Unleashing the Outer World Gate

Episode 61

Pandora was suddenly enveloped in a strange light, but it didn’t seem as though it was Pandora’s magic. ”Frayla!” It was a spell that had come from Kaim. Frayla stood beside the mysterious man. Frayla appeared to be fine, but behind her stood too other dark elves who by all appearances seemed to be standing corpses, Saffina and Hilda. Gill was confused. Frayla seemed completely fine, so why were Hilda and Saffina…?

”Who are you to restrain me with such power?” Pandora glowered at Kaim, seemingly ignoring Gill and the others.

“Only one who is clever enough to wait for you to expend power and expose your weaknesses. Taking on a guardian such as yourself would take far too much time, so letting you flit about with the others was a perfect distraction. Even so, I still do not think I could properly defeat you, so I devised another method. This is magic holding you is time compression magic. 

Time within it will move more slowly while time out here passes as normal. I daresay by the time you escape the world will be quite different. Actually, I very much doubt there will be anything of the world left at all.” A wicked grin spread across Kaim’s face. Gill cursed under his breath. The revolution with the dark elves, their move into the Sacred Temple, had this all been orchestrated by Kaim? 

Was removing Pandora so important that he’d exchange dozens of dark elf lives? ”Frayla, make for the gate. I’m sure you remember what to do. It’s the only way to save all those poor dark elves.” ”Yes.” There was no life in Frayla’s voice. After witnessing the slaughter of so many of her comrades, she had seemingly lost her leader’s spirit.

”Frayla!” Gill cried. “Gill? Haha, even after I tried so hard to keep you safe, you’ve gotten yourself wrapped up in this. I’m sorry but there’s nothing you can do to stop me. So many of my people have died for me, but if I can open that gate, I can bring them all back.” ”Frayla, open your eyes. There’s no magic like that. It can’t be that easy.”

”It’s the only choice I have now, Gill. Even if I die, I will see this through.” Frayla turned away and made for the center of the Sacred Temple. Pandora, now trapped by Kaim’s time compression spell, seemed to disappear into thin air. ”Frayla, stop!” Gill went to follow her. ”Oh? I’m sorry but that’s as far as you’ll go.” Kaim put himself between the two. ”Out of my way.” 

Gill snapped. ”I’m afraid that being in the way is a large part of my job.” Kaim spoke as if aloof to the normal functions of the world. Again Gill wondered exactly what this person was. ”As I believe I told you before. I am a speaker of peace and love. It’s so fascinating what people will do to achieve those ideals, is it not? Love can drive one to hate others so furiously, like that foolish girl. 

Don’t you find it amusing?” ”Whatever madness you’re plotting I won’t let you take advantage of anyone else.” Gill took an offensive stance, backed up by his three companions. ”This guy really rubs me the wrong way.” Said Taegrus. ”Those who use others are cowards with no real strength.” Kirik added. ”Sowing hatred...it only spreads misery~” Shalea said.

”It seems you’ve all decided to hate me. I thought at least you would see my way of thinking, Gill. How unfortunate.” Large globes of searing fire began to appear and surround Kaim before raining down on the four. Taegrus, acting quickly, conjured a gem barrier to protect himself and the others while Shaela fired a powerful torrent of water. ”Let’s go, Kirik.” “Understood.”

As Taegrus and Shaela defended, Kirik and Gill lept forward to attack.

Kirik moved low and fast across the ground to avoid Kaim’s fire, throwing his whole body into a powerful kick. Coupled with Gill’s wind sword slash the two were able to tear their foe completely asunder. ”As expected, you still never hold back.” Gill said to Kirik. ”It’s a rule I live by.” The dragonoid answered.

A shrieking laugh pierced the lull in the fight as Kaim’s broken form began to convulse in joyous amusement.. “Kill me if you must, your mistake was wasting any time on me at all. The greatest show is about to start. I’m sure he’ll be very pleased.”

Kaim’s form dissolved into a thin black fog and dissipated like bits of sand in the wind, flowing into a large, foreboding gate that had appeared a short ways away in the distance where Frayla had walked off to. THe gate swallowed not only Kaim’s form, but the dead remains of the many dark elves laying about from their battle against Pandora. “Frayla!” Gill was certain his voice would reach her, but from the gate there was no response.