Episode 73

Reiya began to tell a tale of the future. A tale of a world called Re-Earth where Alhama’at, the Ancient Emperor, had appeared. A time shortly before the final battle between Millium and Lapis would occur. -----

The Moonlit Canopy. A landmass that stretches vertically towards the skies as if reaching towards the moon. Long ago, a grand battle took place here. The vestiges of that battle remain present today in the form of stagnated magic clouds that dot the sky. The moonlight cannot fully penetrate these clouds, causing an unearthly glow in the sky to appear, from which this land is named.

The stagnated magic clouds act as a poison to creatures that are unlucky enough to find their way here, killing all that enter. A place so distant from the Earth and yet far from the heavens. It was here that man resided.

Mikage Seijuro. The vampire with the power of eternity. He looked at the sky above as he thought about the battles that would come.

“Lapis… are you truly capable of defeating Alhama’at?” Seijuro could not perceive an end to Gill Alhama’at’s power. Their previous battle with Ragnarok, the Dragon God, paled in comparison to the Ancient Emperor’s magic. Even… if “they” had lived through the fight with Ragnarok… No, perhaps if “they” were still around defeating Alhama’at would be a possibility.

“Your endless worrying is needless, dear Father.” From the shadows, the figure of a young girl stepped out. The girl had arrived without a notice nor a presence, even Seijuro would not have noticed her if she hadn’t called out. The girl was one he knew quite well. “It has been a while Reiya. Tell me, what have you come for?”

“I’ve come to make a request of you, Father.” “Oh really? This is quite the first for you.” “Yes, and I shall take care it remains the last.” “Hah… you resemble ‘her’ more and more each day… Earlier you mentioned my worries were unnecessary, why is that so?”

“Alhama’at will be defeated.” Reiya declared with absolute confidence. “What, by you? Don’t make me laugh. You’ve seen his power, do you think you could stand a chance versus him?” “No. The one to defeat Alhama’at shall not be me. Unless all the forces of the world were to gather, defeating Alhama’at remains an impossibility. 

Even then, it would require an extraordinary amount of luck… However, we are past the crossroads of destiny. The future this world is heading to is one where Alhama’at is indeed defeated. I’ve seen it myself.” As Reiya spoke, her left eye began to gleam a dull silver color. 

That left eye was not merely what one used to see what was before them, but instead capable of seeing the normally imperceivable. “How unexpected! So you’ve succeeded the ‘eye?” Seijuro exclaimed. “You’d do well not to use that power needlessly.” “I’ll take your warning to heart.” The Eye of Ragnarok. 

Similar to Seijuro’s Blood of Ragnarok, its power sourced from Ragnarok, the Dragon Lord. The power Reiya had inherited from “her” had likely already made Reiya more capable than her father. “Let’s get to the heart of the matter. What is your request?” Reiya answered in the politest manner she could. “Father, if you would be so kind to, I wish to receive your power of eternity.”

“...I see.” Seijuro understood. His daughter was not one to make such as impossible request. For her to do so meant she saw something in the future to come. Seijuro was perfectly willing to relinquish his power to Reiya, but wished to see her conviction. “Even to my daughter, this is not something I can easily give. If you want this power, show me your resolve.”

The two began to emit magic energy, causing the stagnated magic clouds in the air to tremble. A moment later, Reiya plunged her black sword towards her father. Seijuro dodged the blade by a thin margin and faced Reiya head on. ----- The duel eventually came to a standstill.

“That’s enough, Reiya. Your sword, Ominous Moon. Have you gotten used to it yet?” “No, not yet. I’m still less than a tenth of the way to my mother’s mastery.”

“That sword radiates by feeding off the user’s life. The more blood of the user it sucks, the more radiant it shines… and for that reason-” “And for that reason I need an infinite amount of life… correct?” “Yes… which is why you need my power of eternity. However, eternity can bring you great suffering. Are you truly prepared?” “I am.”

“Tell me, Reiya, what does your eye see?” Reiya’s left eye began to glow. “In the near future… Alhama’at will fall. And then Lapis as well. However, I cannot see any further.” “If that is the case, why do you desire the power of eternity?” Seijuro asked, testing Reiya. “The fact that I cannot see any further means there is no future beyond that point.

This power I received from mother, you too should be aware how it works.” “Yes, I am aware. This is no trivial matter…” “Father, I worry of the future to come.” “I see. It would seem we have nothing left to discuss.” -----

Seijuro laid face-up on the ground. Perhaps due to the earlier disturbance, the magic clouds had temporarily dissipated, giving Seijuro a clear view of the sky. Lowering his eyesight a bit, a monstrosity of a tree could be made out, towering over the skyline. The sinister tree Yggdrasil, called forth to this world by Lapis.

Reiya had already left this world. Uncertain of what events would occur, she left early as a precaution. 

As for the foreseen ruin to come… the only possibility could be “time magic”. “As Reiya had predicted, Alhama’at was defeated… which means my role has just begun.” Seijuro stood up and swooped down from the canopy. In his veins the power of eternity was no more.