The case of Dante

Episode 117

There is no hope, no memory of anything. Dante, who became a fallen angel of the demon world, was all that and nothing at all. But nothingness was the perfect vessel. Satan's apostles, the six fallen angels, fought against Faria and the others. And they were defeated. 

With Wolfgang's guidance, the purifying power that Amadeus had left behind was released, and the six unholy ones temporarily lost their power. As a last resort, Astema sacrificed herself and manifested Satan in an imperfect form into the demon world. But the gamble of an incomplete manifestation also gave Faria and the others an opportunity to seal Satan's power. 

And Charlotte, who had been summoned to this world through the gate created by Faria and who had inherited a part of Amadeus' power, defeated the incomplete Satan. Only Dante was left at the end. “What was I born for? What did the thing that was once me think?”

That was the last thing Dante wanted to know, but no one answered. All the other fallen angels fell, and as Charlotte's blow struck Dante, he heard a voice. "Why are you crying?" It was Charlotte's voice. The sword that had reaped so many black wings stopped in front of Dante's eyes. Dante was in tears. But Dante himself also did not know why he cried. 

But when his tears fell on Charlotte's sword, they became a black wave that enveloped the area. The black waves spread through the sword to the area and then to Charlotte herself, and it seemed to struggle within her body to awaken a greater power. "This is Amadeus!" Wolfgang's shouts were heard from far away. 

But Charlotte's inner strength kept growing and could not be restrained. No, this force is not an increase, but a separation. Something was trying to peel away. And when a black wave surged through the heavens and black light poured from it, a fallen angel was flying and standing, holding Dante lying in her hands, and five dark spheres were floating around him.

“Charlotte, are you okay!" Faria holds Charlotte as she collapses.

'Wolfgang, what's going on?' Wolfgang, next to her, looks up at Amadeus. But in his eyes he showed fear, fright and worship. "Why, the black Amadeus ...... she shouldn’t be able to be resurrected. She is dead. If she had lived, she would have left behind only her purified powers." "We can't afford to listen to old stories. What do we do now?"

"If she has risen with her true power, she has a power comparable to that of Satan. Her rank as a fallen angel is the highest and she is the successor to Satan in the demon world. Even Astema could not touch her until Amadeus sealed herself and her dark power. But if she is to be revived, I can only assume that some external supernatural force is influencing her."

It was then. as Amadeus was about to disappear from the demon world with Dante, that the dark light was released. The dark spheres around her seemed to have the power of each of the fallen angels we had defeated. "The magic power is gathering, and it seems that those fallen angels intend to make Dante the successor to Satan and inherit the throne of God."

Brad said, analyzing the nature of the magic. "Then don't give them such a chance!" Olivia unleashes a lightning strike, but the blow hits and fizzles into dark spheres that circle around the fallen angel like a lightning rod. As it was, Amadeus and Dante disappeared into the black chasm. "What can we do for you, Faria?"

Violet speaks up. "The demon world is still unstable. Let's split into two groups: those who stay here and those who go after Dante. We will contact Alice and Kaguya to find out what is going on, and then we will decide on a plan of action to pursue Dante. 

Taking into account the circumstances on their side, there is a strong possibility that Dante has inherited Satan's power and is headed for the world of Maat." "Understood. I will return to Mariabella for my maintenance and then pursue them." "I'll stay." Wolfgang says. There was obvious agitation in his eyes. "Shouldn't you go after them?"

"If I went after them now, I wouldn't be able to keep my cool. I aim to stabilize this demon world. So I leave Amadeus and Dante to you. Make sure you destroy ...... them." The battle for the demon world is over, and the battlefield moves on to Maat.