Episode 26

Lapis gazed at the rising sun. He stared, transfixed on the glowing object as it illuminated the world, as though he was viewing the beginning of time. “Alisaris, what did Sylvia’s report say?” Lapis broke his moment of pensive thought, to turn and question Alisaris.

“She is certain that the girl’s power is no match for yours. She did, however, remark that the two pieces of that girl appear to be from the Earth.” Alisaris took a moment to adjust his glasses while he read off the report. “I see, she’s from that dimension. Well I suppose this saves us some time.” Lapis spoke with no sense of urgency or concern in his voice.

“This world shall share the same fate as that one. But for now, let us gaze on this tiny garden of ours for just while longer.” Placed at Lapis’ side was a large globe, a regalia constructed from the planet Earth. Meanwhile, in Shangri-La: “So, the first step is to take Shangri-La, right?” “Lady Valentina is off trying to conquer the other kingdoms, now that their rulers have been disposed of. 

Though she’s taken a bulk of the military support with her, Shangri-La is still the lifeline of her ambitions. Cutting her off to it should put an end to her conquest. ”

“Okay! Mary, remember when we talked about smashing stuff? I think it’s time to smash stuff, you ready?” “Yes, Pricia. Smashing is one thing this body excels at.” “Ah! Hold on you two! We can’t just start wrecking stuff! The people of this kingdom have done nothing wrong. Please just let me try talking to them. No one is happy living under Lady Valentina’s thumb. 

Even the soldiers only serve her out of fear or control by magic.” “So if we aren’t going to bust stuff, what should we do?” “I think we have a good chance of inciting a revolution.” “And then we can take over the city!” “Yes. Something to that effect, I suppose.” “Sounds like a good plan!, Whaddya think, Mary?”

“I am in favor of a plan that does not involve harming innocent people. My master would prefer this course of action.”

“Haha! Then it’s settled!” Shion, with help from Pricia and Marybell, set to work orchestrating a plan. Shion, who best knew the the kingdom and it’s people, mostly suggested ideas that Marybell and Pricia would review. Though the two ended up doing little more than praise each of Shion’s suggestions. 

Pricia in particular hadn’t considered anything other than beating Valentina into the ground, so anything beyond that was like the profound statement of a philosopher to her. “So if they listen to your song, you think you can loosen was it called? Subtle suggestion, that Valentina is using to control everyone?”

“Yes, but it’s not only that. The people are scared. We need to unite them, and inspire them to action despite their fear. 

This way, the three of us won’t be labeled as upstart revolutionaries destroying the nation. The people will join us and Shangri-La will be released from Lady Valentina’s control as a natural process of the majority sentiment.” “Alright! Then enough yakkin’! Let’s get going!” “The only hitch is, we need a way to gather the people together...”

“Wahaha! Every since I was a tiny cub in the forests of Sissei, I’ve been great at gathering all the animals to come play with me. Plus we’ve got a giant metal robo-lady!” Pricia pounded her chest triumphantly. “My time has come!” “Ah! Hold on a second, Pricia!” “Don’t worry, you can thank me later! Wahaha!” “No, that’s not it! Please be careful not to smash the town!”

Laughing all the while, Pricia climbed up to Marybell’s shoulder, the robot making its way carefully across town towards a park large enough to accommodate the machine.

“Alright, I think this is a good spot. Mary, kneel down for a second so Shion can climb up.” Marybell kneeled down, and extended a hand to help up Shion, who had just caught up with the two. “I didn’t ask before, but what exactly do you intend to do from up here?” Shion gazed down at the ground from Marybell’s shoulder nervously.

“I’m just gonna shout as loud as I can. I can scream pretty loud, so you uh, might want to cover your ears.” Pricia leaned back as she took a large breath. “Eh? W-wait, hold on a second!” “Alright you townspeople, listen up! This world doesn’t belong to anyone! You are all free! So come on over here and listen to our song!” Pricia paused and took another large breath. 

“EVERYONE, GET OVER HERE!” Pricia’s call sent out a booming echo that resounded through all of Shangri-La. Had it just been this voice, it's likely no one would have paid it much attention. However, by all accounts it appeared the voice was coming from a giant metal woman, so the guards of the city came rushing over, soon to be followed by a large crowd of ordinary folk. 

They gazed up at the machine in awe and befuddlement. As the crowd was gathering, another voice echoed over the mob, this one more refined and familiar. “Everyone, I am so thankful you have gathered here today. I’d like to sing for you all today. I hope you will hear my song not only with your ears, but with your hearts.” And for the first time in years, Shion sang a song freely, for all to hear.

Concurrently, at a place between space and time: “She’ll be figuring out how to find me soon enough I suppose.” Lapis let out a tired sigh. “Life is so short, that’s why they all cling to it, you know. But life’s end is so beautiful. Alisaris, Sylvia, it’s time. Let’s view the beautiful end of another world.”

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continued in “The Moonlit Savior Part 3”