Gill Lapis

Episode 83

A boy with silver hair opens his eyes, stirred by the sound of something being carried into the room around him. A tray of food is set down on the table beside him and he reacts, grabbing the hand holding the tray. The owner lets out a frightened scream, and he notices the chains on the wrists. He looks and sees a girl. “Perhaps a slave? He wonders to himself.” "What's your name girl? Are you a slave? "

“ Umm.. yes sir I am. Name is Sy, Sylvia” she stutters, unsure of whether or not she is allowed to speak. "Sylvia eh? It’s a good name.” "um ... thank you"

Sylvia blushes as she bows her head and quicklyleaves the room. 

The boy looks around and sees There was another man in the room, wearing what seemed be academic clothes. Perhaps he was a researcher? He seemed familiar. The boy tried to remember the man but could not think of his name. “I can feel it in my memory, but why can’t I see it…” He pondered under his breath. The man looked up and shifted his focus to the boy.

"How long have I been asleep?" the boy asked, unsure of why he would ask such a question even as he spoke "It's about 3 days. Do you remember your name?“ "Name… um.. oh my name is … ummm" The boy stammered, trying to remember "Gill Lapis" the man spoke plainly, obviously not wanting to waste time.

“That's it. Gil Lapis. That was my name.” Information begins flowing back to the front of his mind “My father's name is Alhama’at, and this world is ... a destroyed world.” The man nodded, “that is correct” "Where is my father?” Lapis asked "He has gone out on another investigation.”

"There is probably nothing left in this world. What can you find in this scorched world? Lapis, asks curiously "I can't tell you what he is thinking. I just know he went out with one of the Seven Luminaries” Before he could say anything else, the memory of the man returns to Lapis. He is Alisaris. The magician studying ime Suddenly a question comes to Lapis's head.

"Alisaris, you were studying time,yes? Is there a way to go back?"

Alisaris is momentarily stunned by the question, but quickly composes himself and answers "It's impossible. 

While it is possible to reproduce substances from the memory of the past to the present times, and it is also possible to make use of the differences in the progress of time, truly going back into the past is impossible. Regardless of what changes you made or what you created, if you don’t have a future to arrive at, you would drift…”” "It's impossible to change history." 

Lapis interrupts him “Yes, but it is theoretically possible to make a new future if we reproduce the past. If the sequence of events is expressed by the concept of time, then by recreating those events using the substances of the past it would be as if you had returned to the past. It would however just be taking place in a new pocket world. 

However, it requires an enormous amount of magical power that is unthinkable, and if you make a mistake, it can destroy this world alongside the pocket one. ' "Could you do it with the power of a god?" "Yes, I suppose if the theories of divine beings proved true, then it would be possible. I have no reason to believe they exist however.”

Lapis felt an ache within himself. LIke a memory of the past, but yet it wasn’t quite real. As he composed himself through the pain, he heard a voice "Get me out of here! You can’t hold the great Thief Blazer prisoner like this! I will escape!” it cried "What is that voice?" Lapis asked, trying to hide the aching from Alisaris "It looks like a bandit in custody. 

It is Alhama’art intention to let him stay without being killed, but i’m not sure why.” “The world is destroyed, just let me go!” Blazer begs in the distance. The pain in the Lapis was steadily increasing. It felt like a hole in his memory, his mind began to race “If I have a father, then who is my mother? I can't remember. I remember the past, but I couldn't remember what was important. 

No, it's not like I can't remember it, but it may not be ... “ a realization came to his mind, but in that moment he lost his focus and stumbled to the ground. "What happened, Lapis?" Alisaris spoke, rushing to the boy to check on him " Alisaris, can I ask one thing?“ "Yes, anything.” "How many days ago was I born? "

Alisaris's face suddenly stiffened, and quickly turned to one of resignation and disappointment. “You seemed to notice, that is upsetting, there should have been no such element.” Alisaris speaks to himself as he rises to his feet over Lapis, “Seems like the soul we used was no good afterall. I’m sorry, butI have no choice. I was told that I should dispose you if you notice it.”

Alisaris quickly pulls a knife from his sleeve. Lapis tries to get away but quickly notices that he is unable to move freely, and sees a glowing seal appear on his body. "The seal given by Alhama’art, don’t try to move, it is impossible to break free" Alisaris plunges the dagger towards Lapis’ chest. Lapis closes his eyes but feels no pain. 

Instead he hears a scream, one he recognizes, and instantly opens his eyes. The knife is lodged into Sylvia’s body. She had jumped between the two of them at the last second, as unbeknownst to both she had been watching Lapis from the shadow of the door.

"Damnit Slave, why did you interfere" Alisaris exclaims as he rushes back towards his table to find another weapon "Oh, Mr. Lapis, you said, my name is good,'" Sylvia says weakly as she crumples on him “its the first time anyone has ever been nice to me…” Sylvia loses consciousness on Lapis as her blood continues to flow over him. Lapis feels a rush of anger and realizes he can move again.

