The World of the Seven Kings

Episode 12

Before our tale begins, let’s learn of the new world Alice has crossed into. In this world seven different rulers vie for absolute supremacy over all lands. Residing at the center of the kingdoms is the great tree Yggdrasil, a sacred place of nonaggression. It is surrounded on all sides by the kingdoms, who intermingle, trade, and support each other...on the surface. 

Most nations also seek to establish dominance over the others. The relationship of the great seven kings is not a remarkably amiable one. Strained, is the most positive description of their relationship. Each king possesses a powerful item known as a regalia. These regalia are not only items imbued with great magical power, but also represent the sovereign power of each ruler.

To hold one is to hold a nation in your hands. The magic stones of this worlds are known as memoria.

These stones call back memories and legends from ancient times and places. They are then embodied and given form by the power of the stones. Combined with the power of the regalia they become a truly powerful force. The power and nature of each king also changes the powers that may manifest. A king who puts power above all else will call a strong hero. 

In the same fashion, a more calculating king shall be granted the power of a great strategist. While all the nations may be seeking advantages over the others; two have been locked in a life and death struggle. The first is the sacred land of Gloria, led by Faria, the Sacred Queen. The other is the volcanic land of Certo, led by Melgis, the Flame King.

Faria, the Sacred Queen, gracious and true in all manners. With a gentle soul and strong heart, she rules the sacred land of Gloria.

To her, there isn’t any kingdom that is truly an enemy. With a strong sense of justice, she uses her might to help those too weak to help themselves. Her regalia is Excalibur, the God’s Sword. It was granted to her at a far off mountain side lake. On the battlefield, it is said that the power of her sword leads her to victory, no matter the odds. 

By the power of the magic stones and her regalia, she called forth the heroes known as the Knights of the Round Table. These brave knights stand with her, ready to face any opponent. Against her stands Melgis, the Flame King, known as a tyrant in every way. Though hated by many of his own people, his power keeps them in check. 

His kingdom, the scorching realm of Certo, has long since become the home of ferocious dragons. It is a place where the weak cannot survive.

Though called a kingdom, the passage of the throne is not hereditary. Rather, whoever, or whatever, is strong enough to defeat the current king, shall take their place on the throne. Melgis too, defeated the previous ruler and stole away both the throne and the regalia. His regalia is known as Laevateinn, the Demon Sword, a well deserved name. 

For though it is a radiant blade, it whispers dark secrets to its master. Melgis may have already fallen prey to the sword’s influence as his conquest of Gloria began shortly after obtaining it. To spite Faria, Melgis also summoned Knights of the Round Table. Instead of the steadfast and pure hearted knights of Faria’s ranks, these knights were a near opposite. Warped by madness, these warriors knew not fear or restraint.

However, these are not the only nations on the move. As their conflict rages forth, the other lands are planning their own conquests. In the next chapter, our story shall truly begin. Can Alice, a stranger to this world, unravel its secrets? As the curtain rises on the conflict of these two kingdoms, no one can say when the conflict will end, or who will emerge as victor.

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