Brad Chapter

Episode 110

1. At the Light Palace When Brad and Lunya arrived at the Light Palace, it seemed that the battle against the vampires was already over.

The vampire known as Dracula had risen in rebellion from Alvarez, the demon Castle, 

but King Grimm had dispatched a team to defeat them, and his sister, Lumia, had taken the lead and defeated them. The city was already in the mood for a victory celebration. The Light Palace is known as a multi-species nation, with a wide variety of races living there. Dragons, pandas, and of course, the inhabitants of fairy tales, the characters of which have been told in stories,

walk around here as usual. Lunya strolled through the Light Palace with confidence, and eventually they came to a big square. "Oh no, it looks like it's all over, I missed my chance to make some money." "I wouldn’t be so sure of that" "Well, what do you mean, Mr. Brad?" "We are not here to kill vampires." "I see."

Lunya seemed to have gotten used to Brad's thoughtful way of talking and seemed to have learned how to listen without emotion while reacting to him. "So, where do you plan to go next? I'll take you to the next one at a discounted price, a Lunya friendship special!." "The demon world." "The demon world, I see.”

Lunya pondered for a moment, wondering if there was such a thing as a demon world here. Then she realized what Brad meant. "Oh my God! Isn't the demon world the place from that weird book?" "Yes, it is." “Please reconsider. Even I, with my great guide skills, have no idea how to get to the demon world. 

Even if you're a top-notch guide, there are things you can't do, like fighting, housework, cleaning, laundry, silencing crying children, and guiding them to the demon world." "I'm not asking you to come to the demon world, just show me the way to the demon world." "There are some places you can't go with just the spirit of gumption!"

"According to what I've learned from the Hidden History, there have been two invasions from the demon world. And this will probably be the third. However, if an invasion is to take place, a place to connect the demon world to this world and a catalyst will be needed, the first being Reiya herself and the second being the magic stone that sealed the power of the demon world. In other words,

the place connected to the demon world this time is Alvarez, the place where Dracula came back to life, and Dracula is said to have ......." At that moment, a strike team passed by. At the head of the group was Lumia. "Oh, it's Lunya." Lumia stopped to greet the pair. "Ah, Lady Lumia! you are scary, no! you're beautiful as always!"

2, Lumia and the Dark Sphere Lumia is the younger sister of King Grimm and everyone knows she is scary when she gets angry.  

She likes to dress in black and white, and when she gets angry, dark wings appear behind her.It may be a hallucination caused by fear, but it is said that one should never make her angry. Lumia had formed a strike team and set out to defeat Dracula, which was completed and returned within a week. 

She had recruited excellent warriors, and the fact that so many famous warriors had participated was probably a major factor in victory. "Lady Lumia, let me introduce Mr. Brad to you. I'm his guide now." "Hmm, I am Brad. Are you returning from Alvarez?" "Yes we are. And you are Brad? Like the immortal, Brad?”

"That's what people used to say about me." "Oh, you know him?" Lunya cut in their conversation. "I thought he could be alive because he's immortal, but his appearance was similar to what was written in the book." "Surprisingly, maybe he's famous?" "There were once sages called the Five Sages, whose only disciple was Brad. 

He used the magic of immortality to inherit all the knowledge and inquisitiveness of the five sages. However, two restrictions were imposed on him in return: first, he must not use his powers for personal gain, and second, he must never stop his quest for knowledge and truth. It was written in a book that Brad left behind a thousand years ago, is that right? Then he disappeared for a few hundred years. ......"

"The price of immortality magic is that you need a lot of sleep on a regular basis. It's been about eight hundred years since I was last awake.” "Wow." "I didn't know you were such a great person," Lunya said with grand surprise. "So, why are you here, Brad?" Lumia asked "Didn't Dracula have something with him?"

"Yes, he was holding up a dark sphere. Dracula's power at that time was tremendous, and to be honest, if that power had lasted forever, it would have been dangerous. But in the middle of battle with him, as if it was leaving Dracula's hands, the sphere started to move, like it had a will of its own. So he let go of the dark sphere and we took it out with a simultaneous attack."

"So where did the sphere go?" "I don't know, that's why I'm having everyone look for it. I don't want it to become a threat again if it's misused. Well, excuse me, I have to get back to the castle. My brother Grimm is worried about me." As Lumia raced off, he could feel the confused eyes of Lunya lingering on him, so he explained to her, "I had masters. A thousand years ago, the masters were called the Five Sages, 

and they were the leading mages of their time. But for some reason, none of the five sages were good at wind magic. That's why when I became their only apprentice, I was told that I had to learn wind magic on my own. However, I felt a sense of discomfort at the absence of a wind mage, not just the absence of one, but the sense that there was a hole in the world where someone should have been. 

And when the hidden history was discovered, I came up with a hypothesis…” The world was repeating itself. "Then I read the second hidden History book and became convinced. I'm looking for the sixth mage, the one who was supposed to be here. And maybe it's not here, but somewhere else. Let's go to Alvarez Castle."

"Mr. Brad,” Lunya started to speak but then her voice fell “ok….” It was so difficult to understand that Lunya felt it better just to go along with it at this point.