Consideration of Nyarlathotep (4)

Episode 122

“Oborozuki, are you there?” "Yes." "What are your thoughts on the matter? Since you fly your scouting bats all over the place, you must have heard our conversation. Athenia is last as you requested. Your full power, which belongs to Athenia, should still be in full effect." "In a word, this was unexpected." "Hehehe, is there something wrong with you?"

"I want this world to stay the way it is. It should be the same for you more or less." Nyarlathotep remembered Lunya. Hehehe...well, maybe I do too. I guess Oborozuki has one, too, that she would like to continue to see. "So, when you say it was unexpected, do you refer to the Gears?"

"Yes, this duel was going as planned. In my scenario, Athenia would win next, which I was sure of as long as I help. Then the duel would be a draw. In that case, there will be an additional round of representative matches, is that the rule?" “ will be. This was one of the secret rules, so I didn't even tell my team, So, from our side, the idea was that if we let Alice go to the duel, we could win. 

We made the situation Alice exhausted her power and she was adjusted to Zeus's power. It worked well. By the way, who would come out of their side?" “Loki had a secret plan. It was the strongest monster of all. He must have been expecting a draw in the duel. The monster's name was Typhon.” "Wow, is it strong?"

"Even from God's point of view, It is a mythical monster. It is a monster that once fought even with Zeus and was sealed away. Loki found and brought it." "Hehehe, I'm excited about that. I'll get it, then." "There is such a thing as compatibility. Your chaos powers are not compatible with Typhon." ”I am not sure, I'm pretty evolved myself.”

Nyarlathotep is clothed in the flames of chaos. Called "Dogra Magra," this flame had the power to consume everything. Oborozuki said, "Keep your competitive spirit to yourself. Still, my assumption was that Alice would have no problem defeating the Typhon as usual. But......" Nyarlathotep understood her before she finished her sentence. "Gears."

"The Typhon has been invaded by someone. It is most likely out of Loki's control. Then it's too risky to play a representative game. Especially if Loki's side has lost their control to Gears. The rules of the duel, the merging of worlds, and their powerful constraints could be used by Gears to secure the vast amount of energy needed for an invasion from a parallel world. 

Considering the totality of what is happening now, it is safe to assume that Guinevere is right, which means that ......" "We're in big trouble!" With such a voice, Kaguya appeared with a nosy appearance. "Oh, did you hear that?" 'But I have a great idea! I have a great idea that probably wouldn't occur to you!" And then Kaguya's good idea was unveiled.

"If we win, it will be a representative match and some weird monster will come out, why don't we just lose at the end?" "That would mean Loki would take the victory with her." "Still, it's better than the worst, right? If Loki also knows that the initiative is currently being taken away from her by someone. 

In other words, she's also in a tricky situation, and she's willing to help us a little bit. If we don't do something about it, Re-earth and we are going to vanish! We have to prevent that at all costs." "Kaguya, I certainly don't have that kind of "I don't care if I lose" mindset." "It is well worth a try. Nyarlathotep, please contact Loki, and I will work with Athenia."

"What do I do?" "Just hope it works well. But be prepared and ready." "Yes sir!" The problem seemed serious, but Kaguya was in a good mood because her opinion was adopted for the first time.