The Fall of Sasaru Palace

Episode 68

Seeing as they arrived at the Gate to the Outerworld with no complications, Reiya decided to cut her story short for the time being. All the necessary information had been said for now. Needless to say, Gill and Taegrus were taken aback by Reiya’s story. As crazy as it seemed, the events she described had to be the truth, for nothing else could explain the strange phenomenon going on in this world. 

Reiya was an emissary from 10,000 years in the future, sent back to stop the Time Spinning Witch. Gill now learned the meaning behind the cryptic title “King of History” that had been directed at him by the Demon King. The “King of History” was the very Gill Alhama’at that appeared in Reiya’s story. No doubt, that was the original form Gill was supposed to take in the future’s history. 

Meaning the dreams Gill kept seeing must be fragments of Gill Alhama’at’s life, memories of a young man who gained true power… and brought ruin upon the world.

Yet several questions remained. “Just to be clear, in the original world’s history, I become this Gill Alhama’at dude?” 

Gill asked, as they closed the Gates to the Outerworld. “Yes, that is correct.” “But why?” “Fate is a fickle thing… who knows why you became Alhama’at. But I’d like to think your fate has changed. To be frank, I originally had no intention of working with you, Alhama’at’s original self.

Instead I planned to take whatever power you had and use it to fight the Witch on my own. However, when you arrived at my castle with allies, I could tell you had changed and this world’s destiny with it. Perhaps this world is one where you don’t become Alhama’at. Yet...” “Yet?”

“Alhama’at has been trying to influence you, hasn’t he?” “...You mean these dreams of mine?” Gill recalled the otherworldly dreams he had seen as of late. “I thought so… Alhama’at is trying to re-manifest into this world.” “Is that even possible? Oh, I see… as long as there is a vessel it might just be…”

“Right. In order to re-manifest he would need a vessel with similar magic power as well as personality. Therefore you, Alhama’at’s younger body itself, would act as the perfect vessel. No doubt he intends to hijack your body and use it to fight the Witch.” “I see. That’s... problematic.” Gill pondered a bit. 

The source of these dreams, in other words Alhama’at’s interference, might be the Ultra Magic Stone itself, for the dreams had shown him the path to the Eternal Tower where it laid. Gill was stuck with a hard decision. He needed power to defeat the Witch, yet also needed a way to escape Alhama’at’s influence. “Let me in on this conversation as well.”

Taegrus interjected between Reiya and Gill. “...You know, I’d rather not.” Gill grinned. “Oh quiet! Want me to hit you?,” Taegrus retorted as he slapped Gill on the back, “As I was going to say, I have some questions as well. That Witch you spoke of, when will she arrive? As well as those allies of yours, how strong are they?”

“Don’t worry, they can at least fend for themselves. And you need not worry about the Witch, that’s my battle alone to fight.” Reiya said. “No way. No matter how strong the enemy is, we’ll fight them together. You might not have realised it yet, Reiya, but we’re already friends! And as friends we’ll fight together!” Gill insisted. “What are you talking about…” Reiya mumbled at Gill in disbelief.

Taegrus nodded in agreement with Gill, “Hmph. Us pandas have a saying for this. A battle fought or meal shared makes one friends indeed.” “You guys… are unbelievable.” Reiya sighed exasperatedly. It was at that moment, a loud sound thundered in the distance, followed by a large plume of black smoke rising. “That direction’s where my palace is! There’s no time! Come, Alexandrite!” 

Taegrus raised the rainbow jewel into the air as it began to shine. Alexandrite came into view as it descended below the clouds. Taegrus boarded the ship as he prepared to embark.

“Taegrus, wait up! I’ll go too!” Gill shouted. “Not so fast.” “Reiya?”

“Gill, you’ve other matters to attend to. Go confront the Alhama’at residing within you before it’s too late. If you don’t remove his influence over you and he takes control, I’ll have no choice but to kill you myself.” “That’s fine, if you kill me you can still absorb my power and fight the Witch, right?”

“That’s a last resort. If possible it’d be best to end this all without killing you.” “Why? Killing me was your original plan, wasn’t it?” “Yes but… we’re friends now. You said it yourself didn’t you?” Upon hearing Reiya’s unexpected reply, Gill couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah. That’s right. So don’t go dying on me now, Reiya.” “You realize who you’re saying that too?”

“A needless worry for you, isn’t it?” Gill made his way towards the home of his old foster parent and teacher Laurite. Laurite managed an expansive underground library and was well versed with magic, if it was him, he might know how to stop Alhama’at’s influence over Gill. As for Taegrus and Reiya, they continued towards Sasaru Palace, only to find it in shambles. 

Pandas scrambled about wildly before finally fleeing towards the Palace, as if confused as to where was safe. Taegrus rushed into the Palace as well with no hesitation. Amidst the collapsing palace, a lone human woman stood. “Hehehe” The woman giggled despite the precarious situation, as if enjoying the destruction around her. 

Taegrus understood who the enemy was right away and immediately charged towards her, attempting to get the first strike in. However, just as he was about to be in range to strike, two swords, one black and one white, sprung out of nowhere and trapped Taegrus, pinning him down. His decision clouded by haste, Taegrus had easily fallen for the woman’s trap.

“You scoundrel, state your name!” Taegrus seethed, baring his teeth as he glared the woman down.

The collapsing Sasaru Palace surrounding them began to morph into a different form. A white castle formed from the rubble, a tremendous display of both destruction and restoration magic used in harmony. “My name is Aimul. Welcome to Light Castle, thee who still cling to fleeting hope.”