Forbidden Lands

Episode 59

”Gill, do you remember the first time we met?” ”I do.” ”You rescued me back then.” ”Did I?” ”I thought perhaps you didn’t intend to save me at the time.” ”Frayla, what’s going on? Have you really started a rebellion?

”I’d like an answer first. Why have you come to stop me? You’re a human. You shouldn’t be concerned with the affairs of Elves and Dark Elves. It seems we are destined to meet at odd times, unless you have come at the behest of the Elves.” ”No, not exactly. Behest or not, I won’t do anything unless I want to. What about you? Is this something you truly wish to do?”

Frayla’s face scrunched up in thought for a moment. Frayla had always been rather poor at suppressing her feelings. ”Yes, of course it is.” Frayla answered, half lying. Once something this serious had been started, it was near impossible to stop, and Frayla likely knew this too. However, Gill still thought there might be time to resolve things before the conflict got out of hand.

Choosing to believe that was true, Gill only had one recourse. ”Frayla, take me with you. You’d know better than I the dangers that lie ahead in these lands, you’re going to need my help.” ”I appreciate the proposal GIll, but I’d hate for you to get caught up in our conflict. Please stay out of this.”

”Even if you say no, I’m still coming. I already told you. I do what I want and nothing else.” ”Haha, I expected you to say as much but I still had to try. What do you hope to gain by getting involved?” ”To learn all I can. You’re a wise and accomplished leader. If you weren’t around, my life would be more difficult.”

”I appreciate your compliments, but I think you may be underestimating yourself. I can see a great power yet sleeping within you. It’s part of why I’ve come to admire you, and I do hope you’ll see it yourself one day. That’s why I can’t let you do this...” Gill felt is body suddenly go rigid and numb. A needle had stuck him in the back of the neck. When? 

He hadn’t even noticed. Had they used some magic to distract his attention? Could it have been the work of that strange Kaim he met earlier? ”It’s a powerful sedative. You won’t die, and you’ll be able to move again in a short while. I hope you understand, Gill. I can’t allow the chance of anything stopping this revolution. Everyone has darkness in their hearts.

Large or small. Even you and I.” With Frayla’s words, Gill fell unconscious. ”Are you finished with your little speech?” ”Kaim, you’ve returned.”

”Indeed. Let us press forward to the Soul Liberation Gate” ”This had better work.”

”Just before the Sacred Temple, that is where the gate should be. If you release it, you’ll gain not only the power to dispel the illusions of the Elf portals, but also the power to bring back the souls of the dead. You may yet save that poor girl who was killed.” ”Alright. Hilda, Saffina, let’s move.” ”Okay.”

Slowly, auditory function returned to Gill’s ears. Someone was calling his name. ”Gill, hey, Gill. Wake up.” A large looming shadow covered Gill, a shadow in the shape of a Panda. ”Nngh. Pearlshine?” ”Is that really all you have to say?” Pearlshine teased. ”The four of us reunited at last.” 

Kirik said. ”Yes~ It’s certainly been a while~” Shaela chimed in. Pearlshine helped Gill up, as he affirmed the condition of his body. It seems like the effects of the poison had mostly worn off. By the position of the sun he surmised he’d been out for roughly two hours. He was going to have to hurry. “You all got here pretty fast.”

”You told us to hurry in the message.” ”We need to get to the Sacred Temple. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories.”

”So its true then? Such power really does exist?” Kirik asked.

”We’ll only truly know for certain once we get there.” Pearlshine answered. Ahead of the group, Gill felt the unmistakable presence of a powerful magic. He was certain the stories of the temple were true.