Episode 75

The planet of sparkling blue, a world of water and nature. This is where Alice and the others were evacuated too. Alice and the others were forcibly brought here by Mephistopheles’ magic, however they had no time to worry about such things once they saw the enormous sinister barrier that enveloped Re-Earth. 

Their captor, Mephistopheles had disappeared and returned to Re-Earth to be Lumia’s side, before Alice and the others could interrogate him. Brought to this place as Wanderers were Alice, Schrodinger (containing the essence of Dark Alice), Faria, Pricia, and Charlotte. “What in the world is going on?” Alice said the thing on everyone’s mind, yet no one could answer.

“I hope Kaguya is alright…” Charlotte voiced her concern, noticing Kaguya was not able to escape with them. “We have to return.” Alice declared. “Yeah!” Pricia nodded in agreement. “I agree, we can’t just stand by idly. I’m worried about Millium and the others.”

Faria voiced her concerns. “Lapis was defeated, right?... Or did he perhaps survive?” Alice began to think of the events that could have transpired. “What’s going on in that world right now is just like-” “A curse.” A dignified voice abruptly interrupted Alice. In the direction of the voice stood a mysterious young girl clad in Japanese styled garb.

Alice and the others immediately went on guard. “A vampire! So some of you guys were still alive?” Alice called out to the mysterious young girl. “I am Reiya Mikage. Call me Reiya, Alice.” The young girl addressed her back. “Mikage? So you’re that vampire’s daughter then?” “That’s right, but don’t worry. I’m not here for a fight. I’ve come with a request for you.”

“Would it have to do with what’s going on with that barrier?” “Correct. I want you to do nothing and simply observe for now.” “You want us to wait around doing nothing? Don’t think I can agree to that.”

“There’s nothing you can do for now. Rather, if you tried to do anything, you would merely be captured by that ‘monster’. If your powers are added to that thing nobody will be able to stop it.” Reiya warned.

“Just what is this monster you speak of?” Alice asked. “Kaguya.” “Kaguya? But why!?” 

Charlotte cried. Alice, on the other hand, had a clue what led to this. “It couldn’t be…” “That’s right Alice. You’ve known her for a long time so you quickly caught on. Kaguya likely realised you would sense her intentions and avoided you as such. You see… Kaguya is trying to bring Fiethsing back to life.” “Fiethsing? But what does that have to do with that barrier?”

Reiya began to explain, “As Alhamma’t and Millium did, one could fuse with a Dragonoid to gain great power. Kaguya did the same thing with a Dragonoid named ‘Flute’ and used that Dragonoid’s power to recreate the world of the past. Flute’s ability is called ‘time spinning’ magic, also known as the magic of time reversal.”

“I see… so that is what’s going on in that barrier?” Alice asked. “Correct. Inside that barrier, Kaguya is reconstructing the past, as if setting the stage for a play. She likely aims to recreate the moment Fiethsing dies, saving her this time instead. Such a power can no longer be called magic… more akin to the power of the gods themselves.

Currently, there is no way to stop this reversion process. One of the rules of the time spinning system is that the invoker themselves can’t choose to stop the reversal of time, cursed to seek out sources of power throughout history, all to fuel the time spinning system once more. Lumia and Scheherazade have already tried to stop Kaguya and have been absorbed.”

“Lumia and Scheherazade are gone? Does Kaguya not have a mind of her own anymore?” Alice recalled back to her chance meeting with Scheherazade. ‘Lapis is not the worst of evils’, that woman had said this to her. At that time, Scheherazade had chosen to fight with Lapis. Had she known this would come to pass?

“Kaguya still has a mind of her own. However in order to save Fiethsing, Kaguya is reduced to a mere existence that exists to consume history. And once all of history had been consumed, her existence will fade, leaving behind nothing but the time spinning curse as it continues to eat away the universe.” “I get what your saying, even so, I can’t just stand by and do nothing! Not as my friend is in danger!”

“That’s why I’m here.” “What do you mean?” Alice dubiously asked. “I’ve received my father’s ‘Blood of Eternity’ as well as my mother’s ‘Eye of Foresight’. Even if I’m killed, I won’t be absorbed by that woman.” “Meaning…”

Reiya’s left eye gave off a silver glint. “Meaning I’ll be the one to enter that world. I’ll fight Kaguya… until the end of time.”