Faria, the Sacred Queen and the Mysterious Girl

Episode 13

Faria, had always been one who people described as “Trying to save the world,” though she never muchthought herself a hero. She only wanted to protect all those she cared about. Those feelings had, ten years ago, formed into an unbreakable determination. Faria was not the only child ofthe royal family of Gloria. 

She once had an older brother, Lars, and a younger sister, Charlotte. Lars was aprodigy, truly unique among his lineage. A natural virtuoso with both blade and spell, everyone expected himto quickly take the throne and lead their country. Though skillful, Lars was a very compassionate man, determined to help all he could. Faria was proud to call him her brother.

However, perhaps as tribute for her brother’s talents, Charlotte was born a very weak child. 

Doctorsthroughout the nation searched for a cure, but turned up nothing. It seemed the only way to save the childwas a drop of water from Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Charlotte had never left her room. Her friends were thebirds that she saw from her window in the morning, and the sacred wolves that ran about in the palacecourtyard. 

Despite her isolated life, Charlotte always had a smile on her face “I might be weak, but I’m happymy brother and sister can live." Then, the news of a cure for his sister’s condition reached Lars. Though the intel had yet to be confirmedLars cared too much for his sister to sit idly by. He immediately set out on his own. 

It was rumored that theone who could save his sister lived beyond the volcano of Certo, in a mysterious city called Vell-Savaria.

“Faria, I’ll be back soon. I’ll definitely be back safe, I promise. While I’m gone, please look after Charlotte andour people." “Lars, there’s no way you can trust me with something so important! Also, I...I don’t trust that there’sanything beyond Certo. The people of Certo will never let you cross their lands. You know this too, right? Why must you insist on going?”

“Faria, please try to understand. If I don’t take this chance to save my sister, I’ll regret it for the rest of mylife. There is no one better equipped to cross that volcano than I. I cannot trust this task to anyone butmyself...Just as I cannot leave our nation in anyone’s hands but yours, Faria. As a monarch, you are farbetter suited for the position than I. 

You might not believe it right now, but you will come to know it as I have." Faria, managed to keep her composure only long enough to see her brother off. 

She laid by the riverbankcrying in fear for her brother. How was she supposed to lead this nation without him? “Why are you crying?” The voice of a mysterious girl called out from somewhere. “My brother is gone." When Faria saw the source of the question, she answered without hesitation. “He isn’t coming back?”

The unusual girl continued her questions unfazed. “Well he said he would come back but...” “So what do you think you should do?” “Protect the home he will come back to, but I...as a Queen I...” “I think it’s great to have a place to come home to. I don’t have a place like that, and I regret not being ableto protect my home. All I can say is trust in those who trust in you."

“Who...are you?” “Sorry I need to get going, see you later. I know you can do it, I believe in you."

And with that the mysterious girl disappeared as easily as she had appeared. “She was just like him...who was she? Was it just a dream?” Shortly afterward the young woman was awarded diving blade Excalibur from the fabled lake, and she tookthe throne as Queen of Gloria.

----------------------------------------------------------- And then, ten years later: Faria, who had now become known as the Sacred Queen, was dealing withMelgis’ forces on her borders. On one such day, she received some unusual news from a soldier. “I see...so you saw that girl too...Alright, thank you, please take some time to rest."

Reports of sightings of a mysterious girl had been becoming somewhat frequent, and Faria had beencollecting them. This was the fourth time a sighting had been reported. 1. Sightings of a strange girl flying through the sky. 2. Reports from soldiers who where being assailed by a dragon that were saved by a mysterious youngwarrior.

3. Reports from wounded soldiers who fell during their return to the castle being saved by a young femalepriest with powerful healing magic.

4. Today, a soldiers report of a girl with an almost dream-like object summoning some kind of small soldier. “It doesn’t seem like she’s an enemy. Come to think of it, something like that happened to me a long timeago. That was…” “Lady Faria, Melgis has started his assault."

Before Faria could recall what had happened so long ago, a messenger had brought her news of thecommencing battle. “Alright. Let’s go, everyone." Faria was only fourteen when she was granted Excalibur. Since then she had protected her nation withoutfail. Honest, pure, and determined. She never saw herself above others. In this world, it is for these reasonsthat she was known as the Sacred Queen.

