Cocoon Story

Episode 128

1, Birth of twin princes (Cocoon calendar 1014-) Aristella and Dexia were born.

They were twin brothers born in the Twelve Sacred Knights and were expected to be the heirs of one of the kings of the Twelve Sacred Knights. Both were extremely talented. Then they grew up, and Dexia had a talent for swordsmanship and knowledge that no one could match. Yet everyone came to Aristella. 

This was because Aristella had a talent for attracting people. The growth of these two talented people made everyone feel that a future king was on the way and that this country was growing, and the country became more vibrant. Some ten years after their birth, their sword master, who had once served in the Twelve Sacred Knights, taught and guided them in the same way. 

His teachings were excellent, but it only served to highlight the difference in their talents. 

Dexia discovered that Aristella had talents that could not be fulfilled through hard work. Likewise, Dexia had a talent that Aristella did not have. However, it is human nature that there is a difference between what one wants to become and what one can become. In the end, the only talent suitable for a king was the talent to be liked and to attract people.

Dexia knew this, and the sword master also told Dexia to support Aristella. If he could support Aristella, they would have been the strongest, the best of partners, two kings in one. But the reality was that Dexia could not accept that. Then, one day, an assailant appeared from somewhere and attacked the Twelve Sacred Knights. 

Dexia boldly challenged the attacker. He wanted to show his value. But although Dexia was talented, he lacked experience. He was taken by the assailants. The sword master immediately pursued them. "Aristella, you stay here and take care of the rest." He said. Since then, no one has seen them.

2, Viga and Underground Fighting Arena (Cocoon Calendar 1025-) Viga is just the butler of this Underground Fighting Arena.

A report came to him. A one-eyed dragon is rampaging nearby. 

The Underground Fighting Arena basically welcomes all kinds of monsters and demons. They can fight or watch the battles here as spectators. Of course, they had to pay a price, money, which is equal for everyone. To control such monsters, demons, and human ruffians, stronger power is needed. Viga, who was only a butler, was transformed into a special monster by a special drug. 

His original intelligence, of which he is a part, ceases to exist, but intelligence is not necessary to control monsters. This is how order is maintained here. The potion for the transformation is an extract of a certain flower found in the Valley of the Narrows, and it, too, must have been bathed in the light of the Fire Moon. 

Why Viga was the only one who could withstand its power, nobody knows. However, Viga felt that rather than aptitude, he must have been chosen for something. Hence, Viga was the only hero here. Because there are heroes, there can be villains. Here, they can fight as much as they want.

The rampaging one-eyed dragon is so ferocious that the bouncers and soldiers in the "Underground Fighting Arena" cannot stand up to it, and it is not something that can be controlled.

Therefore, Viga decided to set up a joint battle front with the help of one of the Twelve Sacred Knights, his old friend Raymond. Just as well, since The Great Wall of the Twelve Sacred Knights is located close to here to block demons from the back world. And Raymond had just arrived nearby.

“Let's beat it quickly and go for a drink.” Those were Raymond's usual first words. He is a pain in the ass, and he looks a bit grim before a fight, but once it's over, he gets more excited during the fight, and at the end, he's fine. Then he liked to have a drink. Viga had prepared the finest liquor for that purpose. After the battle, they succeeded in sealing off the one-eyed dragon. 

However, Raymond's expression did not clear up, but only became more serious. "Why him?" Raymond returned to his country without having had a drink.

Viga could see that the one-eyed dragon had a "sigil" that only the Twelve Sacred Knights possessed. And its body had been modified by machines. 3, Falchion's last memory with his grandfather (Cocoon Calendar 1027-) Falchion's childhood is filled with memories of his grandfather.

His grandfather was a researcher of Eternal, Artificial Archipelago. He used to play with Falchion, and through playing with him, he taught him many things. Nothing is true that can be determined by others. This was his grandfather's creed. 

To be a researcher, you have to be convinced by yourself, and to be convinced, you have to investigate, understand, and write it down as knowledge and pass it on. He taught this to Falchion as well.

One day, his grandfather discovered that a small percentage of the animals in this world had been "mechanized" by someone. 

He said that they were powered by light from Solaris. There is no doubt of a connection, but what does it mean? That would bring us closer to the truth, his grandfather was sure. “Solaris is marked on everything in this cocoon as a blessing. But is it really true? We hear that those who rebel against this teaching are also being hunted for heresy by Solari, Religious Nation. 

Many books of Cocoon's past have been burned by them, but some documents still remain. What we could read from them was that the formation of this world was not simple, that all the elements existed, and that at the center of it all was Solaris.” His grandfather continued his research, and soon, "We would arrive at one truth." He believed.

It was just then that the Solari heresy struck his grandfather. Using himself and his research as bait, his grandfather helped Falchion to escape. He still remembered his face and his words. "Live, and take over my research." Later, Falchion visits the research facility where everything has been burned to ashes. He had a piece of paper in his hand. 

"Go to the hidden basement of the research facility," it said in his grandfather's handwriting. It was to be delivered in case something happened to him. His grandfather used the Mumu Tribe as his assistants. They appeared before the grief-stricken Falchion, and said, "Read this!”

In the basement of the research facility, Falchion found a powersuit that his grandfather had developed and that was perfect for him. "Be a hero, and seek the truth of Solaris." It was as if he could hear his grandfather's voice.

