The case of Loki

Episode 123

"I didn't realize it had encroached this far." Beside Loki lay Fenrir. It was in a pitiful state, no longer alive, and it was Loki herself who had "destroyed" it. What had been her faithful servant had been mechanized, eroded, and forced to attack its master by someone. This was "unexpected" even for the careful Loki.

Her scheme was perfect. She had cleverly hidden the unearthed "Typhon" from Valhalla, and was secretly seeking an opportunity to resurrect it. 

It was also as expected that her opponent would take advantage of Maat, the world of "duels," to create such an occasion. The " Typhon" which normally has the power to collapse the world if it unleashes its power in Valhalla, is able to unleash all its power without destroying the world in this restricted setting. And after the victory, she would be able to control its power.

'Hehehe, Loki, are you in trouble? It's not like you." The god of chaos was floating in the sky. "Nyarlathotep, you new god have nothing to worry about." "I'm not one for discussion, but let's keep it short. I'll give you the winners of this "duel," but in exchange, you have to give up the fusion of worlds once and for all. The winner of this duel has the right, but can choose not to exercise it. 

Your trump card has lost its function as a joker, has it not?" "That's a good strategy." "Hehehe, isn't it? I would have been happy to fight that Typhon." However, Loki did not go along with Nyarlathotep's tone, but rather said, with a cheerless expression she said, "It's too late."