Episode 58

”Frayla has instigated a rebellion. She’s calling it a liberation army. But we Elves she desire our sacred lands for herself. Dark Elves have never been allowed to return since their banishment. I shall deal with this incursion personally.”

The Elves’ self-righteousness was going to be troublesome, but the real issue now was Frayla. 

Why had she done this? Every second Gill spent inactive left room for further complication. The sacred grounds of the Elves held a powerful non-aggression enchantment and Frayla certainly knew of that. If she really had begun a revolution, had she discovered a way around it? It seemed the only possible conclusion, but how? 

The non-aggression field was ancient and powerful magic woven into the land. TO obtain knowledge like that...what had Frayla done? Gill couldn’t shake the feeling there was still a third party involved. ”What is it, Gill?” Cecil asked. “You think they found a way to pass through the portal?” “Maybe. You have any ideas on it?”

”The Seven Taboos. I’m sure you know the story too. Right, Gill?” ”Every kid knows that story. The Outer World Gate, the Sacred Temple, the Moonlight Sect, the Lightning Caverns, the Eternal Tower, the Floating Island, and the Ultra Dragons. A god’s power divided and spread among all seven, to guard the power. Defeat them and claim godly power. 

Crazy people have been looking for them forever, no one’s found them. If you seriously think that’s what Frayla’s got, you’re nuts.” ”The Elves have discovered two of them already. Or rather, two of them have appeared to us. The Dark Elves may have found some on their own and are planning to use that power to destroy the portals.” ”What? You mean the Elf Kingdom has actually found them?”

”Yes. I’m not sure how much of the old story is true, but the Seven Taboos and their power are indeed real. We’ve received confirmation of the Sacred Temple and the Outer World Gate.” ”Does the King know?” ”I don’t think so. I’ve been keeping the information from him. I don’t think he’d hesitate to use them against Frayla.”

”If Frayla’s using one of them, I’ll have to look into it. Which one is closer?” “The Sacred Temple. But it’s guarded by strange lumbering soldiers, no one’s been able to get close.” “I’ll be careful. Thanks, Cecil. Also I need you to send a message to Pearlshine, Kirik and Shaela. Tell them to meet me there.”

”I got it.” Gill knew he’d likely have need of his unlikely party’s power again. He headed off in the direction of the temple, feeling somewhat nostalgic.

The temple was, surprisingly, not too far from Dark Elf lands. Traversing the forests he reminisced about the event ten years ago. The girl, Reiya and the appearance of the Dark Castle. That was the trick, wasn’t it? The Dark Castle had ‘appeared’. 

But if there were legends of the Sacred Temple dating throughout history, it couldn’t have just appeared. Something was preventing everyone from seeing it until know, which is why it would seem as  though it suddenly appeared. Gill felt an uneasiness in the surrounding woods. ”Who’s there?”

Gill hurled a dagger constructed of wind magic forward from the source of the noise. Ahead, gill could spy the form of some mysterious traveller. Curiously, his spell seemed to halt just before the traveller, and disappeared into the air. He constructed the spell to be non-lethal, but there still should’ve been some kind of impact.

”Oh? Now, now. One musn’t go attacking strangers. I’m a humble traveller after all. A wandering speaker of good faith. I am called Kaim.” “I didn’t ask.” ”Well that is most unfortunate.” ”What are you? It’s clear you’re no ordinary traveller.” ”You are mistaken, friend. I am nothing but a humble wanderer. You are in a hurry are you not? 

I only recently encountered another hurried group just ahead of me. A group of Dark Elves, I believe.” Gill didn’t have the time for...whatever this person was. He would have to worry about it later. “Which way did they go?” ”That way.” Kaim raised a thin finger. It was the same direction as what Cecil’s report indicated was the location of the Sacred Temple. 

Which meant the Dark ELves indeed were after the power of the Seven Taboos. “Thanks, speaker of good faith.” ”You’re quite welcome, Gill.” Gill continued on, away from Kaim, towards the temple. As he moved closer to the indicated location, the signs of a large group grew more evident. 

The Dark Elves. It seems he’d caught up with them, but in his hurry he hadn’t taken care to conceal his own movements. It’s likely they were aware of him as well. As long as he didn’t get caugh- “You there, stop where you are.”

The voice sounded suspiciously familiar. A voice with an underlying sadness to it, despite it’s seemingly careless tone. ”Frayla!”

“Gill? Is that you? Haha, it’s been awhile, huh?” Reunited after many years, but the two had no time to waste on catching up.