"... good night Sylvia" He quietly speaks while laying her on the floor As he rises to his feet, Lapis can feel the soul in him wake to its power. The rest of Alhama’at’s seal is broken and Alisaris appears frozen in fear. As he stares into Lapis’ dark eyes, the raw power makes even breathing feel impossible.

"Alisaris, obey me" Lapis commands in a cool tone Alisaris realizes he must if he going to survive. He straightens himself, but still unable to speak, nods slightly in reverence. "When my father returns, we will transfer this nation to the future. Alisaris, we can do it, right? ' "Yes, it would be possible with the power you possess now" “Go and make the necessary preparations then.”

As Alisaris rushes off, Lapis takes a magic stone from Lapis’ table of tools and turns to Sylvia’s body. He kneels beside her, smiling softly at the girl who saved him. As he gently pats her head, her body is absorbed into the magic stone in his hand as a memory "You may live in me" Lapis assures her as she fades A short time later, Alhama’at returns, and suddenly Altia disappears into space and time.

As the magic moves them, Lapis opens the cell Blazer finds himself in "Hey, I didn’t ask you to help me." Blazer says, his pride preventing him from thanking Lapis

Lapis ignored him and walked on. 

There was no particular reason for leaving him but it is correct to say that he remains as a result... Lapis believed that while Blazer couldn’t be a major force, he may be an excellent sacrificial pawn should it be necessary. "Lapis, what will you do next? Alisaris asks, walking beside his new master. "I need to know who I am, and I need power to do that. Then with that power I will kill my father.” 

Lapis speaks, hatred coursing through every word "You do not need to." A voice, seeming to come from nowhere speaks out. Turning to try and identify the voice, Lapis sees Reiya step from the shadows, sword drawn. "I’ve never seen anyone like you before, are you not of this world?” 

Alisaris asks, as Lapis simply stares at Reiya "I’m sure this will make sense to you, mage, but I am from the future.” "Thats… impossible” Alisaris stammers, “but then that means…” “That's right.” “So this is just a recreated past.” Lapis interjects. “This has all happened before.” "I would love spend time discussing this but time is short so will just tell you. I need you to let me kill you.”

"I don't think I have time to ask but, What’s happening to me in the future that I need to die now?.” "You'll die either way, but I know who you are. You are the body that was made as a spare for Alhama’at, but the body alone rots. Therefore, a stronger soul was called from another world, but something went wrong. It was the Soul of Ragnarok, a god of another world. 

Maybe it happened because Ragnarok was watching this world by his own alter ego, but Ragnarok could not prevent his soul from being drawn in without being able to exert its original power and so it settled into your body, with the memories implanted by Alhama’at. You unconsciously sought power to find a place for your soul. 

In the "true" history, from here you have destroyed many dimensions of the outside world. However, the body of Ragnarok who lost his soul attacked this world in the meantime, and his power was divided when he was defeated by five warriors. You know that when you come into contact with one of them, my father, you cannot accept all the power of Ragnarok in your body. 

However you thought that if you go back to the past, you can return the soul itself to your body. In the process you defeated Alhama’art in the battle after 10,000 years, but you were defeated at the end before you could fully obtain what you needed to control Ragnarok. Now someone else has recreated the time before to obtain Ragnarok's true power for themselves”

"So they seek to recreate the past, but they couldn’t possible hope to control it if I myself can’t either, could they.” Lapis ponders "You are correct. The monster that continues to eat the past she creates, and what she consumes becomes her power. 

So I can't let you meet. " It was at that time the two were interrupted by a noise from down the hall "What the hell are you creepy.. , hey, HEY ... Guaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” It was a scream of the Blazer, Lapis turned quickly to Reiya, trying to "They are here, her minions, to stop me. They will consume you too if you don’t let me kill you.”

Lapis realizes the power of visitors from the future. The darkness of the abyss. He recognizes that he must be the “character,” this false world was created for and as such he can't beat them, so he has one option. "Okay, I’ll entrust my power to you, the power of this soul in me. But first I'd like you to promise me something take this magic stone with you. ''

Saying so, Lapis takes out Sylvia's magic stone and hands it to Reiya “Keep this safe, so that she can be brought back someday.” “You have my word,” Reiya promises as she raises her blade to Lapis "Alisaris, I trust you are ok with this?” Lapis asks, much more compassionate than he was just moments before learning the truth.

"Absolutely Master, there is no choice. And even at times like this, I must admit my blood as a researcher is boiling." Lapis closes his eyes as Reiya drive her sword into him. The blade glows black and absorbs his strength.  Even with Lapis’ power, Reiya can tell she still can't beat Kaguya, but with this minor victory, she is emboldened to keep fighting into the promised time comes. 

She vanishes back into the darkness to move on to the next world, and as she leaves, she can hear Scarlett’s angry tantrum over discovering Lapis’ dead body and realizing she has failed.