As for the neighboring country, Melgis served as a near perfect contrast to Faria. In ancient times his countryhad been without rule and the land had only grown more harsh from it. 

Even now the people in thestrongholds of the Certo volcano gamble with their lives every day. Soldiers often become the food for thedragons they use in battle. In this chaotic environment, Melgis seized the throne, by disposing of theprevious King. “Hmm, so you’re the so called Sacred Queen, huh? Sorry, but I’ll be taking this land."

“I have a promise to keep, to protect something. I won’t let an invader take a single step into this kingdom. No matter who they are.” Faria and Melgis turned to face each other. Both looked ready to throw the first blow. “That’s...” “What’s wrong Perceval?” Faria, had kept the sacred blade a well kept secret. 

A memory of a great hero from another world. Faria, hadonly shared this secret with Perceval. “I feel the power of a memory similar to ours. He might be wielding the demon sword.” “Some of the Knights of the Round know of it?” “Yes. Please be careful, my lady. If ‘that one’ is on the side of the enemy, we can’t be careless."

“I understand. In a battle between armies there are many losses. If I fight him one on one I can defeat Melgissafely. Everyone, please wait here." Faria, took a single step forward and called out to Melgis. “Flame King of Certo! Let’s settle this with a duel! Even you can’t possibly desire a drawn out conflict."

“Hah! Fine with me. the Demon Blade shall taste your corpse." With both armies watching over the two monarchs, their duel commenced. However, a battle between two wielders of regalia is not one that ends quickly. From the noon to when thesun hung low in the west, their clash raged onwards. Neither side showed signs of slowing down. 

At aglance, Faria seemed the better swordsman. But each time Faria landed a hit, Melgis would rise back up asif nothing had happened. “Sacred Queen, huh? You’re not too bad." “To take so many attacks from my sword...is this also the power of the demon blade?” “Not the power of the demon blade, It is my power. I am the one who controls the weapon. 

Enough with this, you’re boring, this ends now!” Melgis clutched the demon blade and an immense magic power gathered within. “God’s Art..’Unleash the Demon Blade’! Sacred Queen, you die here!” “That power...something like that can only be used once. If we can’t dodge that...” “Lancelot, come!”

At Melgis’ call, a single knight emerged from Melgis’ camp. Clad in flames, with the spark of madness in hiseyes. Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table. “My Lady! Look out!” Perceval leaped in to save the Queen, but from Lancelot’s blade shot an arrow of flame, that encircled Faria, cutting off her escape route. Seizing the advantage, Melgis unleashed his attack. 

Laevateinn moved like aflash of light. In that single strike, Melgis had poured all of his hatred into the regalia. From those thoughtsburst forth an explosive flame. Heat and light enveloped the area, cutting it off from the onlookers. The Flame King’s troops and the army of the Sacred Queen stood motionless. They all stared, unsure if thebattle had ended. 

From within the circle of flame stood a saddened Melgis. “Melgis, you did it. Why do you look so disappointed?” Lancelot questioned Melgis. The maddened knight had no taste for courtesy. “There was no response. I’ve slain countless opponents, and I always felt something. This time, there wasnothing. It was like slicing through the wind.”

“What does that mean?” When the flames finally settled. the Sacred Queen stood in the center, unharmed. The wind danced aroundher, a powerful healing magic had enveloped the queen, and next to her stood a most curious looking girl. “Who is that? Well it doesn’t matter. I concede to you this time. Even without my God’s Art, I will kill you.”

“As long as I can kill other knights, I don’t care. Let me fight more next time." Lancelot showed no interest inFaria’s savior. “Fine." Melgis and his army began a swift retreat back to their territory. “You...you saved me. Thank you.” “You’ve gotten pretty big, huh. I knew you’d make a great queen."

The voice of Faria’s savior caught the queen’s attention, she looked up to see the girl’s face and recognizedher immediately. “I didn’t think it was possible, but it’s you, isn’t it? From that time by the river." “Something is coming soon. A long time ago, I only happened upon this world by chance. That I shouldreturn to this world, I wonder...is this destiny?”

“But you haven’t changed at all. There’s a lot I need to know, but do you think you could answer my questionfrom that day? My name is Faria, Queen of Gloria, who are you?” And after ten years the mysterious girl finally answered. “My name is Alice, nice to meet you."

-------------------------------------------------------------- World of the Seven Kings