The Ancient ancestor Ciel

Episode 85

A night passed, but the decisive battle was still yet to come. The witch's omen had appeared in the darkness of the jet-black sky. As the group of heroes traveled to the moonlit canopy, Ciel met them along the way. While normally upbeat and energetic, Ciel seemed instead to be quite sulky, and Gill recalled that during the battle with the Demon King he had just left Ciel with Lily and her Guard. 

Now Lily was holding the edge of Ciel's clothes, and judging by how close the two of them stood, Lily had grown quite attached to her.

"Hey, I haven’t heard anything from you since then, what are you up to?"

Ciel asked, trying to hide her irritation with the Dark Elf clinging to her. "Sorry, Ciel. I've just been constantly busy since the battle with Welser, and now we have to figure out how to deal with Ragnarok and the Witch" Gill responded "Well, are you going to fight? Then take me with you! ” Demanded Ciel, flinging herself in front of Gill.

He didn't want Her to get involved, but Ciel seemed determined, and it was obvious Lily wanted to stay with her regardless., Even so, Gill believed that they could not take the two of them into battle. He started to speak but Reiya Interrupted him. "You, Elf, show me some of your Wind magic." She asked Ciel Curtly Almost Immediately in response, Ciel's breeze flies freely around them all. 

The feeling of the wind was almost nostalgic for Reiya. Ciel saw Reiya’s expression, and muttered "See, Fieth?” as she smiled. "What did you say?” Rieya snapped back to focus on Ciel. Everyone would have wondered what Ciel meant. However, Reiya knew that there were people who appeared to her in the past who would have not yet intervened in this world. 

One such person was Fiethsing, the mage that Kaguya, who became Time Spinning Witch, saved her by her wish. “Maybe there were conditions for her to appear in this world ...” Reiya thought to herself before speaking. "It would seem you are something special, Ciel  Have you had any weird dreams recently? A dream that is not about this world?”

"Why yes, how did you know?” "What was your dream?” Reiya responded, ignoring Ciel’s question "Well, in my Dream, I’m fighting with strange creatures and friends, then I’m raising a small child, dreaming to see this world from outside the stars. I don't know what any of it means.” Reiya stood silent for a minute, thinking about Ciel’s explanation, then spoke.

"I understand now, you are the same as me, you are a vessel" Upon hearing this, Gill had a flash of insight, he suddenly understood. He is ... The wind suddenly blows around Ciel. But it was not a violent, more so mysterious. The wind felt like a soul, as if gently carrying something from somewhere. At the center was a person, or vision, enveloping Ciel.

Reiya sees the Soul and asked immediately. "Who are you?”

"My name is Fiethsing. nice to meet you. Ciel is my Grandma's grandma’s Grandma I think, no, maybe even more? 

It's okay, Ciel is safe, and once my errand is over, I will return this body right away. Then I can go wait in a safe place. ' "If Ciel, distant ancestor of Fiethsing’, is a vessel , does that mean that I am vessel of Alhamaat?" Gill blurted out. Before he received an answer, Gill felt a tremendous force from Fiethsing. 

She didn’t say anything but he understood. Just how much power would be needed to achieve a temporary manifestation of Alhamaat? Off to the side, Lily looked at Fiethsing and wondered., it seemed that Ciel was a distant ancestor of this Fiethsing and that’s how they were able to share the same body. Suddenly, Lily realized what Grandma meant…

"Huh? Oh, wow-----!" Lily gasped to herself and blushed, but she seemed happy.