Episode 77

The world of the past began to reconstruct itself. Before long, Kaguya had arrived at the past she so desired to change. “Kaguya!” This is when Fiethsing’s voice cried out. The moment before she died, saving me. I’ve finally returned…finally...finally… I can finally save Fiethsing! Alhama’at’s voice could be heard casting his ancient magic. “Black Lightning.”

Originally, this was the moment Fiethsing was pierced through and killed… However, this time around things would be different. 

In an instant, the younger Kaguya disappeared, instead replaced by the Kaguya of the future. Leaping before Fiethsing, Kaguya received Alhama’at’s black lightning unharmed. Now fused with Flute, ancient magic could no longer affect her. No, perhaps it wasn’t simply Flute’s influence, for in terms of raw magic power Kaguya had completely surpassed that of Alhama’at.

With a wave of her blackened right arm, Kaguya summoned dark shadows, materializing around Alhama’at. These life forms began to clutch Alhama’at, threatening to absorb him and take his power for Kaguya’s own. “I see… so I failed.” Alhama’at immediately understood. “This world is already ensnared by time magic. By the hands of this girl.”

This could only be a monster Flute had created, brought to the past from the future. If that were not the case, the young girl he had tried to kill could not possibly surpass his power in an instant. With that in mind, Alhama’at could predict the events that had occured in the future. “Lapis. You too must have been defeated then.”

“I’ll never forgive you Alhama’at! Live on within me, suffering for the rest of eternity!” As Kaguya tried to absorb Alhama’at, he began to chant. A mass swelling of energy began to shake not only the earth, but the heavens above as well. Even so, he could not hope to reach Kaguya’s power.

“Give in. You cannot hope to defeat me.” “Yes, I am weak. But that does not mean I will fall to you here.”

Alhama’at’s body began to glow with a blinding light. He was letting his own magic energy run rampant in his body choosing to self-destruct, rather than be absorbed. “If you can’t capture me, you can’t absorb me, can you? Let us meet again in the ‘past’, little miss ‘Time Spinning Witch’.” 

Leaving behind his last words, Alhama’at’s body scattered, his existence fading from the world. Kaguya began to feel dejected. Agh, I was so close! I finally obtained this power! Yet why can I not make Alhama’at suffer… Vexing. So vexing. But with this I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally saved Fieth! What kind of face will she make? Will she praise me? Fieth, for your sake I… I told myself I would do anything. 

So I came all this way… Fieth? Why won’t you smile for me? Fieth, why… why… Why are you crying? ...That’s right. I remember now. Fieth’s last words were to forget her and move on. To live for the future. And even so I… I ignored her last wish and returned… Just what was I supposed to do after this anyway? From here on out… there’s nothing left for me, is there?

The time magic that granted her wish had turned into a curse, her hope converted to despair.

Kaguya began to transform into the completed time consuming monster, the “Time Spinning Witch”. 

A monster fated to continue to recreate the past and consume its denizens. Then someday, before long, after this world’s history is consumed, she will spread across the dimensions consuming all of existence. The last of Kaguya’s reason called out. Fieth! Run Away! All Kaguya had wanted was to return to Fiethsing. To save Fiethsing. To be together with Fiethsing. 

But they could no longer be together. At the very least… smile for me, Fieth. At that moment, as if reading Kaguya’s mind, Fiethsing smiled. “It can’t be helped. Auntie will come and save you, so just sit tight and wait for me in the past, ok, Kaguya?” A single tear ran down Kaguya’s cheek, right before she vanished from the world and into the past.

Fiethsing was left alone, but was determined to meet Kaguya again. After a close encounter with a power beyond reason, the power of a “Wanderer” that had been lying dormant within her had awakened. Sensing that the barrier enveloping Re-Earth had temporarily weakened, perhaps a last effort by Kaguya to aid Fiethsing, Fiethsing flew out of the bounds of Re-Earth and headed towards a small planet in the distance.

It was there, she would find the person waiting for her arrival. The person who would be the key to everything. The wind storms forth, seeking a way to free the prisoner of time.