Episode 84

"It’s been a long, long Journey, Reiya" In a room illuminated by the sunset, a girl begins talking to Reiya. The girl wears a black hood, with a jet black wolf beside her. However, the wolf doesn’t seem to be solid, almost as if it was just a shadow. "Yes, but the real journey begins now"

"I guess that’s true, isn’t it. Will they come? Did you give an invitation to the party? I hope they didn’t get lost in the forest, ” the hooded girl says "It should be fine, they should all arrive together this time. Besides, it would be a problem if any of them came lone. '' "Yeah, then it wouldn't be a party at all."

"Remember, it isn’t a party, it’s a trial" Reiya said Turning away from the hooded girl, she took out her black sword and started preparing for the battle. "Rei, Let’s go." Reiya called

"Tu-whit, tu-whoo" responded an owl as it futtered down to her shoulder. The owl stern face, but no one quite knew what he was thinking.

The girl in the black hood walks up to give Reiya a cookie from her basket and wonders aloud. "I’ve always wondered Reiya, isn’t Rei a little too close to Reiya? Seems a little silly” "It's fine, it's easy to understand, and I didn’t see a need to give him a proper name.”

“I see....” says the hooded girl, not quite sure if she actually understands, “well..” Before she can say more, Reiya cuts her off, “where did he go?” She asks looking around to find the person in question. “I think he went outside. because he can see the red moon caused by the sunset, but It's mysterious that there is a moon here”

"Originally, there is no moon in this world, but I added it to help set the scene. Turning into a beautiful red moon is ironic though. Let's wait for him in the main hall. Our guests should come later tonight anyway.” As the sun continues to set and the moon returns to it’s silver glow, Reiya starts moving.

The final steps to set up the stage for the story of this world were underway, and she needed all of the actors in place, including him. She finds him on the roof outside of his room, rising to his feet as the last of the red leaves the moons face. “It’s time to get things started.” Reiya tells the boy "Okay, well then I will go to my position.” He jumps to his balcony and begins to walk inside, before fully vanishing inside, Reiya calls to him.

“You are the right person to start this Grimm, you will help us put an end to this story.”

He nods to Reiya and sets to work, opening a black book and begins casting the summons. The Vampire genes in him begin to flow with power, but in the darkness, his eyes shine with hope. Just beyond the main gate of the night castle was a large courtyard. It emanates an eerie and foreboding aura. At the top of the stairs within the courtyard Reiya waited, filled with hope that her plan had worked. 

Through the gate stepped a party of four adventurers, a boy with silver hair, the king of the pandas, a dragonoid fighter, and a mermaid princess. Upon seeing them her heart rose, but she still needed to see whether or not their power would be enough. The silver-haired boy calls out to Reiya without showing an ounce of fear, snapping her out of her focus. 

“Who are you, why have you brought this castle here? Tell me now or else!”. "It would be impossible for me to explain, but before I even try, show me your strength!” Points her sword at the Silver haired boy, as if issuing a challenge. "Sounds good to me, Pearlshine, let’s go!" 

Gil calls as he channels his magic to prepare for Reiya "Don't play around, Gil, whatever her problem is, it’s probably something you started.” "S...shut up, you worthless panda!" Gill stammers, taken aback by Pearlshines comment and losing focus on his magic.

"What!” Exclaims Pearlshine, obviously angered by Gill’s words "Oh, they are starting again. Umm.. Kirik? what should I do …… ” The mermaid asks, cowering sheepishly by the dragonoid. "Just Leave them alone, Shaela" Kirik responds, obviously annoyed at the mermaid for being so close, but refusing to budge an inch in the sight of Reiya.

Gill and Pearlshine continue their argument, while Kirik and Shaela watch on. Reiya is astounded seeing this all unfold. To get into such a fight in front of an enemy, was it because they were so confident in their power, or were they truly just idiots. Reiya pondered this to herself before finally speaking up.

"I'm sorry for interrupting, but it seems like you are a little distracted so we will go first. I'll fight you, silver-haired boy, and the rest of you can fiight with Grimm” Reiya speaks as Grimm steps forward from the shadows, his wings stretching out over the moonlit sky. "I’ll take care of them Reiya, but remember the plan.”

“You don’t have to tell me this story Grimm, just let me play with him a little while.” With that, Reiya takes off, quickly rushing towards Gill. "Panda, truce! Gill calls out as he notices Reiya’s advance. "Don’t call me panda, I am Pearlshine!" "Whatever! Just take care of the other guy while I deal with her!” "Fine.. Kirik, Shaela, let’s go!”

"FINALLY” Kirik growls as he bears his claws and rushes towards Grimm. With that, the battle begins, a flurry of magical power and strength. The two sides clash fiercely, and Reiya can’t help but remember the last time this happened. While it may have started the same way, things are clearly different. 

The heroes are stronger, she is having to work harder, Grimm is struggling to keep up, and the dark hood girl even had to step in. It truly does seem like this time the positions have reversed. “STOP” Reiya calls after deflecting a spell from Gill and landing back at the top of the stairs. Grimm and the dark hood girl rush to her side as Gill and his companions gather together, ready to continue the fight. “You all pass, well done.”

Reiya speaks cryptically, a smile on her face. "What do you mean we passed?” Shaela responds “Was this some kind of test?” Taegrus adds, that doesn’t make any sense “Even if it was there is no way we passed, you didn’t even use that sword of yours!” Kirik points out. “Not only that, but I know my magics should have killed you, but you look as if you are unscathed!” 

Gill questioned. “What is going on, what are you planning!” “Don’t worry, Gill, I’m just harder to kill than you could possibly know. You are strong, and you have strong friends with you. Please, cherish that power, and use it to save this world.” With that Reiya and her friends turn to escape, but before they do, Gill calls out "I don't understand at all, who are you?Aat least tell me about your name!”

She looks back at Gill, and answers"Mikage Reiya" While smiling, Reiya transforms into a swarm of black bats, enveloping her allies and disappearing into the sky. She black bats flock and disappear into the sky. She felt a sense of relief. She saw their power for herself, and knew this time would be different. “Maybe this time we will really be able to fight her.

Maybe this time we can win.” Though she spoke to herself, Reiya was also speaking to her inner soul and to the messenger of destiny that would come to be.