Episode 27

Would it be right to call it a reunion? After all, the two girls used to be one. Light and shadow, torn by the same desire, only to meet again at this most unlikely place. Their conflict violent and desperate, the two halves risked everything to be whole. Exhausted, the two were drawn into Yggdrasil, the World Tree... At the same time in another place, a strange space vessel appeared from an interdimensional gap. 

From that ship emerged a single figure. A small magician. “Nnnn. Am I finally here?” The girl stretched her arms up towards the sky and yawned. A never before seen protagonist in the story of this world had appeared in calm silence. Crossing dimensions to become a Wanderer, to become a hero, Kaguya had arrived.

“Hehehe. Now to conquer this puny planet...wait that’s not right! Right, right I gotta find Alice.”

Kaguya was an alien to this world, knowing nothing of it, and the people of Attoractia knowing nothing of her. However, this hardly bothered Kaguya. Previously, as a being of immortality, Kaguya found it hard to relate to others and enjoy new experiences. After the fight with the Cthulhu that immortal curse was lost and the newly mortal Kaguya revelled in life’s myriad of new experiences.

“Hmm...I have no idea where I am. Wahaha! How exciting! Don’t worry Alice, I’m on my way! An ally of justice always appears just in the nick of time.” with that Kaguya turned her attention to the enormous tree that was visible in the distance. Yggdrasil had sensed Lapis’ attempts to absorb the world into a regalia. To protect the world, the great tree had need of a champion, an avatar. 

During the fight between the two Alices, Yggdrasil had sensed their desire to defeat Lapis and protect Attoractia.

“Feels like there should be something here, but...” Kaguya circled the world tree, flying leisurely around its circumference. “Hmmm? Was I wrong about this place?” Kaguya was not one to doubt her intuition. A trait she inherited from Fiethsing. Quietly, at the foot of Yggdrasil, a radiant light burst forth from the great tree, forming into the shape of Alice.

“Wahaha! I knew it!” Kaguya’s moment of triumph was quickly interrupted by the arrival of another presence. Kaguya, still flying, darted quickly away. Only a few moments later the spot where she previously was erupted in fire. At the center of that flame was Sylvia Gill Palarilias.

“I thought there was a bug buzzing about and instead I find a girl. Tell me, where have you come from? You’re not from this world are you? You smell like that other brat.”

“You’re a bad guy, aren’t you?! I don’t have to answer you!” “This world is done for. Irregulars like you shouldn’t be lingering around.” Sylvia’s voice faltered for a moment when she spoke of her dying homeworld. “Hey now! I’ll have you know I’m the hero of this story! Don’t go ignoring a champion of justice!”

“Story? I’re from Earth, then?” “Wahaha! That’s an interesting theory! But like I said, you’re a bad guy. I don’t have to tell you...anything!” On the last word Kaguya swung her staff in a wide arc, several bullets of light forming from the swing and speeding towards Sylvia. The dragoness, hardly surprised, deflected the bullets with the swing of her sword. 

The clan leader was in no mood for games, immediately conjuring immense flames from her blade and hurling them at the young would-be heroine. Kaguya quickly chanted a spell that caused a bubble of light to encapsulate the flames, condensing them until the disappeared harmlessly into the air. “I see, so you use counter magic? This could actually be troublesome.”

“Your fire is like the passing breeze to me! Wahahaha! By the way, I noticed you guys didn’t have a moon. I fixed that.” Kaguya motioned behind her, revealing that at some point a large moon had appeared in the sky. While only a conjuration from the girl’s memories, the pale orb bore the unmistakable shape of Earth’s former natural satellite.

“This bright light...this feeling is...” By the light of a familiar moon, Alice awoke. Whole once more.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attoractia, the World of the Seven Kings