Solaris Story

Episode 129

1, Observer's Castle This is an isolated, solitary castle in the back world of Cocoon. It is a place where no one interferes and no one can interfere. "I wonder if they're about to make a move." "They're already on the move." "I see." "Yes."

These two are the recorders of this world. They were once called observers, but now they are the only two. "The will of the moon has been set in motion. Now the times that have been stagnant may begin to move." “Yeah.” “Should we make our move?” “It's too early.” “I see.” “Yeah, because it's not ready yet.”

“When will it be ready? If they foresaw this moment, they will have it by now.” "Do you mean Megiddo? Do you mean Excalibur?" "Excalibur should be ready by now, right?" "Yes, I just need to find someone to use it, but not Megiddo." "I see."

"So we can't move yet. When we move, we will lose this isolated space. It is our privilege to remain in this world because we are only recorders." No one in the world knows this observer's castle. Neither Cocoon nor Solaris. But they know more about this world than anyone else in this world. They know the role of the moon and the true identity of Solaris. But they can't tell anyone about it.

They are here under such restrictions. 2, Eins again Inside Solaris, far beyond the cosmos beyond Cocoon. "Eins, wake up." Inside Solaris, Ains awakens to a voice from Mother. The title Eins was given to him after he arrived here. 

It is only a numbering, and it seems that there was once an Eins, but it was completely destroyed long ago, and the current "Eins" has succeeded it after it had been absent for a long time.

"The Three Wise Men failed in their attack." "Well, did they return? "Yes, but it will take time to get back into the fight. they are currently in the process of repairing the damage."

"Wasn't it about time the power of the shield was weakened? That's why they thought of attacking the Cocoon." "The moon interfered. It gave power to Aristella, and the Three Wise Men were destroyed. Melchior was especially badly damaged. It seems that there was a powerful being in the moon's phantom." "What about the other Numbers' gear?"

"They have not awakened yet. Sechs and Neun will be the next to awaken. But you are the only one who can move now." Eins moves his arms and legs to check his movements. There is no problem with his movements. He could probably conquer a small country right now. "I am enough. Is Levatein finished?" "It will be ready soon. It can fly on its own. We'll make it follow you."

"What about the objective? "The goal is to subdue the Twelve Sacred Knights but the moon's interference has not yet weakened. The back world outside of our surveillance is also a concern. We have also confirmed that some of them have received the moon's blessing, and our primary objective is to bring them here. But if that is not possible, then eliminate them all."

"Understood. I'm on it. What support do I currently have available?" "You can get support from the Typhon, Asteroid Cluster. You can extract the power of the satellite if you want. But if you use too many resources, it will take time to recharge. Don't forget that the moon is not yet at full strength due to the non-interference restrictions between us and the moon."

"It's all right, it's the Levatein that will defeat it."

"The power of Chronogear, the higher level of gear, is free from restrictions, but it also wastes a lot of resources. And do not underestimate the power of those who have received the blessing of the moon." "I understand." Eins immediately took off from Solaris and flew into space. “The target is Cocoon.” “I know.” 

Eins muttered once more in his mind. More than anyone else, Eins knew his potential as a human being. He was once human. Solaris had modified him and given him power. It was also Eins who wished for more power, although Solaris was forcing him to do so. "Aristella." "Eins mutters the name. One of the targets. Eins's name when he was human, was Dexia." To be continued.