Consideration of Nyarlathotep (2)

Episode 118

The man called himself Titor."So this world is called Maat, and we are in the midst of a duel of the gods." "Now, answer my question, where did you come back from?" "It isn’t "back" because I'm new to this world. I guess it would be more accurate to say I've been chasing someone." "It doesn't matter, just answer the question. I'll add a question, who have you chased?"

Titor mumbled who it was, thoughtfully. Is he serious or is he hiding something? If it's something he's hiding from me, I'd say he has good nerve. But it didn't look like it. "First of all, this is not good news for the world." Titor said. "The history of living things is that they have been selected and evolved through battles. Humans are no different, and ......"

"Are you implying that God is the same way, and that what is taking place now is merely the process of divine evolution."

"Yes, But evolution, like it or not, is a struggle, etc., and we, the creatures, will move on. But in one world, an exception has emerged. One that is self-sustaining in its evolutionary cycle, which I call "Gears"." "Gears?" “Gears is a mutation born from the fusion of machines and organisms in the world of Deus Ex Machina. It spread like an epidemic, invading the machines. 

With the birth of the Gears, the world of Deus Ex Machina was divided into two possible worlds: one is a world of order by machines. The other is a world of self-evolution through gears. But self-evolution began to move in a direction that distorted the world and disrupted order. That is why we separated the gears into one of the parallel worlds.

However, Gears, which accelerated time in the parallel world and continued its self-evolution beyond it, faced a certain problem. They ran out of resources in the world for their vast self-evolution, and they sought resources in other worlds, in the form of invasions of past parallel worlds." "So, you mean you're chasing that Gears?"

"Even I don't know the full nature of them, But their troops reappeared in the world of Deus Ex Machina. I fought them off together with Guinevere, and as a result of tracking where they escaped to, I have returned to this world." His words do not reek of "lies". Nyarlathotep thinks. It is hard to believe. If this is true, is Loki also aware of something?

"This mean that the "Gears" is coming to this world too? For what purpose?" "Their goal is simple, domination and securing resources for their own evolution. They will do anything to achieve this." At any rate, I'm curious to know who this guy is. ...... things may be moving more spectacularly than I thought. 

It is possible that the "Gears" are coming, attracted by the greatest energy of all, this world fusion. “Hehehe...chaos. ...... it is getting interesting."