Reiya's World 

Episode 72

“...What lead you to that conclusion?” Reiya asked Gill. “The Witch is powerful. In the worlds you spoke of, her minions appeared unsurmountable, needless to say the Witch herself must’ve been as well. Yet this time it’s different. This world has already endured for more than ten years, the Witch only manifesting indirectly through vanguards sent through the Outer World Gate. 

If the Witch had created this world there would be no reason to take such a roundabout approach.”

“...” Reiya listened, neither refuting nor affirming Gill’s theory. “Meaning someone other than the Witch had to have created this world.

And the only one it could be is you, Reiya. If I had to garner a guess, the Time Spinning System doesn’t care who creates the world as long as it can continue absorbing power. You predicted when the Witch would arrive and created the world ten years prior, all in order to ready an ambush. And your ambush worked, you successfully gathered a force powerful enough to defeat the Witch’s minions.”

Reiya listened to Gill’s words in silence. It wasn’t until he was finished did she show any reaction. “As one would expect from the King of History.” Gill winced. “Please don’t call me that.” “Heh, just a joke. Let’s see… you’re close. This world wasn’t created with my power alone. Within me, the soul of Lapis, or rather, Ragnarok resides. 

The soul resonated with my eye, giving me the power to create this world. However, by doing so I was left powerless. I spent the past ten years recovering and only recently am I now in a condition where I can fight again.” “I see… so that’s why when we fought with the Demon King you said you were now ready again. You’re quite the monster through and through aren’t ya.”

“Hah. Don’t worry, I’d say you’re entering ‘monster’ territory yourself.” “Haha, I’ll need to be for the coming battle.” The two sat in silence for a bit, merely gazing at the night sky. The first to break it was Gill. “Tell me the continuation of your story, Reiya. I want to know what you’ve been through.” 

Gill wanted to know exactly what Reiya had experienced, all the loneliness and suffering she had to suffer through. “Indeed, I never got to finish, did I? Where was I...” Reiya began to recite her tale.

In the distance, the dragon Ragnarok flew under the moon, soaring over the Moonlit Canopy. The two continued to bask in moonlight as they talked throughout the night, in this very world with a moon of its own.