Gathering Chapter

Episode 113

1. The Guided Ones Alvarez Castle was an abandoned castle shrouded in darkness that had existed since ancient times. The only people who come here are those who want to see something scary, and it is hardly popular. Perhaps it was because the castle had been used as a stronghold during the revival of Dracula earlier, but it had become even more desolate. Faria had come here from the Blue Star. 

There was no doubt that the interference from the demon world had taken place here. The miasma in the air was different from that of this world. The interference had revived and manipulated Dracula, who had been in a deep sleep, and caused him to revolt. Gathered there was Lapis and Pricia, Brad and Lunya, Violet and Mariabella, and Olivia. 

The Hidden History written by Reiya had chosen them and brought them together. "This event cannot be a coincidence. Can you explain it to me?" Brad asked Faria. Even though they had never met before, Brad could tell that Faria was no stranger to him. "Let me introduce myself first. My name is Faria. It's hard to explain in words, but I'm the one who watches over this planet from the outside. 

I'd like to tell you a little bit about what's going on, but first I have to free the one inside from that dark sphere." "What should we do, Mariabella?" "For some reason she feels familiar, and I think we can trust her.” "Mmm, thank you, Mariabella." "Heh, I'm glad."

"Thank you! Mariabella!" Pricia followed Faria and spoke to her. Mariabella was blushing the whole time. Violet took out a dark sphere and placed it in the center of the castle. "Hold out your hands here, this is where we can release him inside under certain conditions, one is that the miasma of the demon world is strong. The other is that the power of the chosen ones is gathered here."

Those who gather here hold out their hands. As they did so, the dark sphere cracked from the inside and shattered with the jet-black miasma. When the miasma cleared, a demon was lying there, and Pricia poked it. "Phew!" Then, as if it had come back to life, the demon raised its head.  At first glance, it looks more like a child than its original form. This may be a side effect of the seal.

"Hey, where am I?” “Who the hell are you!?" Most of the people here replied in the same way. The name of that demon was Wolfgang. In the past, he was instilled with madness by a fallen angel named Astema, and so he invaded this world from the demon world. However, he was originally a descendant of the royal family of Amadeus, a country that rebelled against Satan in the demon world.  

Therefore, he wants to return to the demon world and take back his country from Astema.

"Wolfgang, I also want to go to the demon world,, can you guide me?" "Yes, but there is no guarantee that you will return alive."

"I am aware of that. Is there anyone else who would like to accompany us?" Brad was the first one to raise his hand. "I'll go with you in search for the truth." Mariabella raised her hand as well. "It's not me, but Violet, can you go? I think your power could be useful in a world other than this one, don't you?"

"But, Mariabella, I have a role to protect you." "Protecting this world also means protecting me, and I can't go there because I'm worried about Machina. I'm fine, my body is healthy enough!" "Marirabella, you never listen to me…ugh…it. It can't be helped. Now, I'll ask you to give a message to Machina. ‘Please keep Mariabella safe’.” “Yes!”

And the next person to raise hand was Olivia. ”I'm coming with you, I've been called the Thunder Empress. In order to catch up with Shaela and you, I'll head to the demon world too." Olivia looked over at Violet, but Violet didn't seem to mind at all. "Agh" Olivia looked frustrated as she chewed her clothes with her lower lip. 

She was a character whose emotions were always easy to spot. Finally, Wolfgang agreed. "If you're looking for a guide, leave it to me, though I'll say it again, I can't guarantee your life." "Thank you for your help. Now the five of us, myself, Violet, Olivia, Brad, and Wolfgang will go. Our goals are different, but we all have one goal in common: 

to reduce the power of the demon world and the power of Satan. If we do not accomplish this, we will not return alive. I will tell you the details on the way. Also, you can ask Wolfgang about the demon world. There are many things I would like to know as well." “I don't know how good you guys are, but it's impossible to win with just the five of us, even if you are an elite few. 

The demon world is ruled by fallen angels, especially six fallen angels with great power, it will be extremely difficult to defeat one of them, moreover, the demon world is their field.” "Then I have a plan. We are only the first ones to go. Time is running out, and the tunnels that connect this world to the demon world here will eventually disappear. 

Wolfgang, please show us the way. The rest of you protect this world, and Pricia, continue to find your trusty companions... why don't you visit Magna and Lenneth in Attoractia first?” "Okay! I really want to go with you, but I have some things I have to protect." Thus, the five of them opened the gate to the demon world that was connected through Alvarez Castle.

Faria, to fulfill her mission. Violet, to protect her master. Olivia, to regain her pride. Brad, to find the sixth mage. Wolfgang to get his homeland back. Each of them had their own thoughts and feelings, but together they headed for the demon world.

2, And into the demon world When the group landed in the demon world, there was a large gate at the entrance.

Written on the gate. were the words, "Those who pass through this gate, abandon all hope." And above the gate, there was a single fallen angel flying. Her face was twisted, not even trying to hide her hatred. "I wondered who was coming ...... Wolfgang, how dare you show your face to me, alive?" "Astema, I'm back. I've come to take this world back.”

"You've forgotten where we are, haven't you?" "It's a demon world. But I am an inhabitant of the demon world, same as you"

"I will burn you all in the fire and make you gifts for Satan. You'd better do your best while you still can. " And with that, Astema flew away. "So that's one of the fallen angels, it sure feels like a mighty, ugly force. Everyone stay back, I'm going to set up a base here." As she said this, Faria raised Excalibur. 

Then she unleashed her inner light and stabbed it into the ground with all her might. From there, the barrier spread out like a circle, and Excalibur became a wedge.

"Excalibur Genesis. This form serves as a catalyst, allowing me to temporarily summon heroes from any world to this world. With this, I should be able to borrow power from those in my world, even here.”

"I see, so that's your added strength. You are quite capable." Wolfgang nodded admiringly. "Wolfgang, do you have a plan to defeat the fallen angels in this demon world?" "The six fallen angels of the demon world possess the power of the six deadly sins divided from Satan.  It is difficult to defeat them as it is, but there is actually a counter power. 

The fallen angel Amadeus, the origin of Amadeus in my kingdom, had researched and perfected the power to counter each of them. However, none of the unholy ones in the demon world could use it. But you may be able to use them. Go to Amadeus, get them, and destroy the fallen angels." "Mm-hmm, got it." The five of them, led by Faria, headed for Amadeus.