Prologue New Valhalla

Episode 89

Fiethsing watched the new world regenerating rapidly. After saving Kaguya, Fiethsing and Kaguya were thrown out of the world, left to watch as time spun back to the present. As they watched, a rabbit who could speak sat beside them, though neither understood why.

"There, you’ve seen it now, ready to go?” The rabbit asked as if Fiethsing and Kaguya knew what he was talking about. It was during the battle with the Time Spinning Witch that this stinky rabbit appeared. The rabbit, who claims to be a Valhalla messenger, came into contact with them as he easily entered the world. He explained that his purpose was to return the power of spinning time back to where it belonged.

Kaguya and Fiethsing knew they couldn’t return to their world anymore. It was a side effect of the powers they had experienced, being revived and influenced by the power of spinning time. "Kaguya, can we really follow this weird rabbit?” Fiethsing asked, unsure of what to make of the creature

"Yeah, when a strange rabbit comes to pick me up, I say we go with him to find out what’s going on. Besides you are with me, so it’s okay." Fiethsing stated as she comforted Kaguya "I know neither of you probably care, but being in this world is terribly uncomfortable for me, and I can’t stay here long, so let’s get going shall we?”

Without waiting for a response, the strange rabbit began casting a spell. 

His magics were foreign to Kaguya and Fiethsing, like nothing they had felt before. It seemed to be similar to ancient magic, but the underlying power itself was different. "This power is called a rune.” The rabbit spoke, noticing the confusion and curiosity of two, “It can only be used for those who inherit the power of God. Those of us from Valhalla” "Is Valhalla a kingdom of gods?"

"Old Valhalla was the kingdom of the gods, but now it's a little different." "Hmm, it looks a little complicated" "Let's talk over there in Lunar Heaven, my country. It is a peaceful country where the rabbits live. I think you like it!” With that the border opened, and the Rabbit marched towards it.

“By the way, my name is Atom Seikhart, it’s a pleasure to meet you Fiethsing and Kaguya” Their curiosity peaked, and knowing they had nowhere else to go, they followed Atom through the border. However, the place where they arrived wasn't peaceful, but was instead a world at war. The building has collapsed and the army of rabbit warriors has fallen to the ground. 

A Vampire appeared to be hovering overhead, and Atom was surprised by what they saw "Oh no, I'm in trouble, he already decided to invade here..” Atom quickly turned to the duo, “Well, care to know what’s going on?” "Oh, I don't want to hear it, I wish I didn't come!" Kaguya yelled as she blocked her ears. 

She wanted to be at peace, but in this world, there seemed to be none. Though Vampire had not initially noticed their arrival, upon hearing Kaguya’s scream he quickly turned towards them. Fiethsing could almost immediately feel his magical power begin to rise rapidly. "Well, you brought someone here too, eh Rabbit?" 

The vampire calls, “Well then let’s just see what kind of power this new god has.” Fiethsing felt waves of force that seemed to expand and compress as the Vampire spoke. It seemed as if he was concentrating and creating a powerful spell to use on them. Fiethsing knew that if they didn’t do something, they would be left defenseless to the attack he was preparing.

"Kaguya, snap out of it!” Fiethsing shouted "What? WHAT, Whats going on!” Kaguya hurled back at her "It seems like we are going to have fight,” "Oh, after all we have been through? Still more fighting?” “I’m sorry my dear, but we must,” “FINE, let’s go”

Fiethsing and Kaguya fly into the sky at the same time, rocketing through the air towards the Vampire in order to stop his spell “Ok Kaguya, we need to step up, can’t mess up anymore.” Kaguya thinks to herself “Just gotta accept what we did, maximize our efforts moving forward. We gotta give it our all! “Fiethsing can see Kaguya’s internal struggle and smiles, enjoying watching her daughter’s expressions once more.

A massive battle begins as Kaguya and Fiethsing arrive at the vampire. Fiethsing attacks first, with lightning speed and energy, with kaguya supporting and keeping her safe. As the battle rages on, Fiethsing notices something is off about the vampire. "Kaguya, I don’t think it’s serious!”

"Fieth, I'm doing my best! You know I am being serious!” "No, not you, the Vampire. It feels like he is holding back or something.” "Oh, really? Well, then what should we do? How should we take advantage?” "Well, I have and idea, but you aren’t going to like it. It certainly isn’t boring though so maybe you will. We need to seal him before he decides to get serious and go all out.”

Kaguya gave Fiethsing a grump look, then sighed. “Fine, but you are right that I don’t like it. With my power now, we could seal him for a period of time. That’s what you are talking about right?”. "Correct answer my student. As a rough estimate, we can probably make it last 100 years.”

"Let's do it, Fieth, before I change my mind!” The vampire rushed at Fiethsing, bored of hearing the two converses, but before he could strike, a grand light erupted from Kaguya and enveloped the three of them. The light shot high into the heavens towards the moon, and as the seal was formed in the moon the light of the spell became a beautiful cloud around it, shining down on the kingdom below. 

Atom looked up at the moon and was astounded, but felt relieved that the battle was over That battle was handed down as a hero story that happened about 100 years ago, the story of the holy war, and the Goddess that saved Lunar Heaven.