Advent of the Demon King

Episode 62

By the time Gill had arrived at the devilish looking gate, it was clearly too late. It had been opened. Strange monstrous creatures had begun appearing in the gate’s maw, spilling forth into the world. Each of these creatures was emblazoned with a strange runic mark.

”Gill, mind if I ask you something?” Taegrus turned to Gill, having caught up with him. 

Taegrus motioned past the strange monsters to the center of the gate, where the form of a humanoid wizard could be seen. As the form drew closer, the two could more clearly make out his appearance. He appeared surprisingly young, though Gill and Taegrus sensed a power and experience far greater than the man’s visual age.

Whoever this was, he was clearly some sort of leader or creature greater than the lesser monsters creeping from the gate. ”You’re a learned boy, any idea who that might be?” Taegrus again motioned to the approaching wizard. ”The Demon King.” Gill said, unphased. ”The children’s story?” Taegrus seemed perplexed.

”In the story, the Demon King leads an army of strange magical creatures. I can’t think of anything else to call him other than that.” More than the unkown monsters, Gill’s mind was transfixed on the one he had decidedly named the Demon King. The aura surrounding him was so unusual, but he’d seen something similar before. Reiya.

He couldn’t help but wonder of the two were connected, and indeed what had happened to Reiya after her disappearance. ”We don’t have time to overthink it. The victor is he who strikes first. When there’s an opening, the rest of you strike.” Kirik said, having joined up with Taegrus and Gill. ”I’m going too.” Shaela said, unusually serious.

Gill knew there were only two basic options of approach with the enemy in plain sight like this. The first was as Kirik suggested, to strike before the enemy had a chance to flex their strength and drive them back. The second was to assess the enemy’s strength and exploit weaknesses to achieve victory. However, something in Gill’s stomach said it was unwise to allow this man to demonstrate his power. 

Whether this was indeed the Demon King or not, dangerous monsters were coming from this demonic gate, and they needed to stop that as quickly as possible. ”As you say.” Gill said to Kirik. With Gill’s wind magic Kirik and Shaela sped forward towards the wizard coming through the gate. 

The two aimed for a pincer attack to flank the man between fire and water. With luck, defending against the two types of magic would prove difficult. Even if both attacks were blocked, it’d certainly create a large enough opening for Gill to strike and defeat their enemy. ”Pearlshine, I’m counting on you for defense.”

”Of course.” The panda king smiled. With Taegrus taking the ground, Gill could attack from the air, creating an attack pattern that should effectively draw the enemy’s attention to four places, up, down, left, and right, making it impossible for him to defend against everything. Kirik and Shaela charged forward with a fiery kick and a massive wave of water respectively. 

The Demon King sat on a palanquin held aloft by several monsters, and showed no sign or interest in moving. As they drew within striking distance, the Demon King’s eyes took stock of the two and he raised an arm. ”A dragonoid and a mermaid working together? How unusual. What kind of irregular element has bonded these two together, I wonder.”

A string of various crests appeared around the Demon King. A blue crest intercepted the incoming fire attack and a red one, the water. “Working together perhaps, but not coordinated. Anyone can attack at the same time as someone else.”

Another wave of the Demon King’shand and the counteractive crests activated, sending Kirik and Shaela flying backwards with a flash of light ”Tsk, even with this much power in my attack.” ”Yes, he’s very strong!” Kirik and Shaela stood back up, ready to face their opponent again. The Demon King eyed them as one would several buzzing insects.

”Know your place.” Suddenly, Kirik and Shaela’s movements were halted. From somewhere within the devilish gate two small arrows had flown forth, striking the two. From the gate crept forward the legion of dark elves who had been previously swallowed, led by Hilda and Saffina...and Frayla.

”Damn you!” Kirik growled as he and Shaela fell to the ground, paralyzed. ”Gill, this is bad, we need to get the others and retreat.”

Taegrus urged. “You’re right.” Gill said through gritted teeth. Taegrus launched a flurry of gems towards the Demon King. A dark aligned crest moved to intercept the attack, absorbing the light shone by the gems. At the same time, Gill leapt high into the air to attack from above. The dark crest’s magic latched onto to Gill, threatening to pull him down.

”Heh, well that’s still not going to stop me.”  Just before he was completely bound in darkness, Gill conjured an elemental in his place, using it as a substitution to free himself. He then used the elemental as a catalyst to conjure a wind blade, hurling it at the Demon King. ”As expected of a forgotten king of history.” ”You sure like spit nonsense.” Gill said.

”Ah but still your work seems imperfect.” A green colored grested interceded this time. WIth another flash of light, Gill’s attack was dispersed, like the others. ”Crush the sprouts and nothing blooms. Farewell.”

All five of the Demon King’s strange crests gathered together to fire an intense surge of magical force at Gill.

As the light of the attack filled Gill’s eyes, a small black spot entered his view. A tiny black butterfly. From it appeared Reiya, her strange sword drawn. She struck at the Demon King with it, forcing him to stop his attack and defend himself. ”The years have treated you well, Welser. I’m impressed.” ”Ah, of course. If there was anyone who would meddle in the affairs of this world, it would be you. 

As you can see I’ve had ample time to rejuvenate since last we met.” ”Gill, leave this to me, get the others and run.” Reiya turned to him for only a moment. ”Thanks. Taegrus, can you move?” Startled though he was, Gill was not about to waste the opportunity. ”Yes, but Kirik and Shaela are completely out.” “We’ll carry them, then. Reiya, are you sure you can handle this?”

“You’re not as cool when you underestimate me.” Reiya said with a wry smile. “Got it.” Gill and Taegrus grabbed their incapacitated friends and made to retreat. “King of History. You shall know my name is Welser.” The Demon King said to Gill as he fled. “Remember it.” “My name’s Gill. You don’t have to remember it, because we’re going to defeat you.” Gill and Taegrus carried Shaela and Kirik back towards Sasaru.