The Floating Isle and a Curious Rabbit

Episode 64

Gill was lost, deep in thought, as he made his return to Sasaru. As he continued onward, he heard a voice that interrupted his thoughts. “Wait for me! Let me be your guide!”, a mysterious voice seems to come out of thin air. Gill couldn’t find where the voice came from, he turned around and no one was there.

“You seem to be thinking of something important. Perhaps something high up in the sky? I’m thinking of the same thing!”, the mysterious voice continued, Gill still not sure where it came from. “So that wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, it’s definitely someone’s voice. Regardless, I’m not too sure about this.”, Gill thought to himself.

With that thought, Gill sensed something and immediately ducked to cover without thinking twice. Suddenly, right where Gill was standing, a girl landed on the ground with a pair of rather unusual ears. “Jeez! You should have just answered to the divine calling! Don’t you know that’s how this all works?”, the unusual girl shouted.

“I do not have time for this, goodbye.”, Gill quickly mentioned as he continued his travels. “What?? Wait wait wait!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, our meeting is nothing but destiny! Don’t you know that? It’s slightly complicated but you see...”, the girl started to explain. “I have no time for this, I need to hurry.”, Gill thought to himself, ignoring the girl and hastening his pace.

“Why are you following me?”, Gill quickly said. “Well, as I was saying, it’s destiny that the two of us crossed paths! Once in a lifetime chance that we should run into each other, that’s why I’m still following!”, said the girl as she started to lose breath and pant trying to keep up with Gill’s pace.

How the two of them met is unexplainable, but even though Gill brushed her off and continued onward, faster and faster, she continued to follow and keep up with him. That takes some true willpower and real physical strength, she isn’t someone who should be so quickly dismissed and ignored as Gill initially had done.

“Ahem, as I was saying...”, the girl broke the somewhat awkward silence, “I know that you seek out something in the sky and you can depend on me to guide you there! I can also hold my own in a fight if you need someone like that! Besides, these adventures you’re suppose to meet new people, have faith will you! At least, that’s how the saying goes.”

“Faith built on nothing can lead to your own downfall and demise. Regardless, you mentioned you can hold your own in a fight? Well prove it!”, Gill commanded of the girl. “ name’s Ayu. If it’s proof you want, then proof you’ll get!”, Ayu exclaimed, “The spirits that lie within me, answer to my calling – Optional Possession!”, she shouted.

Just as Ayu finished her chant, a puff of smoke arose from around her. 

Gill watched the whole thing, he saw numerous forms resembling several spirits like dragons and insects, the list goes on. Many different shapes appeared and disappeared as if they were to take Ayu’s place at any moment. Perhaps she uses a spirit’s strength and abilities as her own in combat? 

This is the first time Gill has ever encountered anything like this in his travels, he was intrigued to say the least, enough to make him stand still anyways. If she can harness the raw power of something like a dragon or tiger, then most likely she would be a considerable ally. Then then Ayu completed the Possession process. 

The smoke begins to clear, and Gill is left in awe at the changes he sees before him. “Meow~”, Ayu quietly purred. “A cat, she became a simple house cat. Forget everything I said.”, thought Gill, “She seems like she has no control of what she becomes, complete nonsense.

Once in a lifetime chance - hmph, she was right about that, not everyday you see a girl turn into a cat of all things.”, as Gill finished his though, he glanced over at Ayu...the cat. Ayu was completely asleep right where her chant left off.

“A complete waste of time. I need to get back on track and hurry to where Pearlshine is.”, with that thought, Gill headed back to the palace at Sasaru, leaving Ayu undisturbed to cats normally do. “I have returned. Pearlshine, how are you feeling?”, Gill inquired. “Not too bad at all. Good to see you back Gill.”, Pearlshine responded.

Gill quickly noticed that Pearlshine has made a complete recovery from injuries that he sustained during the fight with the Demon King. It must be the powers of Pearlshine’s magical gems. What an invaluable procession to have, truly remarkable. “So, where to next?”, Pearlshrine question Gill. “We need to go to The Floating Isle.”, Gill answered quickly.

The Gem Boat Alexandrite, a gigantic airship that Pearlshine has been developing. The method to deploy the powers of gems to fly small objects in the sky has already been perfected. Even though the mechanical workings of the Alexandrite has been completed already, to harness enough power to deploy this gigantic airship properly was originally thought to need more time...until now. 

With the power from the ultra magic stone that Gill possesses, the power source for the Alexandrite is now completed and can now take flight! “Gill, just where did you manage to get this much power from?”, completely shocked, Pearlshine asked. “There is no time for explanation, we can discuss that later. We should head out now, time is of the essence.”, Gill brushed off Pearlshine’s question.

With a slight nod from the panda pilot, the engines of Alexandrite started. Wind magic began to power the massive airship and the Alexandrite headed skyward almost effortlessly. As the Alexandrite rose steadily, Gill grasped the ultra magic stone and rose his hand in the air. The ray of light like before guided them towards The Floating Isle.

“Pearlshine, follow the ray of light and that will bring us to The Floating Isle.”, Gill continued, “Also, whoever is hiding...reveal yourself!”, he commanded.

Gill could sense a presence lurking in the shadows, or more simply put, Gill can see a pair of furry ears in plain sight...rabbit ears that is. “ did you notice? My hiding abilities aren’t as good as I hoped. Like they say, ‘Nothing is perfect! Anyways, let me tag along with you guys, okay?”, Ayu asked.

“If you say so, you can come along. By the way, it was your ears that gave you away.”, Gill responded while pointing at Ayu’s rabbit ears. Other that Ayu’s ears, she was pretty well hidden. Regardless, she came out of hiding and joined Gill. Just then, Gill felt a sudden burst of energy somewhere off in the distance. 

With his newfound powers that he obtained from the ultra magic stone, his sensing abilities has been greatly increased. Gill focused, he could sense that the sudden burst of power originated from where the Elf Portal should be. This could only be from the Demon King, he was on the move. This is definitely not good and the invasion is going to come sooner than later.

“Pearlshine...there’s something else that needs my attention right now. You’ll know what to do when you get to The Floating Isle I presume, correct? This is my exit, I’m making the jump of the Alexandrite.”, Gill quickly explained. “Woah wait a second! First of all, you’re not going to elaborate a little more? Secondly, you are you out of your mind! You’re going to jump off the airship!? 

You are insane!”, Pearlshine proclaimed. “Trust me, I’ll be fine. As far as an explanation, at The Floating Isle lies an immense power, similar to mine. Pearlshine, you should be able to obtain that power yourself and you should also be able to combat the Demon King.

Fret not, Ayu should be able to guide you along!”, Gill quickly explained as he started to get ready to make his jump of the airship. “Huh!? What are you talking about? You’re confusing me even more now!”, shouted Pearlshine.

It’s only normal that Pearlshine felt that way, after all, he was now faced with a huge task that he only just learned about, as well as a new companion he only just met. Pearlshine will probably find out who Ayu is and what she is about anyways even without Gill around.

“I must take my leave, I have faith in you Pearlshine! By the way, if Ayu acts suspiciously, we’re in midair…just toss her off the side!”, Gill said jokingly, “Listen to what she has to say about The Floating Isle, just don’t trust her unconditionally!” “Yeah! You can count on me!”, Ayu said excitingly. Ironically, Ayu was the one who answered with the most enthusiasm. 

Looking over at Pearlshine, who has now seemed to fully accept the situation, Gill took the leap from the Alexandrite. Falling against the strong winds, Gill reached the ground landing on his feet.