter

Episode 109

1. Olivia's Melancholy "It's the most depressing thing since I came into the world." Olivia looked out at the ocean in discontent. In the history of mermaid queens, Olivia was by far the most brilliant one. In the past, she had been known as the "second coming of Shaela," because of her perfect control of irregular lightning and her ability to sail the seas with her partner Dolly. 

Of course, Shaela was a legendary mermaid from 10,000 years ago, and no one here had ever seen her before, but no one could argue with the idea that she was the second coming of Shaela.

At least that's what Olivia herself thought, until the events of the past few days.

A few days ago, Olivia had left the sea and was looking at the sky in the distance. In the midst of a clear sky, a bolt of lightning erupted. Olivia's followers only felt that it was a rare occurrence, but Olivia was different. She knew it wasn’t lightning.

The lightning, or rather, the object, was flying at high speed, zigzagging like a lightning bolt, appearing to be erratic, and was coming towards a certain place in the ocean. "No wonder the squires didn't notice it. A terribly fast flying object, if it weren't for me, everyone would have missed it." Olivia told the squire that she was going for a walk.

Then she whistled, jumped on Dolly, and dove into the sea to follow the flying object. This Sea of Shaela is divided into four areas. The first is the New Jade Castle, where Olivia and her friends live, and which governs the entire Sea of Shaela, where most of the Mermaids live. The second is the area of coral reefs, which is the closest to land and is less affected by the weather, and where water cities have been built. 

It is a place for trading with places like the Light Palace and Attoractia, sightseeing, and swimming. The third is the reef of the Thunder Emperor. The rocks warp high, forming a complex maze where lightning constantly pierces the reef from the sky. It is generally a dangerous zone, and even the most experienced mermaids seldom visit here. 

However, Olivia was the only one who could move around freely here, and even the lightning couldn't pierce her. That is why she is called the Thunder Empress. 2. The Old Jade Castle However, the fourth, final one was the old Jade Castle that Olivia was heading for. It was once Shaela's castle, but now it was a place that no one could approach.

It was sealed with a special ancient magic, and thunder fishes that didn't like anyone were swarming around it. No one knows who did it, but there were traps set everywhere.

There are many theories about this trap, but there is also a rumor that Selesta, a treasure hunter, hid her own treasures in this jade castle. 

Olivia thought it was half-believable, but if she considered that this trap was newer than the old Jade Castle, and that Selesta had chosen a place that was not easily accessible as a hiding place, it was quite convincing. And the reason why Olivia was heading towards the old Jade Castle was because that lightning-like flying object had fallen in that direction.

Rather than falling, it might have been aiming there. Even Olivia was still in the process of exploring the old Jade Castle, and she only had about a 20% grasp of the entire area. So if it fell here, she would have a hard time recovering it. As Olivia headed towards the area where the flying object had fallen, she heard a voice.

" Ouch! You're driving too rough, Violet. Humans are not made to be as sturdy as you." "Don't worry, Mariabella. I'm flying at a speed that would barely break a human." "That's what I call violent, damn it." There was a girl and a woman. Could they have flown through the sky and come here? It was hard to believe, but it seemed to be true.

"You guys! I'm Olivia, the Mermaid who rules this land. What do you want here?" As Olivia spoke, the girl began to get blatantly flustered. "I'm not sure if you're a local person, or if you're not. We were sightseeing and got lost." "Olivia, nice to meet you. My name is Violet, and this is Mariabella. We heard that there is a treasure here, so we came to get it. 

I was told that it would cost a lot of money for Machina's research." "Hey, Violet… you weren’t supposed to tell her! Run! Mariabella, who was in full suspicion, shouted “WOOSH” as she held Violet, who fled at high speed. However, Olivia was also confident in her speed. "I don't know who you are, but you're taking me lightly. Do you really think you can escape from me, the so-called Thunder Empress? 

Or do you plan to run to the end of the sea?" Olivia swam like a bolt of lightning, chasing after them She waded through the water and it seemed as if she captured the shadows of the two, but it was nothing more than the bubbles of water that they created. The two were nowhere to be seen 'What, I couldn't catch up? Seriously?"

Olivia searched frantically, but could not find them. It was too dangerous for even Olivia to go any further into the old Jade Castle. "This is some kind of mistake…I wonder if they went further in, I hope they're not trapped." A moment later, Olivia's worries turned out to be unfounded. Olivia looked up at the sky, just as lightning crossed it again. It was Violet and Mariabella from earlier. 

And in both of Violet's hands, she was holding a hefty amount of treasure. Olivia was stunned while she watched the two disappear in the distance, but as she watched she noticed something tumbling out of the pile of treasure in Violet’s hands. Shaela dove forward and caught it before it struck the surface of the sea.

It was a book with the words "Hidden History: The Legend of Shaela" written in a script she had never seen before. In it, there was a history of Shaela's many accomplishments and battles. Olivia read through it, and realized that she was still much farther off from being at Shaela’s level than she previously thought.

"I can't believe I'm losing. It's the most depressing thing I've ever seen in my life. But in the name of the Thunder Empress, I'll definitely catch up with them." Olivia told her squires that she was going on a journey. They tried to stop Olivia but she moved so fast they had no hope of catching her.