Ghosts of Time

Episode 78

The magus of wind arrived on the small planet. “Hello? Anyone home?” Fiethsing called out. “Welcome. I’ve been expecting you.” Reiya, who had been patiently waiting for Fiethsing’s arrival, called out to her. “Um, do you know ‘what’ I am?” “Before answering that, would it be alright if I tested your strength?”

“Sure, what do you got in mind?” “This.”

Faster than the eye could perceive, Reiya drew her sword out. Mixed in with faints and illusions, Reiya struck Fiethsing from her blind spots. Yet, Fiethsing managed to dodge each strike by a hair's breadth. Or so it first appeared, but upon further inspection she needn’t move a step at all. Creating the slightest breeze, she changed the path of each blade slightly, allowing her to dodge each blade with the least effort.

“Not bad. How do you perceive ‘yourself’ right now?” “I suppose you could say I am myself, yet at the same time not. Perhaps I’m a mere ghost of time. Are we still going to do this?” “Yes, show me everything you got.” “Sigh. Fine. Then how’s this!” Fiethsing extended a blade of wind originating from her hand and sliced Reiya at the neck, decapitating her cleanly. 

Reiya’s severed head rolled a bit before coming to a halt a short distance out “You pass.” The decapitated head spoke. Reiya’s body stumbled to pick up it’s head for a moment, before firmly attaching it to it’s former place. “You seemed pretty ready to decapitate me, what would you have done if I had died?” Reiya asked.

“I had a hunch you wouldn’t die so easily from a decapitation.” “Just a hunch? You really bet on just a hunch?” Reiya frowned. “That’s just what we living do. Oh. I guess I’m technically dead. Ah whatever. Where’s Scheherazade?” “Scheherazade’s gone. She was captured by Kaguya. I’ll teach you what you need to know in her place.”

“It’d be nice if you could keep it quick.” “My names Reiya. Mikage Reiya.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Fiethsing, but you can call me Fieth.” “Yes, nice to meet you, Fieth.” Now awakened as a wanderer, Fiethsing’s power was surprising to say the least. While it was merely a mock fight, Reiya could tell she was strong. 

Even so, Reiya’s very own hunch told her that Fiethsing’s power wouldn’t be enough to save Kaguya from the curse. “Reiya, I wish to save Kaguya. Will you help me?” “Yes.” “...I was expecting more trouble from you. You’re quite to the point, aren’t you?” “I just have my own duty to fulfill. I’ll warn you ahead of time however, I have no reason to ‘save’ Kaguya.

We’ll merely work together when it is convenient.” “That’s fair. So what’s the plan?” “I’ll enter that world and fight Kaguya as time reverses. Until I succeed in killing her” “I see. Were you waiting for me here, Reiya?” “Yes. I thought if it was you, you’d be able to leave that planet. It’s what Kaguya wished for. I’m sure the potential always laid within you anyways. 

A being made from ‘time magic’ would be an indispensable ally for defeating the Witch.” “I see. I also feel the same way. At the moment, Kaguya is practically indestructible in her self-made world. If we wish to have any hope of defeating her, it needs to come from outside that world.”

“The Time Spinning Witch wishes to devour all the stored history of that world. The more it consumes, the stronger it will get. 

So, in order to prevent it’s growth, I’ll enter the barrier and fight ‘Kaguya’. While I’m at it, I’ll take in who I can from history as underlings of mine, further slowing down her growth.” “But Reiya, your immortality is not truly infinite, right? Moreover, no matter how well you stop her, Kaguya will steadily get stronger over time. That’s why we have to aim for a time period to counterattack at.”

“The world 10,000 years prior…” “So you realized as well!” “If it’s 10,000 years prior, he will be there. Gill Alhama’at.” “Alhama’at managed to erase himself before being absorbed by Kaguya. If Kaguya had managed to absorb him, the time spinning system would cease to recreate him when remaking the past. 

I’m sure Alhama’at was crafty enough to know this and chose to entrust defeating Kaguya to his past self, meaning there’s still some method of defeating her! This is it, Reiya! We can do this after all!” “It’s the best plan we’ve got so far. I’ll enter that world and find Alhama’at before Kaguya can absorb him, then we can begin our counterattack all together.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be preparing some things on my end while I wait. Oh, right, since I was resurrected by time magic, if I tried to enter that world as I am I would easily be absorbed, no doubt. If you could find a suitable vessel for me I’ll be able to help you fight Kaguya.” “I’ll find one. If that’s all I’d best head out.” “Alright, Reiya. Take care. Remember, you have to find Alhama’at before Kaguya does!”

“I know.” With that, Reiya disappeared within the barrier around Re-Earth, beginning her long fight with the Time Spinning Witch.