A desperate struggle

Episode 86

Gill and the party joined with Fiethsing and arrived at moonlit canopy. The soulless dragon Ragnarok, along with many monsters lingered in the dark sky. They could feel all the negative sensations emitted by the witch, and even if they could’nt see her, they knew she was there beyond the darkness.

"I left Ragnarok to you. I can't do anything else. " Fiethsing whispered weakly When saying so, Fiethsing closes her eyes. 

Her time being able to move in this world seemed to be running short, so it was clear she was saving the last of her power for the final battle. "Reiya, I will save Kaguya. If not, destroy both of us.” "Yes, I understand. Now you owe me one, leave it to us. " "Oh, I'll definitely return my the favor" "I will remember those words" The banter between the two of them seemed so natural to Reiya, and yet so new.

Nevertheless she couldn’t allow herself to get caught up in her feelings right now. She turned her eyes towards the dark sky. Swarms of demons cover the sky, and above them Ragnarok continued to roar. The desire to feed, amplified by the Time Spinning Witch, became a craving, which turned quickly into an impulse of infinite destruction. 

Reiya knew defeating Ragnarok will be Crucial in order for Fiethsing to reach the Time Spinning Witch . "Hey, is that Ayu? Pearlstein asks. “The same Ayu that was with us on the Voyage to the Floating Isle?” "Oh, that's right” said Gill, “You didn’t see her change. I'll explain when we’re done, but simply put, He is an enemy now. There may be a way to save Ayu though.”

"Is it the same as that Aimul? And all the other Witch captives? " "The aim of Ragnarok is the soul of Lapis inside me,” Reiya interjected, “So I'll take him on myself. That will be easier to control than Ragnarok rampaging at random. Gill, can you send Ragnarok and me away from here? "If it's just a transfer, it's possible. But don’t you need help? 』

"Yes, but not with Ragnarok. I want you to pave the way to the Time Spinning Witch. In order to defeat the monsters and take Fiethsing to her' "I get it. I’ll get started, and Reiya? Don't die okay?” "Yes, you too" Gill Began casting the transfer magic. 

It was an adaptation of the ancient magic used by AlHamaat,  Interweaving the magic of accelerating time in order to greatly extend the distance of transfer. This dramatic rise in Gill's magical power was a major factor in regaining her mother's memory. As it awakened he realized the power inherited from her mother was thanks to her kindness, and he felt the warmth in his heart as he focused on the spell.

The wind of Gill wrapped, Ragnarok covering the sky. Reiya rushed forward, as if to follow Ragnarok, riding on the wind. In a flash, Ragnarok and Reiya were transferred to a wilderness far away from the moonlit canopy. Coming to a stop, The left eye of Reiya began to shine bright silver. She called out to Ragnarok, "Here, no one can involved and we can both give it our all, so don't be shy.”

Reiy’s words fell on his ears with a stinging aura, and Ragnarok answered her with a roar.

"This is our first together since the confrontation with the Demon King, is everyone ready?" 

Gill looked around at his friends as he asked. But before they could answer, the monsters charged the group "I was afraid at that time, but if we are together now we will not lose! Right, Kirik?” Shaela call out while holding her thunder umbrella and striking down a beast. 

The rain and lightning are transmitted to the atmosphere as she speaks, sending countless beasts plummeting to the ground dead. “Oh, and be careful so you don’t get struck!” Kirik didn’t respond to Shaela even though the two were right next to each other. He was too focused on the fight. 

They stood back to back, Shaela, who freely controls the power of thunder, and Kirik, who inherited the blood of the super dragon, Shaela's movement were as light as lightning, and Kiriku's appearance was as powerful as a dragon. Gill could tell they had grown and felt his fears eased.

"Both of you. Listen! The chanting to take Fiethsing to the Time pinning witch will take a considerable amount of time, and it will only be possible to amplify the chanting with Pearlstein's jewelry. So you need to keep them off of us. It's going to be a tough fight, but I beg…”

"I know!” Shaela interrupted him, calling down more lightning "Gill, will you gather my ashes?” Kirik asked as he plunghed his claws into a beasts chest. "Oh, I’ll gather monster ashes, but I know I won’t have to gather yours.”

"Fair enough. Well, then let us have a banquet when we come back. I'm taking care of a new cook, she can make us all some wonderful food.” Kirik Smiled as he turned back to focus on his prey. "Oh, I'm looking forward to it” Gill smiled and turned back to his work, “ are you ready, Pearlstein? 』 "of course"

"Then let’s get through this alive and meet back together on the other side!" The flashes of lightning and the screams of fire cut through the myriad of monsters that belonged to the witch, and a black curtain covering the sky began to create a path. However, they still could not see the Time Spinning Witch in the deep darkness beyond it.

"Gill, please Hurry!" Taegrus said Pearlshine’s Necklace Glowed, but he was wracked with worry. The chanting felt like it was taking forever. Shaela and Kirik continued their fight with the endless demons attracting their attacks and , all just to them safe while Gill kept on chanting. Gill felt grateful for his reliable friends as he chanted, knowing that they had his back. 

He used to want to destroy them, and thinking back on that made him shudder. In an odd way, Gill was thankful for the Time Spinning Witch, even though the world itself was about to be destroyed by her Power. He was grateful for being able to meet friends through the guidance of Reiya, and being able to redo his history of mistakes.

" Pearlshine! let's go!” Gill yelled as he could feel the spell beginning to resolve. "Go, Gill!” The swell of huge light and wind was amplified through the rainbow jewels, and it spiraled out through the path that Shaela and Kiriku made, penetrating the sky. The profound darkness cleared, and the light finally revealed the appearance of Time Spinning Witch, the one who eats the history of the world. 

It almost seemed like The light had captured time spinning witch. But in reality the light had stopped completely in front of Time Spinning Witch. It was the magic of stopping time used by witch herelf.. Unless it was broken, they woudl not be able to take Fiethsing to her. Gill, Pearlshine, Shaela and Kirik watched exhausted and felt hopeless, having no power left to fight.

"We aren’t giving up now!” A voice screamed from behind the four. "Reiya!” Gill turned quickly to see her.

She was bleeding from her left eye. In the fight against Ragnarok, she had used too much power. It was obvious to everyone that she had already pushed past her limit. "Leave it to me" She declared, wheezing from exhausion "Stop it, Reiya! if you use your power ... "

"It’s Okay Gill, I've lost everything from the beginning. Since the time my mother saved me. So I'll just return that debt to the world and my mother this time. ' Reiya squeezed out the last of her remaining force and begins chanting to negate the time stop. Gill knew she could do it, but knew that in doing so, she might literally lose everything. `` Spinning time '' 

Reiya Spoke the words and seemed to reverberate out into the universe itself. The event rewinds temporarily with the words of Reiya. The world rolls back before time had stopped, and the light began to move again, eventually trapping the witch and negating her power. 

For a moment, It seemed they have been given one last chance "Fieth. I'll leave it to you at the end ... " Reiya,whispers as she starts to crumple to the ground "Reiya!” Gill cries as he rushes to her, catching her in his arms just before she strikes. The two of them laying next to each other, completely exhausted.

"Thank you, Reiya" The party hears as Feithsing, releasing her power, flies away to the confront the Witch.