Assembling  the Conference

Episode 15

Through Alice and Faria’s efforts, the word of a conference had begun to spread across the lands. However securing that each King would attend was proving to be an increasingly difficult task. Despite Alice’s warnings of the coming threat of the Progenitor many of the King’s were preoccupied with their own concerns. 

Some feared that the conference was a way for other Kings to seize power over their lands. With only the word of a strange otherworldly girl to go on, many saw the war breaking out as a more immediate threat. Against all odds Alice and Faria forged ahead desperate to hold their summit.

Around the time that Alice was returning from her meeting with Valentina, Faria had once again crossed swords with Melgis.

It seems his earlier retreat had only served to strengthen him. Each swipe of his blade seemed to shake the earth and light the air ablaze. Faria, however, remained unfazed. She nimbly countered and dodged each of the Flame King’s attacks. ”It’s pointless. Your wild technique betrays you.” “Why you…Fine! Eat this! God’s Art! ‘Unleash the Demon Blade’!”

Somehow Melgis had regained enough strength to use his most powerful attack again. An explosive flame shot towards the Sacred Queen. However, Faria merely held Excalibur out in front of her, and the approaching fireball was carved in two, passing around her and dissipating harmlessly. “An attack like that won’t work on me twice, I’ve already seen how it works.

You have invaded my lands and harmed my people. Prepare yourself, King of Certo!”

Exhausted of strength Melgis was barely able to guard himself from Faria’s powerful strikes with Excalibur. He was able to lift Laevateinn quick enough to halt her attack, but the force knocked him to the earth. “It’s over, Melgis. Now fulfill your promise, and do as I say.” Faria pointed the tip of her sword at Melgis’ neck.

“Heh, do whatever you want, I don't care.” ”While I’d love to do something about your attitude, we don’t have time. For now, I’ll need you to cooperate with me.” Melgis’ silence was likely the closest thing Faria would get to audible agreement. Satisfied, the young woman turned her eyes to the far off western seas.

“Alright Alice, I’ve done my part. I just hope you’ve done yours.” ... Only a short time later, Faria’s message reached Arla and Pricia.

In Armalla, the beautiful floating island palace resided the Winged Lord of the Skies, Arla. A man who, above all else, valued honor and integrity. Long had he sought to use his place among the heavens as a means to guard his world. However, recently, it was the world itself that was troubling him.

”The skies have been restless recently. I fear this might be a sign of things to come. I will go to summit, please inform the Sacred Queen.” Arla spoke to the messenger with an inviting demeanor, but could not hid the glint of worry in his eyes. “I just hope everything goes as planned.”

Whether anyone, even Arla, had realized it or not, the winds were already changing. To the north east of Armalla in the center of Sissei, the Ancient Forest, sat a stronghold forged of branches and vines. The beasts of this sprawling forest were lead by Pricia, at least that was how the rest of the world saw things. To her the animals of Sissei were her equals, her friends.

As such, when Faria’s messenger arrived in her lands, she consulted the creatures of the woods as a lord would his most trusted confidants. ”What do you guys think I should do? It sounds kind of fun, so I want to go.” Having a strong link to all life in the forest, Pricia was able to understand their response, even though the animals could not speak.

“Yeah you’re right. I should go. Okay, I’ve made up my mind. But I don’t want to go to some weird faraway place...and I’d like it if you all could be there too.” ... “Haha, sounds like you’ve had a rough journey.” Faria was relieved to hear the messenger’s report. ”So that’s Melgis, Arla, and makes that leaves...”

At that moment Alice seemed to fade into the room out of the corner of Faria’s eye. ”Oh, Faria, good, you’re back too.” ”You’ve got good timing Alice, how was the meeting with Valentina? I assume she was...pleasant.” ”I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t uncomfortable.” ”I see. Well it’s probably in our favor that she’s interested in you.”

”Well ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a knack for garnering the attention of unusual characters.” ”Well you’re quite the unusual character yourself.” Faria couldn’t help but give a small smile. ”How rude!” Alice jokingly pouted. “Well when we don’t have more pressing matters, perhaps I’ll regale you with tales of Wonderland. Though they’re little more than legend now...”

”Haha, I’ll hold you to that. I look forward to it. You should tell my sister too, I’m sure she’d love to hear your stories.” ”It’s a promise.” ”Well, let’s get down to it then, what did Valentina say?” ”She said she would speak with Machina. She also mentioned she might speak with Rezzard. The problem with the remaining three is that they’re all very...ambitious. 

More than the safety of this world they’re interested in using the summit for their own purposes.” ”More than any of us, Alice, you’re probably the most ambitious.” ”I suppose that’s true.” “But it’s a good thing. The Seven Kings are some of the most unusual eccentrics you will ever meet. You are exactly the right kind of person to get them all to cooperate..”

”For all our sakes, let’s hope you’re right, Faria.” “Well then, I suppose we should decide upon a location. There’s a small hill at the foot of Yggdrasil that I believe would be a perfect place. As soon as word from Valentina reaches Gloria we can set a date. I’ll try to set it as soon as possible.” ”Thank you, Faria. I’ll do my best to explain how he is going to absorb this he did with the others...”

”I only hope they believe you. I’ll do my best to support your story.” ”Thank you.” With Alice and Faria’s plan coming together it seemed there was finally a light shining down on the hope of this world, of all worlds. But for every pull, a push. For every positive, a negative. For every light, a shadow.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World of the Seven Kings