The Ominous Moon

Episode 66

“...Even if you defeat me, this hell won’t end. You might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Farewell, King of History.” The wicked spirit commander gave her last cryptic words before falling to Gill. That title had returned, ‘King of History’, just what were these guys referring to? “You’ve seem to become stronger. All the more reason for us to take your power for our own”, Welser, the Demon King had arrived.

With him, came a frightening amount of wicked spirits, enough to cover the battlefield. Gill began to assess his options, the number of wicked spirits was large, but the only real threat was the Demon King. He himself would likely manage to fight with the power of the ultra magic stone in hand, but a side glance at Ciel affirmed that the boy would be too exhausted to continue. 

Ciel was still a child after all. Yet, even from their short time together, Gill knew the boy would be too stubborn to run away. He had to find a way to let him down easy. As if reading Gill’s thoughts, the boy called out to Gill, “Stop worrying about me. I can still continue.” “...No, quite the opposite.” “The opposite?”, Ciel responded irritatedly.

“There’s a task that I can only entrust to you.”, Gill thought back to the contents of Frayla’s last words, “I need you to find a dark elf girl named Lily and bring her to me.” “A dark elf? But why?” “You’ll understand when you find her. We may have just met, but I feel I can trust you with this task. Can you do this for me?” “... Fine, in that case I’ll go. Mikay! Let’s go!”

With that, Ciel took Mikay and retreated from the front lines. 

The whole spiel about ‘understanding when you find her’ was all nonsense in the spur of the moment, and yet Gill had confidence Ciel would figure something out. Now that Ciel had left, Gill returned to the matter at hand. Even with the with the ultra magic stone, winning against the Demon King and his army would likely be an impossibility. Shouldn’t those guys show up around now, Gill thought to himself…

“Catch me~!”, came a sudden cry from Ayu, as she rapidly fell from the sky. Gill nimbly dodged her as she came crashing down. The result was a large ‘whack’ sound and an Ayu left with her head buried into the ground. A moment later, Taegrus safely landed, together with his new found power. It would seem ‘some’ help had managed to arrive in time.

“So, how did it go?”, Gill asked “It went well. But I don’t understand, where are all these powers I’ve never heard of coming from?” “I don’t quite know myself. The only clue we have is that these powers are necessary for the battles to come.”

“We can theorize later. By the way, why didn’t you tell me I would need to fight a guardian to receive my power?”, Taegrus asked exasperatedly. “...Huh? Well, they just straight up gave me mine.”

“You’re kidding me! I came pretty close to dying for mine.” The smell of blood tinged the air. 

However, unlike the choking stench that remained on a battlefield, this smell resembled more of a sweet fragrance. “Hate to interrupt your conversation, but it would seem you’ve all arrived safely.” ““Reiya!”” Reiya had appeared. In this world wrapped in mystery, this enigma of a woman had appeared once again.

This woman is the key to both the truth of the world, as well as this ensuing fight. “Reiya. After this battle is over, tell me everything you know. Exactly what is going on.”, Gill requested to Reiya. “It’s still to early for you. Not until I’m sure you’ve changed…” “The King of History. You know who it is don’t you?” Reiya’s face instantly stiffened. Gill was confident he was on to something.

“Who’d you hear that from?”, Reiya asked. “That guy.”, said Gill as he pointed at the Demon King. “I that case, once we defeat Welser I’ll tell you the truth of this tale.” “Got it. You think you can take him?” Back during the battle at the Gates to the Outer World, Reiya held the Demon King back to buy us time to escape. But if you look at it the other way, it would mean not even Reiya could easily defeat Welser.

“I can take him”, Reiya replied confidently, dispelling Gill’s fears. “I’ve finally become a bit more familiar with ‘this world’. 

I’ll be counting on you guys to not get in my way.” Reiya’s sword sucked in her own blood, and began to gleam black. “Oh yeah, where’d that one strange girl go?”, Gill asked noticing Ayu’s lack of presence. He could swear she had fallen from the sky a moment ago. She must have disappeared while no one was looking.

“We’ll be fine without her. She was never that helpful anyway. Even after you left Alexandrite, all she did was make noise the whole journey.”, replied Taegrus. In the end, they never understood whether Ayu was an ally or an enemy… “Let’s focus for now. They’re coming.” The Demon King’s army began to advance towards them. Our heroes steeled themselves for the battle that would ensue.