The Case of Deus Ex Machina

Episode 121

There are many types of gods. Deus Ex Machina is a god as a symbol. Although each of the ten gods of Valhalla is the ally of a different world, Deus Ex Machina is not, in fact, the type to exert direct power. When the power of the gods was scattered in the former old Valhalla, he created a world of machines. 

The name of that world was Cocoon. In Cocoon, an ideal order was to be established by many machines. As its administrator, he placed a human being who shared his power as his avatar. Deus Ex Machina's effort to create order, based on the motif of the Knights of the Round Table, was also an attempt to successfully incorporate the human part into the order of the machine.

Evolution and change were to take place through interaction, cooperation, and surveillance. But while it worked in some respects, it also led to something that was more probable than fatal. The evolutionary system and the human "desire" of some of the administrators became entangled. The result was rapid self-evolution, growing at a rate that consumed the world's resources. 

These self-evolving mechanical organisms created a fortress called "Solaris. Guinevere and Titor, who had been the administrators of the project, got into "Solaris" and defeated the former companions, a fusion of machines and living organisms. They banished "Solaris," which was evolving automatically, to a parallel world. Only two of the administrators survived this battle.

Later, there was interference in Cocoon from the parallel world of Solaris. It was only a reconnaissance, but it was enough of an omen. Solaris was once again attempting to invade. Guinevere returned to Valhalla and joined Deus Ex Machina in the battle of the gods, and Titor pursued Solaris into the future.

One thing that was clear was that a new threat had been created, and there were certainly other issues besides the God VS God battle. Another was that Deus Ex Machina was not that good at direct combat. It is not that he cannot fight, but he lacks the will to fight. This is also the reason why he has not actively participated in battles in the past.

After Alice's victory over Dante, the next opponent, Shiva, descends on the dueling grounds. The belligerent Shiva is highly motivated to fight. This difference in motivation is more significant than the simple difference in power. Especially if Deus Ex Machina thinks of its main enemy as Gears.

Guinevere arrives at the dueling grounds to support Deus Ex Machina, but she is already caught in the crossfire of Shiva's followers, the Mimi tribe. “Mi! Mi! Mi!" Deus Ex Machina, what should I do for you? I mean, hey, stop, that part tickles. ......"

...... "So that's one win, two losses, and one draw, what are you going to do, Nyarlathotep?" Watching the battle, Alice muttered to her.