Episode 79

Reiya arrived on Re-Earth, in a world 20 years prior to the one where Kaguya saved Fiethsing. In the original history, this was around the time the battle with the Cthulhu ended. This world as well, has been recreated by time magic. Reiya reached a city plaza, where a traveler storyteller could be seen with a kamishibai paper theatre. A small group of children sat by, watching intently as they wept uncontrollably. 

Concerned, their parents asked, “What’s wrong?” “All the stories...sniffle… they all have such sad endings.” Sobbed the children. Reiya felt a chill crawl up her spine as she felt a strange magic power emanating from the paper theatre. “There’s still so many stories left, at least a ‘Thousand Nights’ worth to tell. Of course, all these stories…”. 

The travelling storyteller began to speak, before giving an eerie smile, “lead to a most wonderful ‘Bad End’”. As the storyteller finished her words, a dark shadow flooded out of the paper theatre, engulfing the children's' legs. The children began to rapidly sink into the shadow, screaming all the while. The parents shrieked in horror as they looked on, but were soon engulfed and consumed as well.

“...and so all the children disappeared from the town. And everyone else lived happily ever after, the end.” The travelling storyteller gleefully narrated her latest story. “A new story to add to my collection… I’m sure ‘Kaguya’ will be pleased with this offering.”

Reiya approached the storyteller, finally realizing who she was. The storyteller noticed Reiya’s presence, no, perhaps she had anticipated her arrival and displayed this show to welcome her. “Scheherazade.”

“Well then, Reiya. So you’ve come. I knew you would if I failed to stop her. 

On behalf of the ‘time spinning’ system I welcome you to this world,” Scheherazade gave a short, elegant bow, “Now that you’ve become immortal, I hope you suffer here for all of eternity and show me the most wonderful ‘Bad End’ there is.” Upon confirming Scheherazade was no longer who she once was, Reiya turned to the offensive, “Tear her to pieces! 

Ominous Moon!” Reiya’s sword sliced Scheherazade’s torso in half, only to be find the contents of her body hollow and filled to the brim with dolls. The dolls began to fly out of her torso, revealing themselves to have the same appearance as the absorbed children from earlier. An indecipherable emotion, one mixed with joy and sadness, laid in Scheherazade’s eyes as Reiya sliced her in half. 

“You’ve gotten strong, Reiya. I’m proud of you, I really am. But you should really pay attention to what’s behind you.” Out of nowhere, a pitch-black hand pierced through Reiya’s abdomen. Blood began to drip down to Reiya’s sword, causing it to glow a vibrant crimson as it absorbed her blood. “Wha-”

Behind Reiya, the “Time Spinning Witch” herself had appeared and thrust into her without hesitation. 

The Witch then attempted to absorb Reiya, but found herself unable to thanks to Reiya’s power of eternity. Upon realising she could not absorb Reiya, the Witch tossed her aside and disappeared into the shadow, leaving this world behind to prepare the next. Scheherazade as well began to fade into the shadow. “...Let’s meet again, Scheherazade. I’ll definitely save you in the end.”

“I’ll look forward to our next meeting, Reiya. But I don’t think anyone can be saved in this story. Reiya faded as well, heading towards the past once again.