The Eternal Tower

Episode 63

For if Kirik and Shaela are to regain consciousness, Gill needed to enlist aid from the Dragonoids and the Mermaids to return to their homelands and obtain the care and attention that was needed for their wellbeing. One thing was clear however, the extensive difference between Welser’s powers and theirs. As a result, there was no reliable strategy that would lead to the Demon King’s downfall.

Where the Gates of Darkness previously resided has been replaced by a massive churning vortex of otherworldly powers. Furthermore, since the Dark Elves have been consumed, the Elf Portals are more than likely the next targets...but what to do? Gill reflected on his thoughts on how they should proceed. As he lingered further into thought, he drifted off towards slumber. 

Relentless battles have overtaxed him, pushing mind and soul to the limit until rest was the only resolution. As torpidity rose, a recurring dream quickly overcame him... “The Eternal Tower...”, Gill thought to himself.

Gill found himself faced with an all too familiar scene, the Eternal Tower...a behemoth of construction that pierced the clouds.

Lightning continuously struct the surrounding area, claps of thunder and high winds made it difficult attune the senses. Gill collects himself and proceeds towards the magenta hued entrance, placing a few strands of his platinum hair behind his right ear, he walks through the archway. Two white Dragonoid priestesses awaited within. 

Their sole purpose is to protect the sacred powers that remains sealed further within the Eternal Tower. They were formidable and not to be taken lightly. Gill knew that if he were to obtain these powers, he may indeed be able to face the Demon King once again. He could feel himself being drawn deeper and further into the tower. “This is just a dream...yet I feel I must venture forth.”, he thought.

Suddenly, Gill awoke from his slumber. Details of his dream remain fresh in his mind like it wasn’t a dream at all. Similarly, to the Palace of Hope, intriguing magical powers concealed it against prying eyes. With a dream so vivid and real, could these forbidden places exist in reality? Gill was determined to find out. 

After gathering the necessities, he ventured forth to the location of the Eternal Tower his dream previously guided him to. Gill cautiously proceeded past the Demon Gate towards the Eternal Tower. As Gill ventured forward, he finally could see the Eternal Tower in front of the sunset. A half day journey still left Gill well rested, so he started to approach the main gate.

The Eternal Tower appeared precisely as it did in his dream. “Who made this colossal tower of vast magical powers and what is the purpose of it all?”, he pondered. Perplexed, he continued onward knowing nothing but what his dream portrayed. Gill stood just inches from the Eternal Tower gates. As if he was expected, the heavy doors begin to open from within. 

Gill extends his hands forward to push them open completely. Waiting within are the same two white Dragonoid priestesses from his dream. “Who are you and why have you come?”, one of the priestesses inquired. “I am known as Gill. I have had a dream...a vision of this place and the power that it holds.”, Gill responded. "My name is Ryula and my counterpart here is Viola.

For generations, we have guarded this tower waiting for the chosen one to appear. You have been guided here by dream, validation that you are indeed the chosen one. Though you seek the power the Eternal Tower holds, such things come at a cost. You must prove to us your resolve and righteousness. “, Ryula explained.

“Righteousness and resolve...right...”, Gill mumbled just loud enough for the priestesses to hear.

“What use are these powers to you?”, Viola quickly confronted Gill. Gill, slightly rattled by Viola’s approach, kept his composure and responded, “To seal the Gates of Darkness.” “...and after that?”, the priestess inquired. “I do not know, my sole purpose as of now is to seal The Gate of Darkness at any cost. I cannot say what the future holds. 

Are you asking if I will always be pure and good? In good faith I cannot guarantee that. I cannot say I won’t use these powers for destruction. With destruction comes rebirth, like the ashes of a phoenix.”, Gill firmly stood his ground. “If that is the case, then we can only bestow to you the power you seek with one condition.”, proclaimed the priestesses, “If you desire what you seek, a contract must be made.”

“What are the details of this ‘contract’ you speak of?”, Gill responded.

“For as long as blood flows through your veins and your lungs take breath, the misuse of these powers will be your untimely demise.”, the priestesses grinned in response. Without a hint of hesitation, Gill quickly answers, “Then I believe we have come to an arrangement.” “Are you prepared to have this contract bound to you for life?”, the priestesses asked.

“I am posed with no choice in the matter. Unless the Gate of Darkness is closed, and the Demon King defeated, there will be no future, so indeed, yes...I accept.”, grinningly he continues, “Besides, I don’t take defeat like this very well.” “We have foreseen that; indeed, you are right. With the Gate of Darkness open, the future is bleak at best. We shall entrust the future of this world to you. 

Step forward and we shall guide you to the top of the Eternal Tower.”, the priestesses commanded of Gill. Suddenly, without notice, a simple flash from Ryula’s magic circle, Gill quickly realized he was indeed on top of the Eternal Tower. As Gill clears the hair from in front of his eyes, he glares towards the center of the tower. 

A jagged pedestal resides at the center with a magic stone hovering above it. Radiating multiple hues of light from the center, feeling like it’s already consuming him. Glowing and radiant, Gill proceeds towards the stone. “Extend your hands forward to proceed with the contract. Viola will assist you.”, Ryula instructed.

“Sure thing.”, Gill quickly responded, it’s all he could do being in awe of the radiance of the magic stone. The power almost buckling him to his knees. “Will you swear that you will never use this power with nefarious intent and if so, the punishment is your own annihilation?”, Viola asked. “I swear to only use the powers for the benefit of the world.”, Gill responded.

“As you wish, then let the contract be sealed in your heart and soul. Reach out and grasp the magic stone”, Viola exclaimed. As the very tip of Gill’s finger contacted the magic stone, its glow amplified ten-fold. His palms wrapped around the sides of the stone and the light slowly began to creep up Gill’s arms towards his chest. Gill could feel the flow of power pierce his mortal shell quickly consuming him from within.

He could barely take a breath, let alone move until the magic stone began to shrink until it was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. As the light resided and Gill stood in awe, Viola began to seal the contract. She engraved a sacred glyph into Gill’s chest to seal the power of the magic stone within him.

“This is an ultra magic stone – it will provide guidance to you henceforth.

Grasp the ultra magic stone firmly and extend your hand towards the clouds.”, Viola instructed. Gill rose his hand skyward. At its peak, a radiant ray of light extended through the sky. “If you desire to obtain new power beyond what you already possess, follow this light. The light will lead you to the Floating Isle in which you’ll find a guardian to further instruct you.”, Viola showed Gill.

“Quite interesting indeed. I have a friend that these powers would be rather...beneficial to. Rather than consume it for myself, the both of us together with these new powers would have a greater impact.”, Gill explained, “Thank you for your assistance, but I must take my leave.”

“Our pleasure. You have our blessing Gill and be sure to not forget about the contract.”, Viola warned Gill. “Oh, believe me, I’ll keep that in mind.”, Gill responded. Gill began his journey back to Sasaru. Gill grew excited and confident at thought of even more power residing at the Floating Isle. As he left the Eternal Tower, he took one more glance back as he’ll always remember where he obtained the power and abilities to confront the Demon King.