In the new Valhalla

Episode 114

1, Ma'at, the world of duels At the same time, the stage shifted to Valhalla. "As you predicted, Loki seems to be on the move. Is the demon world's move a diversion?" Nyarlathotep said while moving her hair like a sense of touch. At the other end of the line, Oborozuki was there.

"Yeah, I know. Loki has no intention of winning in the demon world. Kaguya is handling the battle in the demon world very well, and we should be able to win without any problems. Satan's movements will be calmed by this. But I'm sure Loki has read even more into the fact that we will see that the demon world's move is a diversion."

"Well, that's interesting, then how do we outsmart Loki from here?" "Loki has read that we will not be able to stop his schemes even if we know about them. That's a testament to Loki's ability, but it also gives us an opening to take advantage of." "In the first place, what is Loki trying to do? If the demon world isn't his target, how can he break this stalemate?"

"World fusion." "World fusion?" "He's trying to merge the worlds created by the gods and absorb the power that underlies them by bringing the worlds closer together." "The demon world has invaded us, but the world itself has not approached us. How is that even possible?"

"Each of the ten worlds derived from the gods of Valhalla has its own nature. For example, the world of Zeus, where Re-Earth is located, is an omnipotent world, highly diverse and all things exist, but this means that it accepts all things. This has led to an invasion from the demon world. 

Originally created by God, this world and that world are so far apart that even those with some of God's power cannot move them. In order for the world to move, it would have to go through Valhalla, gaining at least a portion of God's power, like the time spinning." "So depending on the compatibility of the nature of the world, it is possible to move without going through Valhalla? 

The demon world had the property of invasion, so it was possible." That's what Loki had in mind. Loki took advantage of this by enhancing the properties of the world and merging it with their world." "Mmm, she is trying to take the whole thing, isn’t she, just like me?" "You can't eat the world even if you ate God".

"Hmmm, yes. If we lose the world, it will be difficult to maintain our power in Valhalla. So the question is, which world will come closer to Re-Earth, if it is not the demon world?" Among the other gods, a suitable world for fusion would be... Nyarlathotep thinks. "Shiva." ”Correct.”

”Shiva's world is a world of nature and ritual, a world so undeveloped and free that it has the capacity to swallow up other worlds as natural selection" "Loki is trying to incite Shiva to merge the worlds, and there is nothing the Re-Earth can do to stop her." "Hmm, even if there is no way for re-Earth to stop her, it seems you have a way."

"Use the nature of this world to interrupt the world in between worlds." "Ma'at?" "Yes, before you came to Valhalla, you were in a world called Ma'at, where you once fought a series of duels, rose to power, and came to this world with the power of a god. There is only one rule in that world." "Win or lose by pure duel."

"Yes, in a world bound by the laws of duel, all decisions are determined by duel. It's a good match for invasions from others, such as fusion and intrigue, or rather, the success or failure of such invasions will also have to be proven by fighting And when there are no rules, you have to fight against them with strict rules."

"It's getting interesting, a duel between gods, and it's true that if you follow the rules of a duel, you won't destroy the world itself. And maybe we can even end the war with Loki." However, if it is possible to interrupt the world between worlds there are a lot of conditions that need to be met, but that's not really my area of expertise. 

Maybe…. “I know it's annoying, but I guess I'll have to ask Alice for help. Alice will have to use her powers that exhausted her for a little while. It is fine, hehe, because I am here." And so, while Faria and the others were fighting in the demon world, the spark of the next battle was about to start.

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