Wolfgang's Chapter

Episode 111

Wolfgang had been sealed away in the Magic Stone War, and was now in the dark sphere. It had been years, tens of years, hundreds of years, it was ridiculous to even count, since Wolfgang had been trapped in the dark sphere. In the first place, Wolfgang did not want to invade this world. It was all because of that abominable fallen angel.

His homeland, Amadeus, was destroyed by Astema, and Wolfgang's family came to be under her control. And somehow, Volfgang was chosen to be the first soldier to enter this world and lead monsters. Wolfgang had the talent to control the monsters, and Astema took notice of it.

Having been manipulated by Astema, he had been driven insane and had almost no self-awareness, but after being trapped in the sphere, he had regained control of his senses. If this is what the mage Welser was aiming for, then he might not be so ordinary. Wolfgang remembered that time. He had led Cthulhu to attack this world and tried to recover Satan's power. 

However, the one who sensed this and quickly stood in his way was an old mage named Welser.

"Ho, ho, ho, it's been a while since I've had this kind of visitor." Any normal person would have asked "What are you so carefree about, a visitor from the demon world?

However, Wolfgang could tell from his confidence that he had been through so many rough battles. He didn't expect the old man to suddenly use the final magic that would cost him his life though. Wolfgang didn't even have time to attack, and he was sealed. However, now that he had regained his senses, he felt a desire to thank Welser for what he had done.

It seems that this sphere has great power and can be used as a catalyst. That's why it has been enshrined somewhere for a long time, but just now, Wolfgang felt the interference of power from outside. There was no sign that it would let him out, only that it wanted to use his power. From the inside, he could lend them his power, but he didn’t see any reason to if they wouldn’t release him. 

He decided all at once to stop lending his power, and shortly after felt the interference fade away. Outside of these feelings, he had no idea what's going on in the outside world. He was in a space that was completely cut off from the world, so even if there is a big change outside, it will have little effect on the inside. 

Even if the world were to be reorganized or time were returned, the inside of this place would remain as it was. Wolfgang thought to himself. “Now that I've come to my senses, I want to go back to the demon world, return to my original form, get my country back from Astema. I want to rebuild it, but there's no way I can do that in this state. 

I can only wait for someone to let me out, but it will take a power from another dimension to break this seal.” He could tell that the sphere had moved from where it was originally kept after he had sent out a signal the first time, but he wondered if he should keep sending another signal..”I don’t want another strange person to come and try and use my power… but maybe this time will be different? 

He wasn’t sure, but he had a hunch this time might work out, and so he sent out a signal with his thoughts. “Somebody, help me and take me to the demon world! If you want to go to the demon world, get me out and I’ll help you! Is there anyone out there? Anyone! Let me out! LET ME OUT!” Wolfgan’s thoughts pulsed out from the sphere, sending a signal to any who might hear it. .