God Dragon Ragnarok 

Episode 82

More than 4000 years before the Magic Stone War of the Six Sages. Once upon a time, Ragnarok was a raider who sought a soul and visited the New World. The body of Ragnarok, whose soul was summoned by Alhama’art, was attracted to the remnants of his soul and was transferred here, becoming a dragon that eats everything to satiate his hunger for souls.

In that world, Alhama’at created new people,and culture in a scorched world, which was ruled by an outstanding magician.. His name is Welser, who would later go on to become the teacher of the Six Sages.

When Reiya woke up in this world, she immediately knew what she had to protect. 

The witch's aim will be Ragnarok and Welser. Originally her father, Seijuro, should have been involved in the fight against Ragnarok, but his power is now in Reiya. Because of her, the battle with Ragnarok in this past world was being performed by Welser alone. "Master!” Zero cries out as she appears magically from her Owl.

"I am not sure I took a disciple…" Welser answers plainly, but before he can say more, Zero speaks out "Um, I will help you!” She states nervously. She was very, very polite. For the time being, Welser seemed to recognize that they who suddenly appeared were not enemies, but he didn’t have time to think more about it, as his battle with Ragnarok was deadlocked.

"I'm in trouble. If you defeat it, we may run out of magical power here as well. " A voice in the distance spoke. It was Scheherazade. After all, her aim was to aid the Witch in consuming Ragnarok and Welser Reiya moved quickly while gazing at Scheherazade, who stood still and unmoving. "Zero, you know what to do right?" Reiya called to Zero "Oh, umm… yeah it’s okay"

Cutting into their conversation, Welser spoke “you are both from the future yes?” ns. "Master, I mean.. Umm. Welser, you can tell? That’s great, how? How?” "Because you say you are my disciple, but i have not taken on any disciples as of now, so its the only logical solution.” Being seen through easily, zero narrows her focus to the task at hand. 

Though for a second, she is truly impressed by Welser’s insight and willingness to believe in the unexpected situation he found himself in. Breaking away from Ragnarok for a moment, he points at Scheherazade and asks Reiya, “Is she not a threat? “Not on her own, but she seems to be up to something, so be careful” “Umm.. maybe Ragnarok is just a decoy?” 

Zero wonders aloud "Hehe ... too slow to notice! “A sinister and broken voice rings out all around them Suddenly a black sphere and beneath it stands a girl in a red hood. “My name is Scarlett, MEOW” Scarlet’s howl blows the trio of heroes away. 

Then, before Reiya regains her position, Scarlet approaches at a high speed, attempting to strike her down A faint giggle can be heard as a new figure appears by Scheherazade It is Lumia, no, now Aimul, Princess of Despair. "All of you are that afraid of me eh?” 

Reiya taunts the warped heroes as she readies herself for Scarlett “The power of your eternity is very troublesome, Reiya, but if I use my power to its fullest extent, I can put at least hold you in place, and Scarlett can finish you off!” 

As she finishes her response, she sends waves of energy hurtling towards Reiya The magic of Aimul quickly wraps up Reiya, just in time for Scarlet to land an intense blow. Reiya is blown backwards, right into a small nearby mountain, shattering it to pieces in the process. "Reiya!” Zero calls out as she rushes to her aid.

Reiya was alive, but she knew it would take a minute to be able to keep up the fight "you didn't die, I am surprised" Scarlett teases "I won't give you anything even if you praise me" Reiya spits back in "Hehe ... Don't worry, I'll get what we need from you one way or another”

Scarlett again heads prepares to strike " I think I understand the situation now" Wesler speaks, appearing suddenly between Scarlett and Reiya, as Zero finally reaches her side Scarlett, surprised by his appearance, stumbled back, giving Welser the opening he needed.

In that moment he concluded that he would be able to save this girl, at least at his own expense, and that this girl would be a key player in his future battles. So he took his chance. Despite his overwhelming magical powers, his enemies had stopped paying attention to him, and he would teach them a lesson for that dishonor.

A powerful wind-shifting magic flow from Welser, enveloping Reiya and Zero “It’s not much but have some time from me. All I can give you is about 40 seconds, but I hope you will make good use of it. 

You can pay it back to me in the future. Farewell Zero my future disciple, and you as well Reiya. "I swear I will,” Reiya responds and gives Welser a nod of thanks while Zero hold her tight, trying to hide her tears as she knows what will become of her Master.

Welser's wind hides Reiya and Zero and rushes them off, carrying them safely away from the battle to plan their next move. As they fly away, they can see the Time Spinning Witch arrive and consume Welser and Ragnarok, then move on. Surely headed to the next world of the past to garner more power.