4, Mika's Penance (Cocoon Calendar 1028) 'Is this the right thing to do?' I have killed many people with my own hands. Even though everyone calls me a saint, I am stained with blood and fire. She is the symbol, the leader of the Solaris heresy hunters. The Punisher, the one everyone fears and worships. In this Solari, Religious Nation, it is never acceptable to not believe in this Solaris religion.

The teachings of the Solaris religion, it is given in this confessional. The voice of God is heard from behind the curtains. But no one can or should see God. That, too, was the teaching of the Solaris religion.

"What is troubling you? Mika" "I have killed people again. Have I sinned?"

"You are doing the right thing. You can be proud of it, but don't be troubled. Solaris is an absolute teaching, and heretics are sinners. And anyone who even pokes at Solaris is blaspheming." "Yes, I understand." "Very well, then." In response to Mika's question in the confessional, God answers as usual, as if there is no such thing as hesitation. 

He answered as he always does, as if there is no need for hesitation, as if he were a "machine. Mika has been fulfilling the teachings of Solaris. Ever since she was born into this world. And she had exercised the power that had been given to her. Angels, they have become symbols of salvation and of carnage. But is that enough? The thought was rising in Mika like never before. 

It was because she had seen certain research materials. She was on her way to purge a researcher, and he had opened it up to show me the last of his research. There it said. Solaris is the planet of the machine "rulers" who are watching us.... 5, Night of the Legendary Vampire (Cocoon Calendar 1033)

It was the night of the legendary vampire, the day Aska was tightly told not to go outside. Even though this is the Paramita of the Dead in the back world, it is located much closer to the front world. Here, there is a tree called the Sacred Tree, a relatively safe place, and the tree itself also radiated a pale light. 

According to legend, or rather, as I heard it from my mother as a lullaby, the Sacred Tree is responsible for the reincarnation of souls. Why is it in the back world? I asked, but my mother said that it must be incompatible with the light of Solaris. And also that those who find the light from that Solaris to be sickening choose to die here. So, here we have clans that have been grave-keepers for generations.

“And one more thing”, my mother strongly told me. "Only one night, you must never go outside." 

That is the day when the dark moon comes this way and looks round and round. A day that comes but once every few years. That day is called the night of the legendary vampire, and anyone who goes outside will be eaten by the vampire. I asked what a vampire is. According to lore, they are flying beings who live off the blood of others. Are they heroes? Or are they villains? As I was thinking this, my mother said.

“Vampires are said to have once existed in this world. Their power was so strong that they were both enemies and allies. But it is said that the last remaining vampires fought to protect this world, exhausted their power, and are said to be sleeping somewhere. 

On the night of the legendary vampire, the power of the legendary vampire will return a little bit and appear in this world, so it is dangerous for those without power to go out there. Understand?” Asuka nods. Then she thinks. If I can become something powerful, what should I use it for? Asuka thinks so. 

Power can be used in any way depending on how it is used. Vampires are both enemies and allies. That is, there is no good or evil in power or existence itself. In the first place, what is the meaning of right and wrong? Asuka began to think about such things. Good and evil may be mixed in all people. Of course, in her, too.

One night, Asuka realizes she has left something behind, her mother’s handmade ribbon, and goes outside to find it. It is then she looked up at the sky, and saw the dark moon shining round and round. Asuka had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she had forgotten when that day was.

It was the "night of the legendary vampire."

6, Coming of Age in Aristella (Cocoon Calendar 1034) It is the day that Aristella comes of age, and at the same time becomes the king of the Twelve Sacred Knights.

As Aristella approached adulthood, he began to have strange dreams.

Characters called "fairy tales" appeared, talked to Aristella, and invited him to a tea party. What they said made no sense at all. "I'm really going crazy." "I can't believe this is happening." "Well, it is what it is." The atmosphere is that of a tea party. 

They are talking as if they have known about this world for a long time. Then they turn to me and concludes, "What do you think? ----." That's where he wakes up. The last name is always inaudible. What does it imply? The moon seemed to be shining extra strong in the sky. Aristella feels a particular affinity for the moon, which is called the Water Moon.

And recently, "Moonchild" has been appearing more and more. Moonchild is a spirit-like entity that emits a pale light when bathed in moonlight. Although a few have been observed in the past, it is only recently that they have become more active. “They may be receiving power and will from the moon,” Aristella thought "Moonchild" are known for not being friendly to anyone.

However, it was only recently that the "Moonchildren" began to gather at Aristella's place. They gathered spontaneously and seemed to be enjoying themselves as they flew around the place. Then, after the grand coming-of-age party was over, Aristella was strolling in the garden that night.

Out of nowhere, attackers appeared. It was the same attackers he had once seen, the ones who had attacked and taken Dexia. The thoughts and memories flash back. Their purpose, no doubt, would be to take him away. Three of them, if you looked at their bodies, were made of machines.

They spoke, but only with a kind of mechanical noise that Aristella could not quite understand. 

However, they could not be seen as allies, but pure enemies, and they had enough evilness in them to make him feel that way. It would be impossible to defeat them now. Surrounded by three of them, Aristella was in a desperate situation. Aristella was saved by a “Moonchild" who had the blessing of the Water Moon. It flew around Aristella, enveloping him in a pale light.

And then, from somewhere, he heard the voice he had seen in his dream. "Well, well, what's going to happen now?" "We have very little power left." "But I think we can help him." At that moment, Aristella felt himself transforming into something he was not.