Liberation and the journey to the future

Episode 87

"I kept you waiting, Kaguya" Fiethsing says to the Witch. "......" In a moment of time, Fiethsing and Time Spinning Witch confronted each other. But Time Spinning Witch didn’t respond to Fiethsing. This form was only built to consume, it could do nothing else. . Regardless, Fiethsing continued to speak. "Kaguya, everyone has the same desire to save you, just as you wanted to save me."

The wind swirled around Fiethsing, the wind which carried the wishes of everyone Fiethsing had met. Alice, the people of Re-earth, and the wish of Fiethsing herself. "So, I want you to come back. That's it. You don't have to be guilty or wishful on your own. I will carry your sadness on my back. '' The wind also spoke to the spirit of Kaguya. 

It was a nostalgic wind, carrying the memories from 10,000 years in the future Fiethsing was met with Silence. However, a voice within the witch grew louder little by little. It was Kaguya's voice trapped in the time spinning system. She thought she wouldn't be allowed to do anything. She thought she could no longer meet Fiethsing. 

Such regret changed her into a witch. But that was a mistake. She saw now that she had been forgiven. The voice grows and grows, to an unmeasurable volume, then finally pops the time spinning system and breaks the curse. "Fieth!” Kaguya calls, breaking free and falling into Fiethsing’s arms. In that moment the time spinning system collapses, and the world begins to reverse.

The darkness of the sky is dispelled and the light illuminates the world. It shone on a lonely seed, which soaked it in and entered the earth. 

Withing the blink of an eye it sprouted and grew into a large tree stretching towards the heavens "We did it, Fieth,” Reiya sighs, relieved that Fiethsing had been successful. "Is that tree the last element Scheherazade entrusted? Gil asks. "Yes, it is Yggdrasil, the Tree of World Rebirth" Gill stood, holding the fallen Reiya.

" Scheherazade knew. She knew that In order to truly save this world, not only did we have to defeat the witch, but we had to gain the power of regeneration. So she took the power within herself to protect yggdrasil from the witch when she consumed it, and then she entrusted it to us. Now, from the future all the way to the, the souls of those who were lost can be reborn through Yggdrasil. ”

"What will happen to this world from now on?" "Even if the time spinning spell is released, it does not return to the original future. Time itself will rapidly move towards the true present as a reaction to the spell breaking. Anyone outside of this world will see the future of this world come into existence within an instant.. The future 10,000 years from now. 

For those of us In this world though, the 10,000 years will pass normally. And it is you in this world who will create the future of this world. ” At the sight of Reiya, Pearlshine, Shaela, and Kirik rushed to Gil. Fiethsing returned to Ciel, whose unconscious body was held by Pearlshine. 

Fiethsing and Kaguya’s spirits began to fade, and soon, neither of them, nor the presence of the Time Spinning Witch, could be felt within the world "It looks like it's over" Shaela said softly "If so, how about preparing for the celebration?" Kirik questioned

"Yeah. I will let the cooks make arrangements for us.” stated Pearlshine No one had any power left, but they stood triumphant as the heroes who saved the world. After the party returned to Sasaru, a grand celebration took place. Though there was quite an uproar when the assistant cook Kirik summoned to help, Sylvia, cooked such ridiculous and disgusting food that no one could eat it! 

Thankfully, Pearlshine’s chefs were able to salvage the meal, and everyone had a wonderful evening. That night, Reiya snuck away from the group, headed towards the front gates of the Palace "Reiya" Gill called out. "Are you going?” "Yeah, by nature I'm not from this world, and so I don’t belong here anymore.”

"Can I follow you?" He asked sheepishly, not knowing how she would respond. "Why? I have no power left in me now.” “Why would that matter, even so that may even be a better reason to come with you!”

"Do as you please" Reiya stated bluntly, trying to the slight smile on her face "And there are so many things I haven't talked to you about, haven’t asked you about, and haven’t heard about!” Gil prattled on, seeming to get lost in his wondering "About you? About me? What are you talking about Gil?

"It's about Lapis. You said that Alhama’at made Lapis to be his spare body, but I don’t think thats quite right. I think Alhama’at really wanted to revive his brother Lapis. I mean he…” Gil trailed off "I see, well I suppose i just could have been confused, I'm a vampire afterall so maybe I didn't know how he felt."

“I don’t believe you, I think part of you knew how Alhama’at felt "Why would say that” she stated curtly, quickly turning to face Gil "Reiya, you told me that you would inherit your mother's will and protect this planet. So of course part of you understands the love family has for one another.” 

Gil explained. As he did, his demeanor changed, from his playful self to a more mature and committed appearance. “Regardless of that though, the story i truly want to hear, is the story of you and your Mother Reiya.” Reiya was taken aback, and seemed to be blushing. Gil stood before her in a way she had not seen before, and it made her curious to see what would happen.

"It's going to be a long story, and I might not finish it before you die, Human.” "The future is long. Let me listen, so that by the time I die, I know it all.” Gil spoke as he took her hand. That night, Reiya and Gill disappeared together. Neither of them were seen again since that day.

"Shouldn’t we stop them?” Shaela asked Kirik

"It's ok, they have earned their rest” Kirik answered. Shaela and Kirik watched Reiya and Gil's departure from the top of the palace. They knew that Reiya would set off without them and wanted to be sure to see her leave. Pearlshine wanted to see them off as well, but he had fallen asleep due to drinking too much at the party.

"I will be leaving too Shaela, tomorrow, to continue my training.” Kirik spoke as he turned to the unlikely friend he had found in her. " Kirik, take care" She spoke, trying to hold back tears knowing he was leaving. "Shaela, don't make people in the castle worry, return to them and lead them with strength.”

"I understand Kirik. I promise I will return and help my nation. Thank you.” The stars were shining in the sky to bless them. However, the moon that was supposed to be watching over them, the one brought by Reiya, had disappeared. They wondered if it had left with kaguya and fiethsing wherever their spirits had gone.

When Pearlshine woke up, his companions had left. But Pearlshine was not surprised. Rather, he was convinced that his friends would soon move to the future.

"Now, Time to get started,” he spoke as he yawned and stretched himself out of his chair. “Let's begin the true rebuilding of Sasaru in earnest today!” The true value of a hero comes into play only after peace, and with that it is time to move forward to the future, to see what became of the world.