Violet Chapter

Episode 112

1. The Dark Sphere Violet was sorting through the treasures she had brought back from the Shaela Sea. The remaining items looked like junk, but she thought she might find some bargains. One of them was a sphere. It reminded Violet that Mariabella had caught it as it flew by when they passed by the outskirts of the Light Palace on their way back from the Shaela Sea.

I couldn't figure out what this object was after all. Violet was equipped with the ability to analyze it, but it didn't match anything in this world. "Mariabella." "What Violet. I've been a little busy trying to find money to pay for Machina's research, and He has also been buying new equipment without my permission. He has been wasting so much money."

"This dark sphere..." "Hmm, this one. How much do you think I can get for it? Violet, do you know what it's made of or what's in it?" "No, I'm not talking about selling it. Did you hear anything, Mariabella." "Voices?" I listened carefully and put my ear close to the treasure ball. Then I heard a small voice. It sounded like it was saying something like, "Let me out."

"It's true. I hear voices. Is it a ghost? It's a little scary." "It's a very lively voice for a ghost." “What is it then? A living spirit?! "No more than a ghost." "Is someone trapped in there?" "If so, what should we do?" "I feel sorry for him. Can we help him? I mean, it's possible that he is trapped by accident. Do you know how to help him?"

"No, not according to any historical database. Maybe such a case doesn't exist." I think it would be better to ask someone who might have some insights, but what about Brad, the guy who was with Lunya? I think he had an extraordinary aura.” "Mr. Brad was certainly wearing tools and clothes that are not typical for this era. 

Based on the data, I think his tools and clothes are about a thousand years ago." "What? I wonder who he is, then let's go see him!" "Yes, Ma’am. Shall we leave immediately?" "Yes, time is money, you know." Mariabella calls out to Machina in the back. "Machina! We are going to go make some money!" "OK, be careful."

Machina seemed to be absorbed in his research. Mariabella let out a sigh at his indifference. 

Machina is a caring person by nature, even if he is a little plain. Just as they were about to step out the door though, Machina stopped them "Mariabella, take this." "What is it, is this for me?" Machina handed her an extra booster to attach to Violet. "This should improve Violet's performance, I call it Atom, and it will allow her to control one of the sources of power in this world."

Mariabella stood stunned… Why was Machina trying to make Violet even stronger? If all he can think about is power, maybe he isn’t so caring afterall….

2, Alvarez Castle Nevertheless, Machina's work was a work of genius if you ignore cost-effectiveness, and Violet's performance had been further improved. "Violet, even if you get any stronger, there's no place to use it in this world." “Yes, it seems so. However, isn't Machina improving me so that I can respond to anything that might happen to you? 

Protecting Mariabella has always been a top priority programmed for me by Machina." "Hehehe, I see." Hearing this, Mariella seemed to be in a better mood. After Violet and Mariabella left the store, but just as they were about to take off for Alvarez they felt eyes on them. "Shh, Mariabella, I think someone's following us."

There was a mermaid dressed in a strange outfit and wearing sunglasses. "She was wearing a disguise, but it was the lady in the Shaela Sea." "She must be Olivia." "I wonder if she's here to retrieve the treasure." "She is acting very suspicious."

“She seems to think she's well disguised, but I can see the tail of her dolphin companion behind her, and she's wearing weird glasses, so I get the feeling she's not used to disguising herself.” "I don't sense any hostility, so let's just leave Mariabella. Olivia seems to have a lot of pride, so even if she follows us, let’s act like we don’t notice her.” "Yes, good plan, let’s do it.”

Mariabella rode on Violet's back and quickly took off into the sky. "Oh, wait!" Olivia also followed along with the power of water magic to go with them. The stage then shifts to the Alvarez Castle.