Blazer Returns

Episode 16

After receiving word from Valentina, Alice and Faria departed from Castle Gloria for the sacred hill at the foot of Yggdrasil. However, as their destination was just on the horizon, something else became visible. A figure was rapidly approaching in the distance. Alice took notice first. ”Hey...what’s that?”

Whatever it was, it was only gaining speed, and headed straight for the two. As the shape came closer in to view, it took the unmistakable shape of a young girl. ”Yahhooooo! Faria, I foooouuund you! Hey! Outta the way weird girl!” “A friend of yours, Faria?” “Yeah, that’s Pricia. Alice, you should probably step back.”

”H,hey! Get out of the way! Watch ooouuuut!” Faria had only just finished warning Alice when the the charging girl ran up to Faria...and crashed into Alice who was standing in front of her.

“Ouch….Jeeze don’t you know not to stand in front of a charging animal? I’m Pricia, I don’t really care who you are, but who are you?” Pricia peered over at Alice, however the poor girl had just been flattened by a charging beast. She laid on the ground, limbs outstretched, and didn’t move. ”Mu, mu, mugyuu.”

”Hey! Just because I’m friends with animals doesn’t mean you can make fun of me.” ”Haha, I think Alice is just having trouble speaking right now. You seem like you’re doing well, Pricia. How about everyone back in the forest? Are they doing alright?” ”Yeah, they’re all doing pretty well. But recently it seems like the entire world is kind of noisy, like something is going to happen soon. 

When I told everyone that I would come here alone, the Four Sacred Beasts insisted they come with me, they thought it was dangerous.”

”If the animals can already sense that something is wrong, this really is serious.” ”Hm? What’s happening?” ”I’ll explain it when we get to the summit conference. In the meantime. I think we should probably wake up Alice, we’re going to be late.” “Ah, leave it to me! Alright weirdo, up and at em!” Pricia reeled back and slapped poor Alice, who jolted back to reality from her comatose state.

“Jeeze, what’s with this girl? All she does is hit me…” ”I’m Pricia, nice to meet you!” ”Yeah...nice to meet you.” Alice pouted as she replied. It seemed that she was destined to always get mixed up with strange characters, though she hadn’t imagined such a fate would have managed to find her in a world so far from her own. ”You’re thinking something depressing again,aren’t you, Alice?”

“Eh? Am I making a weird expression?” ”Hehe, no, nothing like that. I just get that kind of feeling.”

”Your feelings are always way too accurate, it’s creepy.” “Hey! What are you two talking about all by yourselves, huh? I want a turn!” Pricia’s lack of tact was evident. ”Sorry, Pricia. I’d really like to have a more cheerful conversation, but we’re about to arrive at the meeting spot. Looks like the other kings arrived ahead of us.”

On the small hill at the foot of Yggdrasil, the kings had already gathered. It was truly a most unusual scene. Never before had all seven kings been brought together, and by an extradimensional girl nonetheless. In this small forest clearing, eight regalia had been brought together. This truly was a unique event in every conceivable way.

”You’re late, too, Alice.” Valentina cast an unnerving glance in Alice’s direction.

”Sorry, we had a bit of an unexpected occurrence. Well, since we’ve got everyone here why don’t we get started with introductions?.” Valentina greeted everyone first, but only Faria greeted her back. The other kings had clearly heard her voice, but Arla was staring into the sky, preoccupied with something, and Melgis, Machina, and Rezzard were busy cautiously eyeing each other.

“Well, why don’t we just get to why we’re all here. This girl here, Alice, is a being from another dimension. I understand if that’s hard to believe, its a power that even the seven of us do not have. Anyway, if it was just Alice, there wouldn’t be a problem, well...Alice can explain it better than me.” ”Alright, I’ll take it from here.”

At Faria’s request, Alice began to recount her story. ”The reason I came to this world is because I was chasing someone. I guess I’d better start from the beginning. Well, first I’d better explain about that guy. I was born on a world called Earth. But that world is...gone now. That guy, the one I’m chasing, he destroyed everything. 

My home, my planet. I’m not sure what his reasons are, but that guy, he had some kind of power that changed space and time. He absorbed the power of my world and compressed it into an object. One of his regalia is all that remains of Earth. But he didn’t completely succeed, there were various things he couldn’t absorb and compress with his power. 

People who escaped into other dimensions, like me, and things that were impossible to warp with his power. Things like the memories from my world, that’s why they are manifesting here.” ”You mean like the Knights of the Round Table?” Melgis had a made a surprisingly insightful comment.

”This is boring. Could you get to the point?” Rezzard showed little interest in Alice’s story. ”Alice, I don’t mean to rush your story, but to summarize, this fellow is aiming for our world now, yes? Do you even have any proof that he’s here? With regards to the warping of space-time, by what methods is he able to elicit such phenomena?” 

Machina bombarded Alice with questions, ever doubtful of her assertions. Though their responses were rather different, at least they all seemed to be listening. However, throughout it all, Machina’s creation, Marybell, stared at Alice, as though it was taking note of everything about her. “That guy controls a whole bunch of different groups and clans. 

I met one of his servants back in another world. Whether he was hunting me down because I’m a survivor from Earth, or he came to that world for some other reason, I’m not sure. But I managed to best him, and he was forced to flee. I thought he was returning to his master, so I chased him, and I ended up here. There’s no mistaking it, he’s here. And if he’s here, it’s only to do one thing...”

“To take control of this world.” Valentina finished Alice’s sentence. “Yes. I think so. Ever since I arrived in this world, I’ve felt like I was close to the Earth. I know that isn’t exactly tangible proof, but up until now I’ve never had that feeling. That guy’s messing with space-time has always kept me from remembering his name while I was far away from him, but I’m finally able to remember it now. His name is...”

“Alice, wait….we’re not alone.” Alice was interrupted by Pricia. Ever in tune with her surroundings, the beast lady had sensed something amiss nearby. Once again, a strange shape was approaching rapidly in the distance. This time it was clearly not something as friendly as Pricia. 

A fearful presence surrounded the approaching figure. The unmistakable shape of a clown with skulls floating about his hands as if controlled by strings, was coming into sight. “That’s the guy I followed here! That’s Blazer! Man, he’s really persistent. Hey! Don’t you know when to give up?” Alice shouted to the distant figure in frustration.

“He’s from one of those servant clans you talked about? Shall we let you deal with him then?” Valentina looked at Alice with a calm expression, as if she already knew how Alice would answer. ”Alright, why don’t we take a short break while Alice and I deal with this.” Faria readied Excalibur.

”I’m going too!” Pricia barked, her regalia clutched in hand. With Faria and Pricia at her side, Alice took off towards the approaching Blazer. Valentina wished them luck, a small sneer on her face once their backs were turned.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World of the Seven Kings